15 Best Direct Sales Companies for Your Home Business

There have been numerous speculation to direct sales companies. The majority of the companies ask their associates to be clear and honest about what a company holds for the society it has been catering the products to, usually motivating direct sales to enable people to earn and let the company’s business be expanded in the respective countries. So let us take a look at the best direct sales companies.

Globally Known Direct Selling Companies

1) Amway

Founded in 1959 it has grown exponentially due to the rich business policies, the direct communication approach was adopted for customers and top-rated products. It declared the whopping revenue in the US of USD 8.7 billion for 2017, sustaining the customer’s belief. Deemed as a multi-approach for dealing in distinctive and top-rated products such as mineral and vitamin supplements. It runs and manages the co-brands such as Atmosphere, eSpring, Nutrilite, XS Energy, Amway Home, and Glister. One of the best direct sales companies known.

2) Avon

This direct sales company originates from Britain which is into offering household products, beauty products, and personal care products. Mentioned to be sitting at the 5th position among the global ranking of companies that deals with beauty products. Has managed to bag a sale of USD 5.7 billion milestones.

Being a dual-level structure of business which has boarded over 6 million sales executives for the door to door sales purpose in 70 global market. This direct sale company has been an active participant in numerous charities which has founded the Avon Foundation for noble and charity works. Ashley Greene and Lauren Conrad have been working with this globally recognized company.

3) Herbalife

This Herbalife was established in 1980 and has been known for offering healthy products so to win the trust of the market and transform the nourishment habits of all the people. It is more into marketing and developing aspects of sports nutrition, weight management, nutrition supplements, and personal care products.

This is a company that has an evaluation of USD 3.3 million and there is a huge number of employees who work in it in nearly 90+ nations. It has a total evaluation of USD 635 million. It sponsors celebs such as Saina Nehwal, Virat Kohli along with special events such as LA Galaxy football club and FCB. It has taken a vow to provide proactive support so to provide enhanced national alternatives for the children in need.

4) Vorwerk

A German direct sales company founded in 1883 that adopted the single-level approach which has helped it reach over 70 countries with a salesperson county of 630,000 and 13000 employees. An international company that is offering its expert services to industries such as retail, textiles, electronics, and chemistry.

For being an efficient household appliance manufacturer it ranks as the 4th biggest company in terms of the annual revenue of USD 4.20 billion in the last quarter of 2017. It also supports the concept of bonding and familiarity. The charity amount accumulated by this direct selling company is used for Hyderabad and Costa RicaSOS Children’s Village. Stands as one of the most profitable direct sales companies.

5) Infinitus

This is a Chinese organization that has combined health and tradition so to offer the best products which are capable of increasing the immunity and resistance endurance of a body for a longer period.

It was established in 1992 and is deep into dealing with manifesting and developing basic herbal based products for skin care and beauty. Altogether it has 89 products for nurturing harmony and health in user’s lives. The company in 2017 had a revenue of USD 3.92 billion and has been deemed as the top 5 best direct selling company globally.

6) Mary Kay

This direct selling company has adopted both a single and multi-level approach model so for including the party plan system. An American company that successfully expanded its business in more than 40 nations with the active support of 5k employees and USD 3.5 million independent dealing Salesforce structure.

It was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay and has been in the 6th position as of now. Acclaimed to be one of the leading beauty product manufacturing company. Its exuberant products include fragrances, makeup, grooming products both for men and women

7) Natura

A direct selling company that has adopted the single level business framework and motivates direct selling with the 1.5 million active associates.  A company that has a Brazilian origin. It is run from the HQ at Cajamarca and serves more than 70 countries.

By the report published by DSN, it has been sitting tight at the 7tyh position globally and ranks in the home country. It has an estimated valuation of USD 4 million. It bestows its services in not just marketing but the production of cosmetic products. It’s out of the box and environment-friendly products comprise of skincare, haircare, solar filters, household and cosmetics products.

8) Perfect

This direct selling company was found in 1994 and is of Chinese origin. It disclosed its annual revenue of USD 3 billion. Apart from the country of origin, it has a global reach of an additional 7 countries. It is headquartered in Guangdong Province.

It uses the multi-level approach in its business operations. Blessed with a massive workforce that comprises a huge customer base to cater to so to result in a stronger bond with a customer. A pretty famous organization that offers qualitative products for cosmetics, household, personal care, wellness.

9) Nu Skin

Again a direct selling company that has adopted a multi-level business operation approach and is the reason for being the primary encourager in 5 international markets with help of 1.3 million independent distributors. It was founded in 1984 and ever since has been ranking as a leading direct selling organization.

An American origin company which develops and markets one of a kind beauty and wellness products which comprises mainly of body care, oral care, hair care, cosmetics, skincare, spa systems, essential oils, and dietary supplements.

10) Tupperware

A very well-known direct selling company all across the globe which was found in 1948 an ever since its inauguration has abraded over 3 million sales expectative who work independently in over 100 nations. An American company which has combined both single and multi-level approach in business operations.

Has been successfully generating an annual income of USD 2.27 billion last year. This direct company has a good image across the mindset of not just customers but associates as well. It deals in offering storage containers for kitchen and home. It is a company that is highly active in CSR activities for empowering women of society. Acclaimed to be the best direct sales companies to work for.

11) Coway

Founded in 1989 it has successfully labeled itself as a top-rated brand that provides rich quality products so that the customers can leverage a lifestyle that is healthy and offer a cleaner environment due to its product being rich in aspects of quality.

It has expanded the network of products in over 59 countries and is continuously expanding its bus operations. GWP has been awarded Coway 6 years in a row for being among the best companies to be employed at. The company on its CSR part motivates support from its employees in offering community service betterment programs.

12) JoyMain

A Chinese direct selling company that was established in 2000 and ranked in the 12th position to high revenues collected in the name of direct selling companies. Deals in manufacturing, marketing aspects to provide useful products for personal care, nutrition. Clothing and home care products. The most popular product it has ever sold is JoyMain Energy Cup which transforms the ordinary drinking water into a drink with essential nutrients quickly.

13) Oriflame

A Swedish direct selling company that is headquartered in Luxemburg. It has a product offering in over 60 nations through an online platform and the revenue generated in 2017 is USD 1.5 billion. It believes in offering a product that is innovative and aspired by Mother Nature. Mainly deals in products such as accessories and personal care items along with health care products.

14) Sun Hope

This is a direct selling company of Chinese origin that offers direct sales opportunities that are recognized globally and were founded in 1965. Adopted a single level approach for business operations. At present has over 4 million active employees for direct selling operations.

It declared its annual income of 2017 of valuation USD 940 million. It offers an outstanding product which comprises of personal care, skincare, and dietary supplements. It motivates the use of healthy products which can lead to a better quality of life. As some of the most renowned items it ever sold are weight loss programs, liver capsules, cookies, skincare products, and fish oil capsules.

15) Young Living

An American origin direct selling company that was founded back in 1933 by Donald Young. Apart from conducting business in the home country, it has expanded its business in over 15 nations with a total valuation of USD 1.5 million.

It is into the dealing of medicinal products such as essential oils and has been labeled as a premium brand due to the synthetic and genuine product line of products that it has been manufacturing and offering to its customers. Along with which it offers products such as domestic products, vitamin products. Body and skincare products etc. Reported annual sales of USD 1.5 billion in 2017.


As direct sales are a quick method of starting a business and it does intense planning and research. As most people make silly mistakes in direct selling, they stop working for such companies