Fighting Your Worst Enemy – Procrastination

You should be learning vocabulary or writing the introduction to your homework, but instead, you’re watching the next episode of the latest series on Netflix. Even though you know that you actually have more important things to do. What you’re doing is called procrastination. Here you can find out why many people procrastinate, what types of procrastination there are and what you can do about it.

Explaining how procrastination occurs is not that easy. There can be a variety of reasons for procrastinating. And knowing these is important for solving the problem of procrastination. So, if you’re struggling with procrastination, now’s the best time to pay close attention.

Although many factors can be considered as causes of procrastination, those affected usually have a fundamental fear of failing at the task at hand. So, just avoid them. However, setting wrong priorities, unrealistic goals or poor time management also play a role, especially in everyday student life.

Both the fear of failure and suboptimal time management then tempt people to do smaller and simpler tasks. These alternative tasks can include watching YouTube videos, cleaning up the apartment, or playing games on your smartphone. Any activity that distracts from the negative feelings associated with the task at hand is welcome.

And it’s not really a problem at all. After all, there are just things that none of us like to do. Postponing unpleasant tasks is not a problem in itself. However, it can become so if the mental health and thus the life of the person concerned is negatively influenced in the long term. So, every time you are postponing writing that important essay, it may lead you to much bigger problems than just a missed deadline. Just a reminder, you can use essay writing services for such purposes.

Five Steps To Getting Rid Of Procrastination

Do you know how you procrastinate and want to change something about your behavior that goes beyond the tips against acute procrastination? With the following five steps you will be able to permanently say goodbye to procrastination.

Understand Procrastination

To overcome it, you must first understand how procrastination occurs in the first place. Procrastination involves one fiend in particular: the procrastinate bear. It lives in your brain and represents all the habits you have learned related to procrastination. And he wants to protect you: from negative emotions such as boredom, fear of failure, or even the disappointment of bad grades. That’s why he suggests substitute actions that will definitely be successful, such as cleaning up the apartment or playing video games. This is typical of the procrastinated bear. He prefers short-term, quick wins to long-term projects where success is not 100% certain. If you recognize yourself, maybe you should check out grademiners and use it for your needs, as you are still learning how to fight the procrastinating bear in you.

Assess Your Own Procrastination

Basically, it can be observed that people with certain characteristics are more likely to procrastinate. For example, conscientiousness is considered to inhibit procrastination. And that can be trained. Motivation and endurance also play an important role: the higher these values, the better you are protected against procrastination.

Apply Study Hacks

At each stage of the procrastination process, there are certain tricks you can use that can help you stop procrastination. In order to start learning at all, there is the so-called time constraint hack. This is about setting fixed time windows for learning or basically completing a task. The idea behind it: By starting with small units of maybe half an hour, the whole thing does not represent such a big change in behavior for your procrastination bear.

By the way, the best writing services online may be another useful study hack if it is common for you not to meet your essay deadlines.

Change Your Habits

Of course, in order to replace old habits, you need new ones. After all, you want to avoid procrastination in the long run. One thing is particularly important for this: After you have started learning and used possible study hacks, you should evaluate your learning success. That means in plain language: Look at what works for you. Some hacks may appeal to you more than others. You don’t get along with others at all. This is exactly what you need to consider when evaluating your learning process. Because once you know what works for you, you can jump into your new routine.

Get Support

Talking to classmates or friends about procrastinating can be incredibly helpful. After all, procrastination is widespread at university, so others are sure to have the same problem as you. Such an exchange can give you valuable tips against procrastination, which may also help you.


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