Most Difficult Yet Demanding Concept of Maths – Integration

In maths, there is one chapter that is very difficult and children find it very difficult to learn the formulas included. That can be the concept for mathematics; it can be a whole new concept. The chapter about which we are talking is integration. Many students talk about the integrals and the formula related to it. They find many difficulties to solve the problem by integral formula. You must have heard many students talking about integration chapters and integration formulas. Basically, integration means combining the units and calculating. It is the most confusing chapter in mathematics but students had to make this chapter their strength. 

Here are some tips to have good command to the integrals: 

  1. As simple as possible – For understanding a particular formula, students should break it down into the simple form. People will check and understand it and learn to use it. Breaking the formula into simple terms and using simple techniques can help the students to understand it properly. Before this, the student should keep that in mind that while forming a new method, it should not be neglecting the base of the original one. While finding a new way to solve the problem, the student should not forget the basics of the formula. 
  1. Substitution- A person should find a way to substitute the formula with another method. By this, the person will be able to solve a problem more easily and quickly. If the person has got a chance to solve the problem and in an alternative way, then he should go for it. If substituting the base method with the other one is helping the person to get the particular answer then it should be adapted quickly. 
  1. Ideal type- All we know is that integrals have different methods. People should choose that type of integration in the problem so that it can be easy for the person to understand the problem and can even get an idea to solve it easily. While identifying the types of integration, a person should find the ideal type of integration method used in the formula. 
  1. Different methods-  If the person is getting a problem while using the integral formula he should find other formulas for solving the problem. Then I can compare that method to the integral method and understand it more easily. If this formula is difficult to use then a person should find another method or search for a different method for the same.
  1. Other techniques – There are many different techniques by which students can get their grip on a particular integration formula. Many source materials are available online so that students can understand the formula in a more innovative and detailed way. There are many sides available online which are giving students free information not only for the integral formula but also provides other sources by which students can learn properly and can practice too. The site named such as Cuemath is helping students to gain their knowledge about every single method used in maths and also includes integration. 
  1. Practice – If a person is not perfect in something we should practice it again and again so that he could reach the level of perfection. This goes the same with learning a formula. If a person is determined to learn the formula and should practice more to make himself perfect, if the problem is not being solved you should stop and give some time and then try it again. I’ll try again and again to reach perfection. 

From the points mentioned above, we can say that a person should try to find new methods and substituting the formula to make it simple to learn using. This formula is not only for the exam but should also use this integration formula in real life. People should try to apply this formula to real life and get effective in it.

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