The 19 New Direct Sales Companies of 2020

The main catch with a direct sales company is sales. A consultant can directly interact with customers as you are selling a product you have faith in. These are some of the new direct sales companies in 2020.

Best Direct Sales Companies

1.Color Street6.Paparazzi Accessories
2.Usborne Books & More7.Young Living Essential Oils
3.Mary Kay8.doTERRA
4.Norwex9.Pure Romance

11. Acti-Labs

acti labs skincare

This company was established by a couple in France in the year 2011. It started in the US in 2016. This direct sale company offers a wide range of beauty and skincare products, all manufactured in France.

It provides an extensive range of weight loss body wraps and supplements. The overall cost to become an endorser with Acti-labs is not that huge. The cost of a startup kit is just USD 27.

Where one can be having the alternative of going for procuring the kit for an extra fee. As an endorser for the brand and the various products it offers, the company can offer a commission on each sale of 20%. This is a new direct sales company.

12. Fundanoodle


Fundanoodle began its journey at the beginning of 2016 as a direct sales organization. The present CEO is April B. Whitlock who joined the company in 2011 to take control of both product line and brand management.

The products a person will be dealing with when working with Fundanoodle were produced by professional healers who grafted with children to head them for coming up with gross and fine motor skills.

The products manufactured from Fundanoodle offers an extensive range of age-developmental abilities. The produces may include the magnetic letters as kits which say “I can Pound” writing and bench notebook. Said to be a thriving direct sales company.

13. Maskcara

maskcara makeup

The Maskcara is a newly introduced brand in the direct sale segment which began its operations at the beginning of 2017. The company was begun by Cara who is a famous beauty blogger and a prominent makeup artist from Utah. She got a chance to work in the beauty sector when she was quite young.

This was when she was able to make a first-ever face mask for a science exhibition project in grade 5. Hence if you have made up your mind working with Maskcara you will be deemed as an “Artist”, not an associate or an executive. The starter kit comes for a price of USD 199 and the professional kit comes at USD 399.

Anyone who is working for the brand will be receiving a kit that is fluffed with all the needed essentials with both basic and or pro kit. It is advisable to go for both the kits at the same time which will be a cost-effective or pocket-friendly option instead of buying 2 different kits separately.

14. Max & Madeleine

This direct sale company was begun by 2 moms named Madeline and Max in the year 2016. As they had a tough time coming up with products that would be rather safe for the food and chemical sensitive kids. They came up with the company in their kid’s name, who came to life right after a few weeks.

According to the famous blogger Koeppen, Mandy said that the brand in the beginning just had a little more than 118 consultants in the month of August-16. Also, Max and Madeleine provide consultants a total twenty five percent commission rate on individual sales, additionally a ten percent commission to those who bring in more sales than what’s the target.

15. Mayberry

This company is based in Canada which deals in Canadian leggings and is a direct sales company that was successful in attaining a trip south in 2016 October. This company provides a re-equipped choice of comfy tops, skirts, plus clothing and best in class leggings for children.

The organization does have a top-notch stylist collaboration which is called the elite stylist. So just for an affordable cost of USD 499, you can have a product that has an actual valuation of USD 1000. Anyone working and promoting the company and its products get a staggering 20 percent commission on per sale and lead acquired. And as an in-house employee, you can have a flat 50 percent discount on purchases for personal use.

16. MojiLife


This direct sales company took its first breath in the fourth quarter of 2016. The majority of the direct selling companies are most likely to hop onto an entirely new line of product. As MojiLife’s basic product is a heatless and wickless device for home better known as AirMoji?

The modern-day device is perfect to be used at both, either residential place or commercial space it just is a perfect fit for any location. Also, the product is so smartly designed that it can be operated from a smartphone application to let out the fragrance on a decided time as per one’s wish. It does offer extensive fragrance pods that could be refilled with aromas such as Summertime Serenade or French Vanilla.

17. Nygard Style Direct

nygard style direct

Nygard is a direct sales company which is into the fashion sector serving the industry since 2016. As it is not a newly introduced brand in the direct sales sector, it quite recently started offering direct sales in numerous nations, the US included. The organization launched its special kind of trousers in 2013 which was termed as SLIMS.

Acclaimed as the pants which were designed in such a manner that would help the wearer look a full size smaller than the actual size. Working for Nygard can help any brand associated to grab an attractive commission rate of 30% on each sale and get a flat 40% discount on restocking of orders.

Any person who works for Nygard is offered a personal site to advertise the business, however, one will need to pay a small fee of USD 9 for maintenance.

18. Waxing Poetic / Personally Poetic

Personally Poetic

Although direct sales are something new to Personally Poetic which is earlier known as Poetic Xchange. The company has been in existence for quite some time.

Lizanne and Patti are sisters who began their jeweler firm, in 2007, Waxing Poetic. And after a few years, they finally decided to come up with the idea of hiring the consultants for enhancing the overall sales. Anyone works under the brand as consultants are not called consultants but “Luminaries”.

When you join the company, you will get a basic starter kit which costs USD 199  and 499 for the “new heights” kit, These both are inclusive of sales and jewelry stuff. Right after your first sale you get an attractive commission of 35% on retail sales.

Moreover, there are chances to earn free jewelry or additional bonuses. They do offer a free website for promotions while you pay a small amount for its maintenance.

19. Red Rock Traditions

The main objective of red rock traditions as direct sales companies to assist those families to develop stronger relations by sharing and establishing traditions.

The company was established in 2015 and started its direct sales operations in 2016. The products that this direct sales company offers are Christmas ornaments, gratitude placements along with numerous lists for a family bucket.

As the company products, a parent can opt for coming up with new traditions, like scripting what they hold gratitude for at occasions such as Thanksgiving. Whoever is employed as a consultant get a direct 30% of commission as share on each sale lead acquired?

Also, there is no need for capital investment as whatever product customer orders, reaches the doorstep from the company directly. Additionally needs to get a starter kit that has demonstration and sample products which costs about USD 135. The company has a target set which the consultants need to meet so to stay active. The monthly sales target is USD 300.


So if you are all set to grab the advantages of working with a direct sales company, above mentioned are some of the best direct sales companies you can work with. If you need help getting your business started, look into getting a business loan. If you can’t do that, maybe secured funding like car title loans could help.