Matco Tools Franchise, Net Worth, Profit & Loss

Matco Tools is one of the top players in the automotive tool market due to its quality and durability—the compnay works in a few countries like the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. As of now, the company has more than 1400+ stores. The Matco Tools Franchise is also available at an affordable cost, more details are shared below.

Buying a Matco franchise will be more beneficial than opening a normal store for the automotive tool business. Because you’ll get a name which is already very popular so, that you don’t have to spend time and money to make your store popular and well known.

The automotive tool business can be very beneficial as millions of people prefer to fix the items by their himself/herself. Nowadays things are easy because of millions of executables and very easy tutorials available on YouTube and other platforms to make to repair broken items or make any new item.

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About Matco Tools

Matco Tools is an American company that was founded in 1946. As of now, the company is a subsidiary of Vontier Corporation. It is involved in the business of tool manufacturing and selling them to mechanics.

As of now, the company has an extensive range of tools and some other equipment like Chisels, Punches, Hex Key, Pry Bars, Hammers, Scrapers, T-handle drivers, Ratchets, Wrenches, Air tools, Cordless, and many more.

They also sell tools based on specialty like Motorcycle tools, Heavy Duty, under-car tools, tools for electric vehicles, tools for hybrid vehicles, and many more.

To keep the tool the same and in the same place, they also provide toolboxes of different sizes. The good thing about the company is that they allow you to customize the toolbox according to your requirements.

In a few words, they have almost every product a mechanic needs to repair small to medium-sized vehicles or any other things. You can imagine they have almost 13,000 products or tools they provide.

Matco Tools Financials

Matco Tools is a subsidiary of the Vontier Corporation and a private compnay. The compnay does share its financial data or any other information publically. That’s why we do not have any data related to its financials.

Also, we can not share any profit and loss of the Matco Tools as the company also has not shared it.

We will update the section, once we have any information related to its financials. On the Internet, the approximate revenue, profit, and loss are available. So, the approximate revenue is near US$451.8 million per year.

Matco Tools Net Worth

As the Matco Tools compnay financials data is not shared publically so, accurate information about its Net worth is not available. But many good websites are showing its net worth near US$25.1 Billion. Remember, the information is not up to date.

Matco Tools Competitors

In this Automotive business, there are hundreds of companies and there is a very tough competition in it. As we mentioned Matco Tools is one of the top and well-known companies but if you compare it with the competitors then you’ll find that the compnay is very small.

The biggest problem in the segment that is it becomes very hard for any competitor to attract customers from other companies because most people don’t feel any major upgrade in the tools. The durability of the tools is also very high until you use them regularly and for tough work.

So, it is highly recommended that you should understand the part of the automotive industry and the metal industry too. The metal industry can affect many things very easily.

Some major competitors of Matco Tools:

Company NameRevenue
Snap-on ToolsUS$4.5 Billion
Mac ToolsUS$220 Million
Cottman Transmission and Total Auto CareUS$49.0 Million
Mcdonald Auto GroupUS$27.0 Million

As you can see, Snap-on Tool is the largest compnay for making different types of tools and they have also a very large number of workers who can easily produce tools in a large number.

Matco Tools Franchise

Matco Tools compnay have more than 1400+ stores in 2023. With time the number of stores has increased very rapidly because of the franchise. If the compnay looks interesting according to your analysis and if you want to open a tools store then you should check the Matco Tools franchise.

Matco Tools compnay offers franchises in just two countries the US and Canada. In the US or Canada, you can only open a store if they allow you. It means you can check on their website whether any franchises are available or not for your desired location. For more detailed info you can contact their team.

According to the information from the Internet, you can earn up to US$308,563 TO US$670,738. Remember the revenue is average so, there are also some risks involved in the business too. So, make sure you have enough knowledge about the location and demand where you are opening a store.

The franchise fee is US$8,000 but it is a very small fee if you compare it with opening a whole store of automotive tools. There are many fees, charges, and expenses you need to pay. Below are all the charges in detail.

Matco Tools Franchise costs

Note: In the above-shared screenshot, you can see all the charges of the Matco Tools franchise. The screenshot is taken from its official website page.

Make sure to check the franchises of all the companies that are working in the same niche. In a few words, you can go with those companies who are market leaders in the niche. But the cost and fee of a franchise can be a little bit high.

Final Words: Matco Tools is a very good compnay and has a chain of a large number of stores in the US and Canada. The Matco Tools franchises look very attractive and affordable. But in the niche, many players also offer their franchises and anyone can buy or join it if eligible. Both sides have some pros and cons so, do proper research before buying any franchise of any company.

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