Practical Tips for Businesses to Make the Most Out of Black Friday

As a business, Black Friday can be a great day for you. Businesses can benefit hugely from Black Friday, and Black Friday 2020 is looking to be potentially even more lucrative than previous Black Friday seasons. Especially if you’ve never done a Black Friday sale before, you need to know how to make the most out of it. Here are some tips to make the most out of Black Friday for your business.

1. Decide Between One-Day and Multi-Day Promotions

Traditionally, Black Friday has been a one-day promotion. However, there’s nothing stopping you from making Black Friday last longer than just Friday. Many businesses, including some of the most well-known businesses out there, utilize the entire post-Thanksgiving weekend for extremely high discounts, and you can choose to follow in their footsteps.

2. Utilize Both Online and In-Person Shopping

Especially with worries of COVID-19, many people won’t be shopping Black Friday in person this year. To take the best advantage of Black Friday, you’ll want to utilize online shopping discounts for your customers. Even if you don’t have an online storefront right now, it’s easier than ever to set one up, and it just might pay off.

3. Add a Special Black Friday Section to Your Site

When people visit your website, they’re probably going to want to look for Black Friday deals, especially in the lead-up to the holiday. If you can add a Black Friday section to your website, especially if you’re able to make it prominent, people will navigate to that area first, making them even more likely to take advantage of your deals.

4. Assume That You’ll Need More Time for Shipping

You’re not the only one who will be offering Black Friday discounts and deals this year. Plenty of other websites will also offer Black Friday savings this year. With the extra load of shipping needs combined with the COVID-19 crisis, you should certainly assume that it will take longer than normal to ship products, and you should tell your customers as such.

5. Test Your Checkout Processes

Before Black Friday actually rolls around, you may want to put in a few “test orders” through your online website. With these test orders, you’ll be able to notice any potential concerns in your checkout process, which may include everything from crucial errors that prevent the order from going through to annoyances that may cause a potential customer to stop their order.

6. Market Appropriately Before Black Friday Rolls Around

You want people to know that you’re doing Black Friday sales. It’s always best to start your Black Friday marketing about a week or two before Black Friday, especially if you’re marketing largely online. However, if you’re planning to utilize options like direct mail, which will typically take much more time to prepare, you’ll want to start around the beginning of November.


Making the most out of Black Friday doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor. In fact, for many businesses, Black Friday is just a day where sales are more prominent than they typically are. As long as you’re willing to offer those sales more prominently and make sure your customers know about them, you’ll be well on your way to profiting dramatically from Black Friday 2020.

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