Expert Predictions for 2022 Labeling and Barcoding

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the Auto Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industry. The pandemic has shifted consumer behaviors, disrupted supply chain fluidity, and accelerated e-commerce transactions. Additionally, consumer safety became a greater focus, as well as organizational sustainability

Now that you know where the AIDC industry is headed, let’s look at what experts expect for labeling and barcoding this year.

Observations Predicted to Shape Barcoding and Labeling in 2022

An expert round-up created by Seagull Scientific in response to new industry regulations explains the predicted future of labeling technologies, citing predictions by industry experts. As part of the prime label industry trends, the encoding of variable data is expected to grow rapidly.

Identifying labeled products quickly and accurately is becoming a growing problem that manufacturers must solve. A possible solution could be solved by increasing the availability of automation equipment. Labeling and barcoding can be better optimized for automation as a result of this.

If product codes and symbols can function together, product life cycles can be properly managed. Consumers can better access this information, which will help enhance labeling requirements for accurate identification.

The major shift, according to experts, will use linear barcodes for general retail, fresh food products, and more. The future of business solutions will rely on how these engagements are shaped.

Education about suitable encoding standards will help to prevent “tag clutter” or badly encoded tags. This should, among other things, help to reduce shipping industry delays.

Consumers can continue to connect the dots as labels become more intelligent, allowing them to make better purchasing decisions. Labels will be more appealing and practicable to employ on larger tracking platforms with layered authentication.

Companies in the AIDC industry are attempting to preserve resilience as we get into 2022. Some frequent topics to watch on your radar, according to industry experts, will revolve around the following labeling trends and predictions:

  • Encoding variable data to identify labeled products quickly with accuracy.
  • Increased automation equipment for maximum efficiency
  • Long-term product lifecycle management requires proper product coding and symbols.
  • New, intelligent labeling and packaging standards will be used to support consumer safety rules.

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