The 30 Top Network Marketing Companies

Marketing is one of the most important aspects to gain online and offline sales in today’s era. With new creative and innovative ideas, one can strengthen his business and can gain enough profit.

So here is a list of topmost network marketing companies in the world that are doing great business with great business skills.

1. Scentsy

It is so stimulating to see a direct marketing stake thrusting one of a kind commodity that drives people crazy independent of the “income opportunity”. This does not mean that the masses are more towards creating a bank on candles with no flame at all. This simply means it is a company that puts the product first that promises durability among the network marketing companies. They are present with a product that meets the expectations, the PR strategy works quite well as they are unique in their category.

2. Plexus

Rigid diets are the unending tales of the 2000s and Plexus is enlisted among them, Similar to the majority of mystical weight loss tablets, medicines what they have all in hand is get together with the FDA as they don’t cope up well with the BBB either. Nevertheless, they have arranged to stand still in the top list of MLM for half a decade with respect to reps have a potential of earning 50% commission.

3. Pampered Chef

Nevertheless what we have here is retroflection with respect to the network marketing roots. They cater to the kitchen products, mommy bloggers galore, and cooking demos as well. The moms who stay at home are on the continuous lookout for flexible which is yet a big target demo graph for MLM. So it is nothing shocking that Pampered Chef has done quite well that Warren Buffet has determined that he needs some of the action of this MLM.

4. Young Living

Fundamental oils are trending, and Young Living is a major chunk of that. And they are pioneers in that, too. This is something that will qualify for being shortlisted every single time when it comes to firms that push off industry trends. Fact: Gary young has built upon the principality completely different in comparison with the 1980 blood examination lab in Tijuana which was published by the LA Times. This was nearly 4 decades ago. Among the best network marketing companies.

5. Team National

The Team National has been working hard on selling coupon books for over 3 or 4 decades. It may sound a bit outdated and outlandish but this has helped them to hit the annual sales of half a billion this means that the product is being sold quite well. The founder and the chairperson Dick Loehr is an entrepreneurial mastermind.

6. Omni life

Right before the launch of Omni life and its turning into a multi-billion organization the founder Jorge Vergara was selling tacos on the streets of Mexico and talked with the Mexican government in such a manner as into bringing about a change in the rules and regulations in the category of nutritional products. This guy is so good that a movie could be made on his life (autobiography) and no doubt win an Academy Award.

7. Jeunesse

Who does not wish to be fit, look slightly younger than their age, and lose some weight? Jeunesse meets his international target market i.e. everyone. Along with the unbelievable sale statistics. It won’t surprise anyone if the products they manufacture are of some of the other users to the masses. Jeunesse intentionally prepares the checklist of the Top 20 MLM companies of the globe and easily make somewhere around $1.2 billion in a single year. It is not just a decent product being sold also the signup cost is unbelievably the lowest in comparison with the competitors.

8. Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate is an MLM that without the help of Facebook it is no more than 3 steps away from topping the list. A warm welcome to the future of network marketing it is about time. Wealthy Affiliate is a golden opportunity for an affiliate program for the masses who are on the lookout for some sturdy digital marketing training and they have a free trial option as well.

9. Ambit

Ambit is a long way from transforming into the best and most renowned retail energy supply chain in the United States of America. It was sued with a class-action lawsuit a few years ago. But when the firm is making $1.5 billion a lawsuit is something that will be bothering the company in the slightest.

10. Primerica

For some of the other reason financial services of the MLM companies does not do quite well as it is in regards to the mockery of spending tons of money in order to save money. As Primerica has figured a way out in about 30 years in business. Also, the revenue in 2013 was a huge $1.20 billion which meant that are aware of how the money could be made in a smarter way.

11. Motor club of America

The MCA Motor club possibly provides products and services a cluster of the firms already offers far less but they have really wrapped them around unique services which is very useful. The CEO of the company has designed the referral plan in such a manner that the masses never stop being attracted towards it. On top of that, they have been in the business since 1926-it is long enough to become an American tradition.

12. Market America

Market America is an MLM that is better known for the huge discount on the products as they are also known for their CEOs who are filthy rich. What we are talking about here is the Forbes list, a huge mansion in Biscayne Bay along with a penthouse in Manhattan, huge yachts, celeb BFFs all credit to MLM. They have a huge share of the SEC blocks as Market America is doing great as being ranked at the 29th position in the DSN Global

13. Younique

The Younique is partly a new cosmetics and skincare MLM that lives up to its name. With a marketing strategy that is really clever and takes full leverage of the social media in a manner that slightly annoying and makes use of customers in place of models. Younique has now turned into one of the most sensational possessions of the MLMs in the 21st century.

14. Modere

Modern is an eco-friendly MLM and is severely undermined as their main office (headquarters) is managed with wind energy. To be more precise it is a future-minded firm and having set a unique and much innovative social marketing technique amongst its competitors. Being stalked on Facebook is something no one would ever like at all but Modere social media strategies nearly 10 times better than the others.

