Top 19 Electronics Companies in India

The most significant factor affecting the growth & development of an economy is the electronic sector. Hence, let’s take a look at the eminent electronics manufacturing companies of the market in the Indian economy known for their quality product offerings.

Elite Electronics Organizations in India

1. Havells India Ltd

This electronic company is comparatively easier to recognize due to its massive success and great goodwill. The firm has made some unbelievable progress in the market and at present is a multi-million dollar corporation.

The areas of its expertise are in the manufacturing of energy distribution circuits and appliances. This company was once huge enough to supply energy across the country.

It has a rich history in its field of operations. The company was involved in massive energy projects and is a top electronics company, this is an organization that is worth your time trying to know more about it on the internet.

2. Aar em Electronics

The Aar em Electronics is also acknowledged as the elite UPS which is a short abbreviation for Uninterrupted power supplies. The company was founded in 1989 and has been producing electronics that are powered by electricity and complex power mechanism in the meantime.

Any organization which makes use of such a hefty word as uninterruptible is a portion of its identity and is no doubt an organization that brags of having an exciting and rich quality of electrical products. Among the largest electronics companies across India.

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3. Bajaj Electronics

This organization has been in the electrical field for over 7 decades and has now been acknowledged as one of the most prestigious companies across the country.

The scale of the company is a staggering figure which has about 19 official locations in various sites of the nation.

It particularises in nearly 11 categories of products such as lights, fans, electronic appliances, luminaries along with engineering contracts. Aiming at an eco-friendly nation, the organization has evolved massively as an innovative company that encourages and makes use of energy-saving illuminations.

The massive scale of this organization appears to be very small from the out to most of the people but to be honest it is a massive company

4. Midas Communication Technologies

This electronic company is an eminent supplier of wireless technologies in India. It has been riding the market as a leader for years. Also, it offers great and dependable services in the telecommunication sector.

The organization started its operations in 1994 and has been thriving ever since while still headquartered in Chennai. There have been observable progress in the use and development of wireless tech in recent years, but there is more to come in the ahead years.

5. Kirloskar Electric Company Limited

The company was founded in 1946 and is into the business of transportation and energy transmission primarily. Other major areas where this company specializes as a major player are renewable energy and sustainable energy production.

Although, its long presence, the organization is overhauled with the most recent technologies to cope up with the thriving demand of electronics, and makes its continuous endeavors to lead the way with developing some new technology now and then.

Also, this company focuses on the better and cheaper approach of using and developing technologies for being an energy-efficient company.

Also, this company is iconic in being a manufacturing company that brags of having over 100 different electronic products in its portfolio, hence among the top electronics companies in India.

6. Jabil Circuits

The success of this company can be marked as it does not just manufacture electronic products for the home country but all its customers living overseas. Has been in the business for over 100 years and is involved in the manufacturing of electronics used in energy, automobile, energy, and health care industries.

The overall success rate of the company can be observed as it continues to grow exponentially ever since its commencement and is headquartered in Florida, USA.

7. BHEL (Bharat Electronics Limited)

It is no surprise that this company is a public limited entity but either a fraction of the government. As it is owned by the government it gives the company some competitive edge over the other contenders in the market and has grown substantially since its commencement in the year 1954, Bangalore.

As of now, it is particularised in defense and medical electronics. Being employed in a company that is somewhat backed by the government offers greater work security to its employees.

8. Honeywell Automation India Limited (Honeywell or Hail)

This company is a major player in offering software and IT solutions for electronics and other use. This is a market leader in the relevant sector with nearly 8 head locations across the country.

It’s majorly marked by the huge turnover and is listed among the Fortune five hundred companies. Greatly admired by the students of electronics, to be employed in this electronic company due to the kind of exposure and expertise in the field of operations.

9. 3M India

Yet another rapidly growing company belonging to the electronic sector and is specializing in numerous sectors such as health care, electronics, automobiles, etc.

This company is majorly into the production of electronic appliances. They majorly produce consumer electronic goods that are famous for their quality across the globe. A perfect example of having the privacy norms which are usually seen in laptop and desktop computers.

10. Amara Raja Batteries

This is rather a very interesting electronic company mentioned on this list. As people all around the world are continuously looking for a cheaper and better battery, this company simply puts an end to all the never-ending hunt of those customer’s needs. Particularly ideal for the ones in the automobile industry.

