Is NetSuite A Good Solution For A Start-up?

Netsuite software is an online-based service created to help companies properly and adequately manage all important processes associated with their business in one system. This service does not require hardware, an extravagant amount for a license,  maintenance fees associated with hardware or software, and is very easy and flexible.

Most companies have embraced the use of NetSuite for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and as an avenue to control inventory, monitor finances, host e-commerce stores, and maintain customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Due to its flexibility, the platform can be applied to a range of business applications. For these reasons and more, many companies rely on the cloud to get their work done, reduce the costs accumulated from operating, and strengthen their advantage when it comes to competition.

What Does Netsuite Offer?

There are many things Netsuite offers that make it a better option against its other counterparts. NetSuite is a good solution for a start-up because it helps manage tasks and projects for small teams.

This way, one person can easily handle multiple tasks on one program. It is a known fact that Netsuite solution provider maximally provides an avenue where business owners, even start-ups, can create and automate business processes and workflows across finance, marketing, sales, service, and more to suit their needs and demands, it offers great help to organizations as they can instantly adapt to change more rapidly by adjusting business processes and approval chains based on the needs of the business or organizational change.

It’s extremely easy to use and has intuitive features, making it a better option than any other accounting software. Below are some of NetSuite’s top benefits.

Great Features

With its outstanding ability to fit into the schedules of different industries, organizations irrespective of size. It offers great functions for Manufacturing, Software, Wholesale Distribution, Professional Services, Nonprofits, and Retail/E-commerce companies out of the box. What makes it more amazing is the fact that they are all in a single ERP product.

Pricing Approach

Another great feature worthy of being noted is the modular approach of NetSuite. It gives users the ability to select and license just the modules they are interested in. This equips the user and drastically cuts down costs.

Easy Integration

One outstanding benefit of NetSuite is that it provides sufficient APIs, which makes integration with other important software applications a possibility. This can be directly carried out, or one can opt for an integration platform (iPaaS).

A typical example of a popular integration is Salesforce and NetSuite integration because many users want to continue using the Salesforce CRM system and implement NetSuite ERP in their businesses.

High Visibility 

Visibility is extremely important, especially when it involves making informed decisions. It makes it easy to access data instantly, and users have no business wasting time extracting data from various sources.

This gives room for accurate and timely reports, which translate into quicker decisions. Furthermore, NetSuite gathers data across the whole organization instead of silos of data, which leads to more powerful insights.

Undoubtedly, many companies are banking on the cloud to find a solution to monitor their finances properly, manage inventory, improve their customer relationship management (CRM) system and even implement e-commerce stores. NetSuite has proven to be the best and most dependable platform to achieve this beyond all reasonable doubt.

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