Helpful Resources for Teachers

Educators are always looking for ways to disrupt old curriculum ideas. They want to engage their students’ imagination instead of presenting them with boring lectures. Yet, they might not have the time to look for new ideas because of their busy schedule. To help them, here are a few helpful resources for teachers.

1. Seacoast Science Center

Based out of New Hampshire, the non-profit organization offers an online section for teachers called “Your Learning Connection.” It features lessons and activities that empower children to investigate nature. In addition, several items can be used as science project ideas for 3rd graders.

2. Scholastic Teachers

Founded in 1920, Scholastic still provides curriculum materials to schools across the U.S. Their Scholastic Teachers site has resources by grade level. A teacher tool kit, student activities, and lesson ideas are among their offerings.

3. National Science Teacher Association (NSTA)

The NSTA promotes innovation in primary and secondary science education. It gives teachers access to its online magazines and lesson plans. Experiments like their slippery slide design are also good science project ideas for 3rd graders.

4. Newsela

Lessons in social studies and current events are critical in today’s ever-changing world. For example, Newsela attempts to decipher some of the more complicated stories with a database of information custom-made for classrooms. Student-friendly, teachers can present lessons by theme.

5. National Women’s History Museum

This museum aims to engage students with stories about women who transformed U.S. history. Their resources include lesson plans, virtual field trips and projects for National History Day.

6. National Gallery of Art

The goal of the National Gallery of Art is to preserve, collect, and foster the understanding of its works of art. Virtual tours and lessons are separated by broad topic or artist, for instance, a course on shapes for art or Gordon Parks’s photography.


This online educational site is designed to teach coding to students of all ages. Over 45 programming languages are offered on the site. Lessons are separated by age group.

8. Everfi

This organization offers interactive courses with an International Baccalaureate (IB) bent. Their focus is on real-life education. Thus, courses include financial literacy and socio-emotional learning.

9. Library of Congress

The nation’s knowledge repository provides classroom materials to help teachers find what they need from its enormous digital collection. Information is broken down by individual personalities or available resources based on a historical period.

10. Storyline Online

This is a site for those students at early reading levels. It features streaming videos with actors that read children’s books. Innovatively produced illustrations appear during the presentations.

These helpful resources for teachers are the tip of the iceberg. Many more locations on the internet provide educators with a wealth of lesson plans and project ideas. Review each one carefully to discover what works well for you.

In the end, don’t avoid what these sites have to offer. Then, you’ll never know about the fantastic and engaging material they have to offer. One such site is the Adobe Education Exchange.

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