How to Start an Amazon Online Store?

Online selling and reselling products is a rewarding experience. Not only does it offer great exposure, but also financial stability. Entrepreneurs consider e-commerce as the easiest way of earning money. In fact, if you are just starting your business, it is a good way to start and grow into a successful entity.

3 Steps to Start an Amazon Store

If you are ready with a business plan and all necessary documents, you are ready to start an Amazon Store for your e-commerce business. Here are the 5 important steps that will lead you to success through Amazon.

1. Business Registration with Amazon:

The first step to initiate your business as an Amazon seller is registration with Amazon and creating your profile. Visit and enter all essential data to begin the process.

Amazon requires the following personal information for registration:

• Contact Number

• Name of the Seller

• Email ID

• Business Address – for product pick-up

• Products (to be listed under your seller profile)

•Business Registration Proof (Trade License)

• Seller’s Tax documents or GST Registration

Entering these data on the website leads you to the creation of the seller’s log-in credentials. 

Follow the below steps for business registration on Amazon-

  • Click on the “Start Selling” button on the Amazon seller platform
  • Log in to Amazon with your personal credentials. If you don’t have an account, create a log-in.
  • Verify account with OTP
  • Go to the “Seller Information” page and provide all necessary information
  • Select the main product category
  • Submit the profile for Verification

Once your profile gets verified by Amazon, you will receive a message or email stating that the account has been verified and the given Pincode is suitable as an “Amazon Easy Ship” facility.

The account verification process:

  • Once you get the notification for account verification, proceed by clicking on “Next.”
  • Activate Two-step verification for maximum security
  • Complete Verification by clicking on “Continue.”

Once the verification authentication gets activated, follow the steps shown under the “Legacy device Sign-In method” to enter OTP and proceed with your account. If you don’t want an OTP, you can stop it in the future by clicking on the “Don’t require OTP on this browser” option.

2. Updating the Tax Information

The second phase of starting your Amazon store involves updating the tax details of your company. 

Depending on your company status, you have three options for tax updating-

Option 1: If you have a GST number, you need to update your PAN details and Provisional GSTIN on the tax section of your Amazon seller profile.

Option 2: If you wish to sell your products under GST Exempted head, you simply enter your PAN details and process.

Option 3: If your business doesn’t fall under the GST exempted category, yet you don’t have a GST registration, you can select the “update later” option against GST and process.

It is for businesses to get GST registration to operate as Amazon sellers.

3. Updating Business Details:

The 3rd step of starting the Amazon store involves accessing the seller dashboard, updating your business details, and managing the profile.

  • In the dashboard, first update your business details like the business category, Amazon Store name, Business address, etc.
  • Upload multiple products, add product descriptions and prices.
  • Select a preferable shipping option – private courier service or Amazon Easy Ship Service
  • If you choose Amazon Easy Ship services, you can adjust the charges or offer free product shipping according to your preference.
  • Enter updated bank details against the Amazon business account.
  • Re-enter the tax details- GST and PAN.’
  • Select a default product tax code for tax central tax calculation
  • Add a digital signature in JPEG format.
  • Press the “Confirm” button to save all details.


The given information is comprehensive details of all the information you need to furnish online to start your Amazon Store. If you need further help setting up the online store, you can always use the 24×7 Amazon customer support assistance.

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