How to Attract New Employees Amidst the Great Resignation

Workers keep jumping ships amidst the Great Resignation. And, it seems that there is nothing employers can do about it. Suppose your company experienced high employee turnover in the past year. In that case, all you can do now is make your remaining employees stay. Then, you have to recruit new ones.

Even so, you can do magic to make your human resources department stay afloat. You can offer things to go head to head with your peers. Your creativity can help you get through this challenging time. Here are some ways you can recruit employees even without a work-from-home (WFH) setup:

Provide Company Shuttles

Now that more companies are reopening, employees are being called back to work in the office. This leaves many with no choice amidst the protests and resignation. For instance, a recent survey found that 39% of employees will comply. Most employees need to work, but they will choose flexible setups if given a chance.

This observation manifests in the upheaval of commuting among workers. Before the pandemic, bus and rail ridership was over 400 million per quarter. But when the lockdowns started, the numbers dropped, implying riders’ fear of commuting. Now, they are in an uptrend but remain lower than the pre-pandemic levels.

Public Transit Ridership

Although many people are still at home, the traffic is already 90% of its pre-pandemic level. It matches with the growing demand for cars as more people opt to go to work solo. That is where company shuttles can come in. They can save employees from the hassle and fear of commuting. But, strict observance of physical distancing still needs to be put in place.

You have to make sure that going to the office will still be safe and convenient for them. In that way, they will no longer have to buy a car or look for remote work setups. Doing so can reduce their expenses and manage employee turnovers better. Moreso, it can lessen the traffic congestion.

Offer a Competitive Compensation Package

The lockdowns forced almost everyone to stay home. But, amidst the fear and sudden changes, we realized two things. First, remote work is possible in most industries. Also, it is safer, cheaper, and more convenient.

Let us admit that it is hard to compete with companies offering a remote work setup. But, a competitive compensation package can do magic. Prices are increasing, and emergency expenses are more expensive than before. Primary contributors are hospitalizations and sudden increases in rental rates.

For example, you can offer higher salaries according to your financial situation. You may increase health insurance coverage or add risk allowances. Know that incentives motivate 66% of employees, while 12% leave for a greener pasture. Hence, check which expenses can withstand reductions without compromising the operations.

Hybrid Work Setup

Some businesses need their employees to work in the office. But given the stress of commuting every day, it is not so bad if you give your employees a break. In a survey, over 30% of employees said they would quit if offices were not flexible with work setups. We are sure your business can grow even if employees are not coming to the office every day.

You may set a schedule per employee or per team on a hybrid work setup. With that, not all employees will be at home. So, when there are deliverables you need to rush in the office, you need not fret. Arrange for this so there are people in the office who can do them.

Your and your recruiting agency must understand that employees have different views of work setups. Surprisingly, over 20% of employees want to work mainly in the office. Then, there are 44% who want to work from home but have some office time. Yet, the majority of the workforce still wants a hybrid work setup.

Create a Vibrant Work Environment

There is still a high chance to attract many employees to go back to the office. Different surveys show how much employees miss the old normal. In a survey by KPMG, many respondents said they missed face-to-face chitchats. Meanwhile, 45% said their productivity dropped in the last year.

Given all the data, you can still use the situation to your advantage. Aside from the perks and flexible arrangements, recreate your office environment. Make them feel that working in the office is as safe and convenient as working from home.

One way is to create a social hub like a coffee or break area where employees can chat. Moreso, increase employee engagement or inclusion by listening to what they say. In a study, higher employee participation could increase the retention rate by 87%. This is because you make them feel appreciated and valued.


Vaccination remains a controversial topic that intensifies as more people promote it. There are still a lot of anti-vaxxers, but many employees still want a safer workplace. In a recent survey, 70% of employees in the US prefer a mandatory vaccination in offices. Moreso, 60% said they need to know if their colleagues already got a jab of vaccines.

The same goes for many workers in Canada. In a survey, 65% were apprehensive about working with unvaccinated employees. Overall, 68% of the population want companies to mandate vaccination among employees. With this information, we can say that vaccination is a move to ensure safety in workplaces.

The era of the Great Resignation caused drastic changes in the business world. In the new normal, employers and employees have to adjust to working harmoniously. It is often more challenging for businesses that can’t allow remote work setups. But if you think out of the box, you can entice more employees and keep up with your peers.

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