How to add PayPal Money Generator Online?

PayPal money adder is nothing but known to be easy or free way to add money in your PayPal account. It is claim to be a software that help people to earn money.

In recent times, there are many scams came up where certain software are prepared to help people earn money without putting any efforts which is in fact next to impossible as there is no way in world where you can earn money without rendering any services or selling any goods.

PayPal money adder is one of these scams which are proved to be vague as many people pointed out that whosoever has developed the software is posting a link in the comment section of various videos on YouTube or post on Facebook or Twitter etc. People who claim this software to be vague has proved there point by a testing there vagueness as they try to open such links on their laptops which are fully protected from various types of phishing attacks or hacks. Therefore, while testing such link ends up they end up opening nothing or else the host block such sites claiming them to be phishing attackers or hackers.

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Claiming to give away money works like a bait to animals by hunters. Once they caught up in baits same like hunting when you caught up in such scam you end up loosing your money to these hackers in greed of earning some.

This scam is known with multiple names:

  • PayPal money generator
  • PayPal money adder
  • PayPal monkey generator
  • Free PayPal money

Now, you all are thinking that how can I be so sure that PayPal money adder is not a way to earn easy money but a scam that will take all your money and definitely not give you anything. To prove my point, I’m attaching few screenshots below that clear the confusion in your head:

When you follow such links that claim to give you money for free in exchange of answering few questions as a part of survey whereas they only use you to fill out the surveys they have targeted to complete and never credit money in your account.

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They will fool you with certain messages where it shows that money has been credited in your account but no such transaction has been followed and this is how they do they work efficiently.

paypal money generator

paypal generator

What are the possible consequences of using PayPal money adder tool?

Most of the scammers like PayPal money adder use a common tool or tactic of phishing and spoofing where they send emails to people who they may think will fall in their traps and they get success when people follow such emails and loose everything or something they own.

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There are some people out there who are not familiar with the concept of phishing and spoofing. In order to explain this concept I am elaborating them below:


Phishing is an fraudulent act of obtaining sensitive information such as username, password and bank account details for taking away valuable assets or cash you own. Sometime fishing is not an scam it is full fledged planned crime as people used phishing as a weapon against the victim to acquire something of their benefit. Phishing is commonly followed with emails and links that are provided under the comment section of various videos and marketing links.


Spoofing is an fraudulent act or practice that is followed in a way of communication where the Identity of actual sender remain silent and all the acts followed in name of other person that maybe an Financial institute, bank or something else that may use as bait to benefit other. It is an outcome of poor security system. To avoid search crimes against yourself and others kindly be aware of such emails and communicative messages that ask you to disclose all your personal information like username, password or bank account number etc.

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Rules that are to be followed to avoid phishing or spoofing are as follows:

  • Always search before you trust anyone who is giving you money earning opportunity.
  • Never open or follow any links provided in email or comment section that are completely new to you.
  • Always check the center of information from where you got such mail before acting on mails.

It is very important to know the person who is providing you such opportunity to earn money so easily and without rendering any services as such acts or opportunities maybe in diesel in eye of law.

The final verdict: PayPal money generator is vague

It is a disappointment to many of you out there who all are thinking it as a best way to earn money while relaxing on your couch. It is a scam that will benefit only the hunter or the sender and definitely not you who are the victim of the scam. The only purpose of this scam or PayPal money generator is to get the task of sender fulfilled or snatch money from your PayPal account.