Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

In previous times, applying for life insurance meant that you had to undergo an intrusive and annoying medical exam, however, in recent times, things have changed quite a bit. A lot of the time you will also have to answer questions that may be considered embarrassing. All over, it isn’t a great experience and it can be very daunting at times.

Then, after the fact, you also have to deal with long wait times waiting to find out if you have been approved or rejected. It isn’t the easiest thing to go through. It really isn’t surprising that people choose not to opt for life insurance, however, that also leaves their family uncovered should something bad happen.

No one is a winner in that situation. Luckily, some very good news has come along in recent times so life insurance no longer has to be hard. When you choose the right insurer, you can get your life insurance without having to go through the lengthy and uncomfortable process of a medical exam. Is there anything better than that?

Can I get insurance without a medical exam?

You heard it! Life insurance with no medical exam is now available for you to apply. So, what does that mean for you? Can I really get life insurance with no physical required?

Yes! You can now apply for life insurance without having to worry about a pesky exam. Whether you are eligible completely depends on your lifestyle, age, health, circumstances, and your family’s medical history, but most of all, you can avoid the intrusive exam.

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For years, people have dreaded the exam involved with applying for life insurance but worry no more.

Why would I need a medical exam?

Before when you applied for life insurance, it was important that a medical exam was undertaken. If you don’t opt for no medical exam life insurance, you will still be asked to undertake an exam. This is why you need to do a medical:

  • You have been turned down in the past
  • You have disclosed that you have a pre-existing medical condition on the application
  • You have lived overseas for large periods of time
  • There are hereditary illnesses in your family that are inherited genetically

How is the cost calculated?

There are plenty of things that are looked at when your life insurance costs are calculated. Insurance providers will need to take an in-depth look to make sure that the costs associated are all relevant. When calculating the life insurance premiums, here is what the insurance providers look at.

  • Hereditary conditions present in your family
  • Details such as your age, weight, gender, and height
  • Your job
  • Your lifestyles such as your smoking history, previous drug abuse, and alcohol intake
  • Your health history and if any chronic illnesses are present or have been previously

What your insurer needs to know

Just because you won’t be taking an exam, it doesn’t mean that your medical history and health is kept a secret. It is essential that you disclose certain things to your insurer, or you could end up in hot water should something happen under a false premise. Before your insurer can give you cover, they will have to gain an understanding of your health and other specifics.

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Without knowing these things, your insurer will not allow you to take out cover which could be highly inconvenient for you. A short, confidential, and informative phone call could be all you need to gain your life insurance cover. This is the information you will be expected to disclose to your insurer:

  • Whether or not you have a history of illnesses in the family
  • Your height, weight, and age
  • If you drink alcohol, and if yes, how often?
  • If you are a drug user
  • Whether or not you smoke
  • Whether you have ever suffered from cancer or heart disease before

By keeping these things in mind and having your answers ready, it will be all over in no time and you will be insured! By being prepared, the process will not only be faster but so much easier than expected.

The benefits

As with anything, you can also expect many benefits from no medical exam life insurance. A life insurance policy with no medical can provide you with the following great benefits.

  • You can attain life insurance without having to go through a lengthy and intrusive medical exam
  • You won’t need to visit a doctor or nurse and can attain life insurance from the comfort of your own home in most circumstances
  • It is a simpler and less time-consuming process
  • Can be instant and even arranged over the phone

It is essential to know that most life insurance companies will ask for a medical exam, however, if you choose the right one, you will be able to avoid the medical exam entirely.

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