How can you Improve the Profitability of your Business?

One of the most important measures of the success of your business is its profitability. In the long term, a business that fails to make a profit is, almost by definition, an unsuccessful one. By trimming costs and bolstering takings, you can drive up your profits – and those profits can be wisely reinvested in order to generate more profit, and more growth.

Reducing costs

If you’re able to make distinctions between spending that’s important and spending that’s wasteful, you have a basis to cut costs. In many cases, this distinction is obvious. If you can save on your heating bills by installing double-glazed windows, then it’s better to spend a little bit in order to save a lot over years and months.

A lot of the time, these low-hanging fruit can be spotted with the help of the right budget, and the right analysis at management level. But a budget won’t directly make a distinction between necessary and unnecessary spending – that requires the interpretation of human beings.

Financial and accounting

Being able to effectively measure a problem will give you a much better chance of addressing it. If the figures collected by your accounts department are not accurate, then you’ll be unable to accurately judge whether you’re making a profit. This might be disastrous if you’re making a loss without knowing about it. But it can also be bad news if you’re making a bigger profit than you realise, since it means that you’re wasting resources that could otherwise be invested in the business.

Effective bookkeeping will help you to solve this particular problem. For many businesses, the best way to get the skills required is to bring in an outside accountancy service. This will provide an impartial perspective on your finances, as well as bringing valuable skills and technologies to bear on them.


Arguably, a good business is defined by the extent to which it’s able to innovate. If you’ve thought of a new way of doing things, and you’re in a position to deliver a better product or service to the market, then you’ll enjoy plenty of orders. This doesn’t always mean delivering a new technology: it might be that a procedural change can provide an advantage.

Innovation often comes about as a result of providing creative people with the right environment, and allowing them to collaborate. Ideally, you should seek to foster a culture that drives innovation, rather than stifles it.


If your workers are able to do more with the time they have available, and the time they have available remains constant, then your business will generate a greater profit. There are a number of ways you might seek to drive productivity, including cutting meetings, improving health and safety, and offering the right incentives to motivate your staff.

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