15. Nerium

After being in business and business operation in less than a year the anti-aging MLM was already positioned at #86 in the list of 100 by direct selling news. However, they were able to make around $100 million in sales and revenue in the very first year.

16. Nu Skin

These guys were the ex-presidential candidates of the New York Times as they have made it to get tons of high-class endorsements. Chuck Norris and Suzanne Somers are the key personnel of the company. And to be honest it is just a step away from the top 10 MLM and has a whopping worth of $3 billion and the rate of growth on the stock is jaw-dropping.

17. Arbonne

Arbonne is a humongous MLM in the shade of two more massive cosmetic MNCs (Mary Kay and Avon). Nevertheless, the concentration on cruelty-free products and natural ingredients looks like it could make it up there at any moment. One can expect them to be listed in the next big billion-dollar annual income club pretty soon.

18. 4Life

The executives, associates, and owners have been trending for quite a long time as they have flattened out slightly but have a quite big presence. They constantly have been pushing their immunity based nutritional products and services in more than 50 nations to date. And have also actually got some remarkable reviews from the current as well as former associates. The commission is not that great but the reps are happy aren’t they?

19. Avon

Avon is a well renowned old lady brand, but it is for sure it should not be underestimated as your grandmother. An MLM that stands near Amway as it is the 2 in the world and has accumulated $5.7 billion in annual revenue. No doubt as it will last forever the sales have been skyrocketing for the past 5 years as they have just sold off the North American branch. Hence creating the best marketing opportunities.

20. Tecademics

The Tecademics is one of the well-known in the list of top MLMs. The Tecademics is one of the remarkable digital marketing online training programs in the dominion. The chairperson and founder of the company Tecademics Chris Record stated that the company has been crushing everything at the empower network. Also, the price is not that high when comparing with the competitors and a world-class university degree.

21. My Lead System Pro

Rob Fore is the mega SEO network marketer in the game as it will continue pushing hard towards MLSP as it is the number one venture. There are a couple of more time bigger game players in the digital MLM as they would say this a lot of note hanging around enough.

22. Amway

Amway is an MLM that is independent and strong enough MLM that ranks number one in the world for centuries. As also the annual revenue could be not touched by any MLM $8.8 billion. The size of Amway is so big that the brand is precisely a synonym in network marketing which has its own pros and cons.

23. Isagenix

As at the moment, Isagenix has not reached the level of where Advocare is at present they definitely are on the run. They have certainly agitated a number of millionaires, they have products and services that have remarkable customer reviews and the hype around the brand is unreal.

24. World Global Network

As the World Global Network is moving towards global supremacy they may be onto something. As this organization deals with those products or you can say gadgets that are very futuristic which is hard to imagine. This starts from wearable technologies to space smartphones etc. Just after a few years, they got into business they have made it to the top 100 MLMs in the world. However, giving rise to network marketing opportunities.

25. Mary Kay

When it comes to network marketing companies it is no more a secret as the ladies in pink that are from Mary Kay are the princess of MLM-realm. And just a few steps down from the bigger rival Avon, Mary Kay is positioned as the number 5 MLM in the world that makes about $3.5 billion in yearly sales.

26. Le-vel

In the span of the Le-vel 5 years existence, the health and wellness MLM has completely transformed into something else as it has gone over and above expectations. On the other hand, they have won the Bravo Growth award which came right from the direct selling news global a few years ago. When young there is no better place than going up, up, and even higher unless and until you eventually come down all of a sudden unexpectedly into billion small pieces.

27. Advocare

One of those MLMs that have an existence like forever and is going to be around for a while. What they have achieved in all these years is a brand name that is well regarded which is a much stable organization in itself. It does not matter in the slightest that they are working hard towards making a billion in yearly sales.


This is another essential oil dominion. DoTERRA is slightly younger in comparison with young Living and is blessed with the momentum in a cranny that undoubtedly is smoking hot in the direct selling category. They actually are having possession of the be-at-home-mother meets women entrepreneur blend that works quite well for them. And what does this all in a nutshell mean?

Having the practical side of the company that is completely different from what the product is and having the sales, entrepreneur’s masses as them advertising it too. And anyone who pursues MLM companies is for sure knows the product is practical, as well as it is opportunity centric.

29. Rodan and Fields

One of the finest skincare product manufacturing companies inside and outside of MLM, undoubtedly. It was founded by a few dermatologists which used to be an affluent category of the brand store right before it stepped into the dominion of network marketing companies. Rodan and Fields brought Proactiv which is now a well-known skincare product manufacturer toll to date. This product line alone is nearing $1 billion in yearly sales.

30. Digital Altitude

If you wish to get into the massive and wonderful realm of internet marketing from the professionals Digital Altitude is exactly the thing you have been looking for. The products they have cost somewhere around $10k but you will have great access to a remarkable toolbox that is of great value.

The commission rate is +50%. You can take a moment here to go through all of it of why the commission rate is 60% on a product that costs around $10k. Not a bad idea right? Therefore it is one of the best network marketing companies.


So here is a list of best networking marketing  companies from where one can join and earn a great income by investing a small amount of money