Recovering Unauthorized Travel Expenses from Employees

No matter how large your company becomes, a budget is a budget. You didn’t manage to gain success and promote growth in your business by allowing frivolous expenses to go unchecked – and you aren’t about to start now. You also aren’t about to allow employees to dictate how company expenses are spent against your expressed guidelines.

No matter how stringent you may be regarding the issue of employee spending on business trips or any travel that can be linked to your company, people will try to take advantage. If your employees have spent extra money while travelling, it’s time for you to recuperate your losses. The best way to do so is to contact an employee debt resolution expert specializing in employee reimbursement collection. 

How Do Unauthorized Travel Expenses Occur?

It’s probably more straightforward than you might expect for an employee to charge a company for unauthorized expenses while on a business trip. Any time a company account is provided to an employee, there’s usually an opportunity to take advantage. 

One of the easiest ways an employee can spend company money without permission occurs when they possess a company credit card. While more significant and unusual expenses are more manageable for your accounts department to discover on a credit card expense bill, smaller purchases – especially those that coincide with authorized purchases – are more challenging to notice. 

Another way that employees tend to get away with making unauthorized purchases happens when they charge authorized items to a company account, such as meal or drink expenses at a hotel or on an airplane. Your company may have authorized comfortable accommodations at a quality hotel, but they didn’t authorize an expensive night of cocktails at the hotel bar or an upgrade to a luxury suite. 

When to Get Help Recovering Your Funds?

If you’ve lost money from a former employee that has charged unauthorized travel expenses to your company, you should contact an employee debt collection specialist as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the longer your employee goes without repayment, the more of a challenge it can be to recover your money. That said, an experienced collection agency can handle your case carefully and ensure your income returns quickly. 

Skip Tracing

When you work with a team specializing in employee reimbursement collection solutions, you won’t have to worry about tracking down employees who no longer work for your company but still owe it money. Today’s debt recovery professionals utilize the advantages of a skip-tracing department to find the delinquent employee in question. 

Ethical Interactions

When you’re looking for a collection agency to partner with for the recovery of employee debts, the first thing you’ll want to look for is a high standard of ethical conduct. Not only is this a good idea because it will ensure you treat the delinquent in question respectfully, but it will also ensure you follow the appropriate legal practices when it comes to debt collection. 

When you need to recover unauthorized travel expenses from an employee, it’s time to get help from debt recovery experts. Contact a collection agency with experience in employee reimbursement collections. 

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