How to Make Office Spaces More Appealing to Millennials

In recent years, Millennials has become the largest generation that flooded the job market and workforce which then shaped some changes in the workplace. An example to this statement can be observed through the changes of office’s look and feel as Millennial workers and their unique demands are taken into account.

Yup, in order to attract and retain the best-valuable millennial talents, more employers begin to alter and update how the office looks to cater millennials’ needs and preferences. This generation tends to look for an office environment with a more relaxed attitude and fun office perks.

They are more comfortable with technology and communication, and they like to work in a more collaborative environment. Their approach should be coming with colorful, laid-back culture. So, here are five features and design trends that will help your office spaces to be more appealing to Millenials.


Millennials tend to be more talkative and seek flexibility. To accommodate this preference, customize your old office space from cubicle cubes to open concept layout resembling communal areas, where they will be able to communicate, brainstorm, and collaborate in a more relaxed, informal setting. In fact, it is an effective way to get people to work together as a team and to motivate the employees to be more productive and innovative. 

However, there are going to be times when different workers might need to limit distractions and put their heads down to be fully focused on getting some work done. Thus it is also important to provide options in both ways; between a collaborative environment and private spaces for distraction-free tasks that require concentration.   


Millennials value their health and wellness and also strive to fulfill their own preference of having a work-life balance. Show that you care for them by adding wellness programs for an after-office activity or installing a workout area inside the company building.

You can also add some extra amenities like a green area, entertainment room, or trendy cafeteria to bring fun into the workplace and to reduce stress levels while still being at the office. Moreover, don’t forget to add a nap corner as a dedicated area for an afternoon break.

Just a couple of cozy sofas and a hammock from Lazy Monk Shop will be perfect to recharge your employee’s energy right after lunch. In the end, these happier and healthier employees will be more productive and loyal to work for your company. 


Creating a more appealing office visual by adding some pop-up color images of paintings, graffiti, decorations, furniture, or sculptural elements will instantly change a boring brick wall into aesthetically pleasing surroundings, allowing you as an employer to attract more young talents. These creative imagery may also excite brains, booster creativity, and inspire new ideas.   


Sometimes referred as digital natives, millennials have grown up revolving around digital technology on a daily basis. Technology makes their overall life become more efficient and better in most aspects.

Due to this factor, it is essential to install the right digital devices and tools to cater to their needs, such as fast speed internet, computers with advanced specifications, the newest comprehensive data management apps, communication apps, the internal email and live chat platforms, etc. Providing a great option of technology shows that your company is constantly growing and improving.   


Because millennial employees have become the majority of the current workforce, it’s essential to change some part of the office environment that will attract and retain top talents into your business. Whether you are downsizing, expanding, or just changing the interior, If your office happens to not be renovated in a long time, maybe it’s the perfect time to invest in your company workspace.

Ideally, an office setup would have few different rooms including personal spaces for each individual where employees can limit distractions, communal open spaces for collaboration and exchange ideas, and few meeting rooms for more discussions to reduce noise in the open spaces. Not only can it accommodate various needs for different working types and personalities, it is also the ideal tool to highlight your company’s brand and innovative culture.

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