Instagram Marketing: Tips and Strategies From the Pros

Instagram is a social media platform that has been growing in popularity over the last few years. It offers an effective way to connect with your audience on a more personal level, as it allows you to share pictures and videos with them through your account.

The great thing about Instagram marketing is that there are many different strategies you can use to build up followers and promote products or brands, all of which will be explored in this article.

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Increase The Number Of Followers You Have

As with all social media platforms, the more followers you have, the greater your reach will be to potential customers. You can increase your Instagram followers by using hashtags that are relevant to your content and tagging other users in these posts.

Another way is to put a link in your bio where people can click through and follow you as well as having links directly on the photo itself. If you want people to follow your account it’s important not to just post vague or random images and captions as this will deter people from checking out your page further.

It’s also helpful if you reply to comments left on your photos so that other users notice when you engage with them and they may think of checking out what else you have on offer.

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Add Hashtags To Your Images

Hashtags are a great way to get your images seen by the right audience as the posts with hashtags tend to be more visible. It’s important not to overcrowd a post just for the sake of a few relevant hashtags, as this could actually have a negative effect and cause your posts to be hidden from other users.

Settle on just a handful that you feel will work best for each post, and make sure they’re relevant so that people who search them up can relate to your content immediately. Some brands also use different hashtags at specific times of day or night which change based on their target audience, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for these kinds of strategies as well.

Management Software

If you’re managing a lot of different social media accounts then it can be time-consuming to update each one individually. One way to save yourself a lot of time is by using a management platform that allows you to schedule your updates in advance, meaning that you can post multiple times at once and have the marketing process done for the day.

This will help keep your account active so it doesn’t look abandoned or inactive which can deter users from checking out what else there is on offer. Be sure to get permission from the people whose content you use online so they get credit for their work.

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If someone has taken the time to create content for your brand, make sure they have credited properly in all relevant areas such as in the caption and in any other shared content.

You’re Not Just On Your Own

If you have a brand or large business then it can be effective to partner up with other accounts that also have a strong following so that they share your images and vice versa.

This will mean that you both gain from each other’s audience, as well as offer a more diverse range of content for the users to choose from. If your users love one account’s style of posting then there is a good chance they’ll like what you post as well if they decide to follow both pages.

Having multiple people reviewing and commenting on different aspects of your company will allow your followers to see that people outside of your company are interested in their posts and therefore make them feel like there is value in following you.

Transparency Can Be Powerful

If you’ve been struggling to get your posts noticed then it’s worth trying something a little different such as transparency, where rather than just posting images and content on your page you ask users to share their thoughts with each other through comments and likes.

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This allows for more user-generated content so that your brand can be seen in a positive light by others instead of using generic advertising techniques which may not have the same effect. The more people talk positively about your brand, the better chance it has of being shared around other social media platforms where they may have friends who are interested in what else is being offered.

Instagram Account create

So you want to get started with Instagram marketing? If so, we hope this article has given you some great tips and strategies for success.

Whether your business is new or old, it’s important to take advantage of all the tools at your disposal in order to provide a personal touch across social media channels.

With these different techniques for successful Instagram marketing, there’s no reason why your brand can’t thrive on this popular platform. So what are you waiting for? Apply these principles today and see how they work for your company!

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