How To Make The Perfect Powerpoint Presentation

Making a PowerPoint presentation doesn’t have to be hard. More often than not people who are presenting get carried away with slide transitions, animations, and whatnots. There is an easy way to make a perfect PowerPoint presentation that will help you stand out among the rest. Here’s how to make a memorable Powerpoint presentation that will capture the attention of your audience in no time.

Mind the slide transitions

One of the most important things you need to know if you want to make a perfect PowerPoint presentation is that the slide transitions and sound effects can steal your show. Transitions and sound effects can easily become the focus which will significantly distract the audience from whatever your presentation is about. To make matters even worse, when a presentation has many effects it’s comical when viewed.

These gimmicks will rarely enhance the message you’re trying to convey. Unless you are presenting to children, or some particular conventions, leave out the special slide transitions. Especially leave out the fade-in/fade-outs, blinds, dissolves, cuts splits, or covers.

These should be reserved for cinematographers only. Focus on your message alone, not the entertainment because you can only sabotage yourself if there is a circus going on in your PowerPoint presentation. Not to mention you won’t be taken seriously.

Animations are optional

Another very important thing to look out for is animations. Adding animations on your slides is completely optional, and some dare say should be avoided in total. Similar to wacky slide transitions, animations can add movement and reveal animation but only if done right. If they are in line with the message you’re trying to get across, animations will help you underscore the point you wanted to hit during your speech.

If you want to add an animation to your slides you should firstly select the part you want to animate by clicking on it. Then choose “Animations” from the many and choose from several effects that are displayed in the ribbon. You can get a quick preview by clicking on them.

If you want to customize the animation simply select “Effect Options”. Click “None” in the ribbon if you decide to remove an animation.

The slide design is everything

One of the biggest deciding factors of success of your PowerPoint presentation is the slide design. When it comes down to putting any kind of content on your PowerPoint presentation slides, you need to make sure they are engaging, and most importantly easy to read and remember that designing your presentation doesn’t have to require much effort since there are many already made templates online.

In addition to this, the PowerPoint templates usually have different add ons such as charts and graphs, diagrams, or tables.

In addition to a clean and easy-to-read slide, you should try and select a PowerPoint template that has a bold color scheme. Color palette matters, and using more memorable and bright color schemes will easily grab the audience’s attention and make you seem more professional.

A powerful color scheme can make a good impression on your viewers and can help them to see you as a person of authority on the information you want to share.

Don’t forget the audience

Last but not least, you should remember to who you’re holding the presentation. One of the most important aspects that will determine the complexity of your PowerPoint presentation content is who will be watching it. Needless to say, your PowerPoint presentation will be significantly different if you’re having a corporate presentation and if you’re having a PowerPoint presentation night with your friends for fun. This can also dictate the aforementioned design of the PowerPoint presentation.

Adjust the content, the seriousness, and the design for your target audience. If it’s a corporate presentation, cut the humor and use professional PowerPoint design templates. If you’re presenting to a class of teenagers, bring on the humor and bright design templates so you can hold their wandering attention.

Ultimately, you should know your audience well enough so you can better tailor the PowerPoint presentation to their expectations. Remember to adjust the colors and animations accordingly as well.

Remember all of these tips if you want to make a perfect PowerPoint presentation. If you’re struggling with PowerPoint slide design, there are always premade templates to help you out.

These templates are created by professionals and will offer a lot of different elements to make your presentation perfect. In addition to this, these PowerPoint templates are free and all you have to do is input information and a few other available elements.

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