Concentrating fully on making efforts to develop a global approach sustainable for the ones who wish to minimize the oil dependability.

Most importantly, the batteries this company manufactures have the assured prolonged capacity to offer light for all the people who reside in underdeveloped parts of the country and dwelling on the outskirts of metropolitan areas.

The products manufactured by this company are a savior in almost any kind of scenario. For the fresh graduates who recently got done with their studies, this company offers ground-shattering discoveries in a more achievable approach.

11. Centum Electronics

This company has made a remarkable rate of development and progress since its inception in 1994. This company when it began was comparatively small in size & still operates from Bangalore city.

Centum Electronics makes equipment and material which are marketed across the globe on a huge scale. It usually is involved in telecommunication, space & defense developments, medical, health, and wellbeing sectors along with the employment offer it provides to a massive population of India.

12. Philips Electronics India

This company is one of the greatest electronic manufacturing companies not just in India but throughout the world known for its massive, quality rich electronic goods for commercial and residential use.

The brand name has been assigned to illuminating products such as lights, lamps, and lighting for years.

Likewise, Philips is trying to make continuous efforts in coming up with the best viable solution for less energy-consuming electronics.

Making continuous endeavors to come up with innovative products they are constantly trying to hunt down the best way to cut down the cost of production.

The company commits itself to develop green technology which is not just cost-effective but is environment-friendly as well. Listed among the top 100 electronics companies in the world.

13. Exide Batteries Limited

Exide Batteries Limited is acclaimed to be the greatest, few may mention it as the biggest, producer of batteries that could be used in automobiles. Half of the total four-wheelers that are still on roads make use of car batteries branded under the name of Exide.

It is used to power a vehicle and has an elegant look ensuring a prolonged product life, there is no need of looking at any other product, choose what India has chosen.

It is an ideal sample of what ways a company can be a great entity by creating an energy-efficient battery.

14. Bosch in India

internationally as well as a nationally recognized entity. This company is responsible for making and offering electronic goods for the entertainment and automobile sectors in India for centuries.

A globally well-reputed battery brand. Also, it is possible that the next time you are watching a movie, this company’s product has contributed to that movie-making also.

Otherwise, this organization has a big size of employees working in it and hence holds some great opportunities for the appropriate candidate.

15. The Samtel Group

This company is a major electronics company which is into manufacturing of Television screens across India.

They initially began as a maker of display screens and now have expanded their business operations and are renowned for Tv tubes and computer peripherals which lights up all applicants across the nation.

16. O.E.N

This electronic company has successfully made its mark in the field of electromechanical products manufacturing sector. It has tremendous growth potential in the future as already having businesses in other developed countries and caters to various sectors of the international market.

It primarily focuses on specific electronic goods and has them delivered in the automobile sector, consumer electronic goods including making of electronic instruments as well.

The fresh graduates constantly make an effort to grab an opportunity in working for this company. This is the first preference for anyone interested in exploring the dominion of electronic possibilities.

17. ABB India

ABB India is an electronics manufacturing giant that has successfully differentiated itself from all other contenders in the sectors. And is honored for offering the best lighting solutions for the world’s longest road tunnel in our country India.

One can just assume how massive its scale would be, as it has been a direct contributor to such a great and significant infrastructure in the history of India.

It also is known for making use of the best in quality materials and concise expertise in the relevant field.

This company also has been involved in massive metro projects across the country. Hence the first preference for any student who has recently graduated in the field of electronic engineering.

18. Surya Roshni Ltd

Surya Roshni Ltd is a market leader in the manufacturing of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products.

All the major political figures have been addressing the significance of the environment and approach to conserve the environment by making use of green lighting techniques and technologies.

The company has made the LED lights a prime consideration for offering the world a healthy, green, and sustained existence through the energy-efficient lighting appliances it manufactures.

19. Sterlite Technologies

Sterlite Technologies has made an effort to make the electronic students keen on cabling and the internet along with the numerous technologies considered to enable the internet to be working.

Data cables, fiber optic cables are considered in 3g, 4g networks across the nation.

Also, there has been tremendous support offered to the company by the nation and engineering students.

This stands as one of the most sought-after organizations which aim at developing concepts, products, and ideas which bring about a revolution in the electronics sector.


The above mentioned were some of the best electronic organizations which not just offer the best electronics and at the same time offer job opportunities.