Call Tracking: The Data-Driven Technology to help you understand Customer Journeys

What are customer journeys? Why are they important? What tools do I need to take full advantage of them?

These are all questions every marketer should be asking themselves when it comes to understanding customer journeys.

In this article, we’re going to answer these questions and show you why expert call tracking software UK is the key ingredient needed to develop and utilise these journeys effectively in your marketing.

What are customer journeys?

A customer journey refers to the specific path a customer takes when interacting with your business. This includes each area of your marketing they engage with, across every activity, campaign, and channel.

From the first moment a customer clicks on your paid ad or visits your website, to the moment they call or make a purchase, this encapsulates their entire journey.

Why are they important?

Customer journeys  are pivotal, as they can reveal a wide range of things about your marketing, including:

  • How well your campaigns are driving leads and sales
  • The ways customers are moving down your funnel
  • Which channels or types of marketing your customers respond to
  • The main demographics in your customer audience

If you want to target your customers the right way, then you need to fully understand how they’re engaging with your business, what they want from you, and how you can provide it. This is why customer journeys are highly valuable.

How can call tracking help?

Call tracking is an analytics tool designed to let you monitor every customer call and attribute each caller to the original marketing source.

With the reports from the software, you’ll know the specific marketing touchpoints a customer visits before, during, and after a call.

This is essential for understanding customer journeys in several ways, such as:

  • Expert tracking and customer insights

Call tracking can offer detailed insights into your customers to help you create the most intricate journey maps.

You’ll know every touchpoint a customer visits within your marketing, down to the specific activity at various points within their journey, to the type of channels they use – online or offline.

With visitor-level tracking, you can even see the journeys of visitors who leave a session on your website and come back later to make a call. Therefore, no aspect of the customer journey goes unseen.

  • Actionable data to improve campaigns

Understanding customer journeys is one part, but knowing what to do with this information is the next.

Call tracking can help you devise data-driven strategies to boost your leads in the right way.

For example, your journey maps might show that a specific type of campaign is generating the most calls – such as activity centred around a certain product or aspect of your business.

You can use this information to adjust your future campaigns, so you accurately target this vital area in the customer journey for maximum conversions.

  • Discovering hidden value

Call tracking also goes further than the majority of analytics tools, by uncovering hidden values in your customer journey insights.

For instance, you’ll not only see the number of leads generated from a campaign, but the specific number of calls compared to the website visits it produces.

This visitor-to-call ratio (VCR) helps you see the true performance of a campaign. The higher the VCR, the more calls are produced compared to website visits.

You can use this as a benchmark to reveal how effective an activity is within the customer journey and the real impact it’s having on customer interactions.

Every customer journey is important to your company’s marketing efforts in some way, which is why an advanced analytics tool like call tracking is needed to monitor each one.

With these expert insights, you’ll be ready to start implementing data-driven strategies to make the most of your customer journeys and elevate your marketing.

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