Get the Word Out: How Law Firms Can Utilize Pay per Click Advertising

Are you a law firm looking to get some new customers? Here’s how you can properly utilize pay per click advertising to get the word out.

No matter how you look at it, pay per click advertising is a smart move.

More people are online than ever before, meaning that those in legal trouble turn to Google to find help.

And with about 46% of clicks going to the top three paid ads in the search results, neglecting PPC ads is a great way to miss out on those new leads.

If your law firm is overdue to start PPC advertising, creating your first campaign can feel a little overwhelming. Here’s how to use this powerful tool.

Choose Your Publisher

PPC advertising happens on a huge range of platforms, so it’s important to study your target audience and get your ads to the online spaces where they spend the most time.

Google Ads is always a safe bet, as it publishes ads not only to Google search but also YouTube and other partner websites. However, depending on your audience, you might also want to try Facebook, which shares ads with Instagram as well.

Consider Your Bidding Strategies

When you start a PPC campaign, you’ll bid to have your ad placed in the search results when someone clicks your ad.

Legal search terms tend to be the most expensive. Google advertising determines the cost per click based on the value of the conversion—and since each legal client can bring thousands in revenue, publishers charge more for each click.

Because each click will cost you, it’s important to make sure you’ve thought through every detail of your campaign. Otherwise, you’re throwing money down the drain!

Take the time to research your audience, create the right ad content, determine your target area, and fine-tune your keywords. You can also run your campaign during low-cost times like business hours. Don’t forget to track your ROI to make sure your campaign is as effective as possible!

There’s a lot of complexity in each law firm PPC campaign, so it may be a good idea to reach out for expert help if you’re just getting started.

Start Your PPC Campaign

There are three main types of PPC ads that work well for your law firm’s advertising:

  • Display ads: These form part of the Google Display Network, which shows your image-based ads across millions of websites and reaches 90% of people online
  • Search ads: These appear above and below the organic results when someone searches for law firms in their area
  • Remarketing ads: These share ads with people who visited your website before, prompting interested users to come back and engage with you

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, search ads are a great way to start. However, you should consider expanding your campaign as you gain experience.

Make the Most of Pay Per Click Advertising

This intro is a great way to take your first steps toward an effective pay per click advertising campaign, but don’t forget that PPC should be part of your total marketing strategy.

For best results, use it alongside your SEO, organic content, and social media marketing. This helps you cover more ground and reach more leads for your money.

If you’re looking for more business best practices, our other posts can help!

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