How To Hire New College Grads For Your Tech Company In 2021

New graduates will soon be flooding your inboxes with their applications for your tech company. While it may be that you want an experienced new hire, there is a ton of value that a recent college graduate can add to your team. They bring with them an unspoiled enthusiasm and good work ethic.

In the tech sector, it’s important to add talent whether they’ve been in the industry for 30 years, or they are just getting started. Here are some important factors to consider when you hire new graduates in 2021.

What’s On Their Background Check

Let’s face it, you probably don’t want a convicted hacker or financial criminal running your computer systems. A background check for employment is a normal part of the hiring process for many companies. It’s vital that everyone undergoes one of these.

They provide vital information to make sure you hire the best people to work for you. Additionally, background checks can help you weed out violent offenders who could be a liability and a danger to your other staff.

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Don’t Force Them To Take Ridiculous Tests

Hiring for a tech company is truly unique. You want to ensure people have the right qualifications from the start. You don’t have time to train coders if you need coding done right now.

While it may seem best to test them, if they have certifications and have taken certain courses, don’t force them to go through a string of tests. Some companies still ask their employees to take typing tests.

This is a waste of time and resources, especially in a tech company. Wouldn’t you rather have an employee who can create amazing websites but type a little slow versus someone who creates boring sites but types fast?

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Their Internship Experience May Be Limited

Do you remember that 2020 was a pandemic year? This means that many college students didn’t get to participate in much-needed internship hours during their senior year of college. Many of them were quarantined and forced to do all of their schoolings online.

They experienced an abundance of stress and if they are applying for a job, they came through it.

As you look at resumes especially for recent graduates keep that in mind. You’ll want to look for clues to help you understand how they handled all the pressure and added responsibilities.

Some important things to ask in the back of your mind, and perhaps during the interview process is “what did they do to stay focused on school? How did their responsibilities shift during the pandemic?”

Respect Their Knowledge

New graduates are not little kids. They may not have 20+ years of experience in the industry, but they do have a level of expertise that should be respected. Additionally, they are human beings who deserve you to treat them your best.

If you value their input and their knowledge, they are more likely to stay with your company long-term. Respect what they know and can offer your company.

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Create Clear Communication About Personal Use of Work Equipment

While some things seem like common sense when you have been in the work world for a long time, you can’t assume that new graduates will think the same way.

New graduates are much more tech and social media savvy than previous generations. They are excellent candidates for remote work and for highly technical roles.

They learn new technology quickly and easily adapt to changing systems. With that said, they are also used to having personal technology on them at all times.

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Your tech company should have clearly written policies around what you expect of your staff when it comes to using work computers and technology for personal purposes.

Your company should also have policies around what staff can and cannot share about the company on social media and online.

These rules should be clearly communicated to all employees, not just recent graduates upon hire and at regular intervals. These policies help protect internal workings and proprietary information.

When you hire a new graduate in 2021, think about the fact that they finished college during a worldwide pandemic. They may not have a ton of work experience, but their education, certifications, and life experiences should be considered throughout the hiring process.

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