Money can Give you Happiness but cannot buy Everything for your Happiness

People around the world thinks that if they own terms of cash in their bank accounts are in there lockers back at home, they are the happiest person alive on earth. It is true that there is nothing that come their way to give them happiness but there are many things on earth that may give you happiness which money can’t buy.

There is a famous song by Chris Janson whose lyrics are “Money can buy happiness but buy me a boat”. The singer has pitched something very deep through his lyrics in the song.

There are many who made angry with the statement that money can’t buy happiness but they don’t have anything in their heads to prove this statement to be true as they believe they could buy anything they want to satisfy themselves with money. It is true that you can buy anything you want with money but you can’t buy everything with money that gives you happiness.

There are tons of reason in my head to prove that money can’t buy happiness but cannot pen everything I am thinking of as the reasons which I made thing fit to prove that money can’t buy happiness may not be the reason to believe that actually it can’t for others out there. Still I want to quote something that I believe money can’t buy is the relationships we make in our lives.

Yes, relationships are very important in our lives i.e. relationship with mother and father, with your younger or elder brother or sister on with your loved ones. People who own enough money to buy anything sometimes doesn’t own enough relationship to enjoy the power of money. People of on the loose their loved ones family and friends because they are not giving them enough time and else they are running behind earning more and more money which may to some extent is good as there is many things you can buy from money but you cannot buy this precious relationship you may lose while running to satisfy your greed. Therefore, money doesn’t buy love.

There is one other reason that may come in between or hinder your way to stay happy with loads of money. It may be the long chronic disease like cancer. These disease can take lives of many out there, by many I mean the person who own lots of money and the person who owns nothing except relations he had made in his life.

Maslow hierarchy theory: study that explains reasons why money can’t buy happiness

Maslow hierarchy theory of human needs explains that some money may give you happiness but definitely it can’t buy everything for your happiness. It is not something that I am narrating you with my words I will explain everything that Maslow try to teach through his theory.

  1. This chart of hierarchy theory by Maslow start at bottom and tells us about the basic necessity or psychological needs that could be satisfied with the money. The basic needs here are food, air, sleep etc..
  2. The second step of this hierarchy is safety. Yes, you may feel secure when you earn money as you can buy anything with your money that may hinder your safety.
  3. The third step involved in this hierarchy is love and belonging. Now, your heads will come at work as you all are thinking that how money can buy you love that you get from your loved ones families and friends.
  4. The fourth step involved Hindi hierarchy is esteem which means self esteem that person may possess. You can never work or earn against your will if, there something wrong with way you are earning. You will never get satisfied with as much money you earn in your life.
  5. Self actualization easy final step involved in the Maslow hierarchy theory which explains that a person should realize what he/she is doing to satisfy their needs. The path they choose should not be wrong or illegal or else as much money you may earn it will never give you that happiness you actually want.

What is happiness?

There is a major problem with this language i.e. English which conveys a message in certain way which may be correct from the senders point of you but is not right from receivers end as they are many translations possible of a single statement. Similarly, happiness is something that gives you inner satisfaction i.e. if you are satisfied with the work you are doing, you are happy and if not it’s not happiness.

Thus, money may buy you materialistic fun in your lives but the satisfaction in you get from the task or work you do is the actual happiness which money can’t buy ever. Happiness is something that bring smile on your as well as on the face of your family and friends.

At the end I want to guide you all reading this article that you must earn as much as you can in your life but never compromise your relationships with money because they are the only source of happiness that will stay in your life tell your death and money is something that you have today but not tomorrow so don’t rely on money for your happiness. It can only buy you materialistic stuff that is temporary. The actual happiness is in inner satisfaction if, you feel satisfied in doing what you are doing, you are good to go.

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