Is Print Marketing Still Important in 2020?

We live in a digital age. We invest hours every day staring at screens, big and small, and surrender masses of personal data in the process. Digital marketing has gotten more sophisticated than ever, and businesses up and down the country rightly wonder how they can get the best from the situation.

But as impressive as the powers of digital marketing may be, there’s still a great deal to be said for the traditional, printed sort. Let’s look at why print marketing remains a force to be reckoned with – whether it’s a business card or poster from banner-printers.

Tactile Appeal

Physical marketing holds a kind of appeal that zeroes and ones can’t replicate (or at least, not yet). That is texture and tactility. You can hold a business card in your hand, feel the roughness of the paper, and smell the ink. This leaves an impression on customers in a way that an email simply doesn’t.

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Going Door-to-Door

Digital marketing relies on you obtaining contact information. For a startup, this isn’t always easy. If you’re posting flyers through letterboxes, then this concern goes away. On a given day, a single person might post material through hundreds of front doors – and the conversion rate can be extremely respectable.

People Trust Print Marketing

There’s no such thing as a phishing flyer, and thus the medium commands a degree of trust. Sophisticated online scams have led many of us to be wary about the emails we open and the digital communications we read. Scammers are less likely to use print nowadays, and thus it’s a way that a genuine, reputable business can prove itself worth taking seriously.

Greater Reach

Not everyone in the country uses or likes to use, the internet. When you focus all of your energy on social media and email, you’re therefore excluding a small, though potentially significant, chunk of your would-be customer base. This might be especially calamitous if you’re targeting an older demographic that’s statistically less disposed toward online activity. For example, you can opt for different marketing strategies like Every Door Direct Mail, which allows you to select the postal route(s) that serve people that best fit your ideal customer/demographic

Less Competition

Many modern businesses have fallen into the trap of shifting exclusively to digital marketing. This presents those that remain with a valuable opportunity. Whilst your competitors are pursuing other avenues, you’ll be able to grab those customers.

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Greater Information Retention

People who pick up and read business cards and flyers are likelier to retain the information than if they’d read it in an email or website. This is for deeply-ingrained psychological reasons and has to do with the value that we attach to certain media. Digital marketing is seen as flimsy, insubstantial, and ultimately less valuable; if someone’s taken the time to make a physical product, by contrast, then they must have something truly worthwhile to get across.

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