All the Reasons why People want to Immigrate to Poland

Apart from its burgeoning economy, Poland offers several other attractions that make it an attractive place to live. One of the most obvious drawcards is the country’s rich history and culture. Poland has been at the crossroads of European development, having played a pivotal role in World War II while also providing insight into how Central Europe developed over centuries through its many architectural sites, monuments, and museums. 

Poland also boasts a vibrant art scene with world-renowned galleries and museums, such as the National Museum in Warsaw, where visitors can see works by renowned Polish painters like Jacek Malczewski, Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, and Lev Bruno Schulz. The arts are well represented throughout Poland’s cities, with many having at least one theater or opera house. 

Poland also has plenty to offer those seeking an active lifestyle. The country is home to some of Europe’s best skiing resorts. Visitors can explore its expansive lakes and national parks in the summertime for excellent hiking, biking, zip-lining, kayaking, and canoeing experiences. There are also opportunities for rock climbing, mountaineering, fishing, and more across the country – making Poland an excellent place for nature enthusiasts. 

The cost of living in Poland is often much cheaper than in other parts of Europe, providing an excellent opportunity for those looking to save money while still enjoying all the country has to offer. It’s also an attractive destination for students, as many universities in Poland offer a high-quality education at relatively low costs.

Finally, the country is well-connected to other parts of Europe, making it easy for those looking to travel and explore more of what the continent offers. All these elements combine to make Poland an ideal location for people seeking adventure and new life experiences. 

How to apply for a work visa in Poland?

Anyone looking to work in Poland must obtain a valid work visa, which requires applicants to produce various documents such as proof of ability to support themselves financially, evidence of health insurance, and a valid passport or ID card. Applications can be made directly at the local Polish Embassy or Consulate or online via an authorized agency. 

Once approved, the applicant will receive a work permit valid for one year, although it may be extended if necessary. Once in Poland, the employee must also register with their local labor office, known as ZUS, within 30 days of starting employment. 

Are digital Nomas welcome in Poland?

Yes, Poland has welcomed digital nomads since 2020. The country offers a flat tax rate of 18%, with some taxes as low as 8%. Poland has no wealth or inheritance tax, making it an attractive option for those wanting to create an income from remote work. Additionally, visa requirements are relatively straightforward compared to other countries, and plenty of coworking spaces are available across the country. 

How to apply for Polish citizenship?

Poland’s citizenship laws allow eligible individuals to apply for Polish citizenship. Those who want to become citizens must meet specific criteria, including having legal residence in the country, qualifying for polish citizenship by descent, and having adequate knowledge of the Polish language and culture. 

Applicants for Polish citizenship must complete several steps to obtain their new status, such as submitting an application form, attending interviews and tests, providing documentation and other evidence of their eligibility, and paying the relevant fees. The process can take up to 6 months, depending on each case. 

Once granted, Polish citizenship entitles one to many rights provided by EU law – such as freedom of movement within Europe (including being able to work or study), access to public services, consumer rights, and more.

The best places to live in Poland

Poland offers a variety of places to live, with each city offering its unique charm. Warsaw is Poland’s capital and the largest city and boasts a rich culture and vibrant art scenes. Krakow is home to many stunning medieval buildings, while Gdansk combines history with modern attractions like the European Solidarity Center. 

For those looking for peace, Sopot on the Baltic Coast is an excellent option, while Zakopane in the south of Poland is perfect for outdoor activities. There’s something for everyone when it comes to living in Poland – from bustling cities to more rural settings, ensuring that all visitors find plenty of reasons why they want to stay. 

The bottom line

Due to its economic growth, cultural attractions, vibrant art scene, active lifestyle opportunities, cost of living, and connections to other parts of Europe, Poland provides an excellent opportunity for immigrants from all walks of life to search for a better future abroad. With everything this beautiful nation has to offer, how could anyone resist?

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