Practical And Effective Ways To Support Your Employees

Where would your business rank if you were to conduct a survey to determine whether your team feels supported? Most employers are surprised to learn the results aren’t as positive as they would have liked. Sadly, some don’t even consider their employees’ opinions and experiences. They fail to realize that when team members feel unappreciated or unsupported, it lowers morale, hinders performance, and reduces productivity. It also leads to high turnover rates, poor customer service, and a decline in sales. 

Sure, your team gets a paycheck and benefits packages, but is it enough? Modern employees believe it’s the bare minimum. As the challenges of everyday life continue to mount, team members want to know that their employers support them every step of the way. They want to work for companies that understand their needs and work diligently to provide accommodations. 

If you want to do more to support your team and avoid the negative outcome of low workplace morale, consider these practical and effective ideas below. 

Mental Health And Earned Days Off

Giving your employees paid time off for national holidays or sick leave is one thing; however, you can show your support by offering mental health and earned days off. A mental health day is time that can be used to take a break from an overwhelming situation in or out of the office. Earned days out could mean your staff can opt to work longer, four days out of the week, and take the fifth one off.  

You never know what’s going on in a team member’s life that could require them to be out of the office. Providing them additional time enables them to handle their affairs, recharge, and return to work, ready to perform well. 

Childcare Services

If your workforce comprises parents, offering childcare services can provide the support they need. Daycare provider services are expensive and not always easy to find. If your team members could send their children to an onsite facility for free, it would help them save time and money. If your establishment or budget isn’t large enough to have childcare onsite, you can always consider paying a portion of their out-of-pocket expenses at a nearby daycare center. 

Transportation Assistance

The cost of gas prices has caused many financial problems. You can support your team members by offering various transportation assistance options. For example, an EV charging station for employees with electric vehicles provides significant savings and convenience. If you’re worried about commercial EV charging costs, it’s an investment that will pay for itself. 

For those with fuel-powered vehicles, you can offer gas gift cards to reduce their out-of-pocket costs. Lastly, offering free or discounted bus tickets or rideshare services can ensure employees without reliable transportation can make it work daily.  If you have the money, you could consider investing in company vehicles for individuals with long commutes, work in the field, or frequently travel for business. 

Adequate Resources And Tools

How easy is it for your team members to perform their jobs? Although they rely on their education, skills, and experience, employees are more productive when they have the right resources and tools. Make their jobs more manageable and increase productivity by ensuring they have what they need. 

Whether it’s updated computing devices, new software, or ergonomic furniture, it streamlines processes, eases team member stress, and enhances performance. How do you know what tools and resources your team members need? Just ask. They’re more than willing to provide ideas and suggestions to make their jobs easier. 

Your team members work hard, which is ultimately why your company is where it is today. More than salaries and health benefits, they deserve your support and appreciation. Employers that invest in supporting their teams cultivate a workplace environment that motivates and encourages everyone to put their best foot forward. Don’t wait until you get a negative rating on a survey or start losing top talent to make a difference. Start giving your team the support they deserve.

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