List of Best Shoes Manufacturers in China

What we will be looking at?

  • Where the prime shoemakers are located in China?
  • Checklist of best shoemakers in China for bulk sale purposes.
  • What are the factors to be considered when buying shoes in bulk directly from China’s manufacturing unit?

Let’s pay a close look at the how and why one will need to sell shoes in bulk quantities right from China and the eminently shoe manufacturers in china in a checklist.

The share of the market of the footwear industry is rising with the recent trends that have been increasing tremendously. The footwear consists of all sorts of fashion or other shoe types.

Shoes and Footwear market-share has been considered as the second most significant sector of the fashion industry that falls right after clothing and fashion apparel.

The overhead costs and revenue stream

Revenue in China Footwear amounts to around US 62 billion dollars in 2018. The market has been growing at a steady pace and according to CAGR, a 4.8% annual increment is expected.

It is assumed to reach over the US $71 billion by 2021. The United States of America generated a revenue of US $ 85 billion in 2018.

Hence now it is possible to imagine the scale of footwear and shoe sector and its ever-increasing market share. There are some major brands of shoes such as Adidas and Nike which do have a production facility in countries like China.

Another surprising fact is that all of the shoes worn in the world have somewhere or the other has been at least processed or gone through shoe manufacturers in china.

As also the country due to its massive population, it used that as their strengths and converted it into a massive workforce and helped the world and customers with the demanded products across the globe.

1. The prime shoe production houses in China

This article entirely focuses on enlisting the prime areas of shoe production in China. These may include the Jinjiang, Dongguan, Chengdu, and Wenzhou. These are tactically advantageous to the company and are based in all of China and other leading nations helping for making available all kinds of products.

a. Dongguan

This place is based in the province of Guangdong and is a house for 1800 production units in the vicinity. While on the other hand, the company originates around 70 percent of the overall shoes produced in China.

Also, this place is having the possession of the land where the yearly Canton carnival which is successful in attracting a staggering count of footfalls of customers and visitors-markets.

b. Jinjiang

Jinjiang is a province of Fuji which has been taking into consideration of the topmost quality tech and latest technologies and machinery in their footwear production.

Also, is better known as the capital of Shoes in China as one of the finest and superb quality shoes making company is based in China such as

  • 361
  • X-step
  • ERKE
  • Anta and more.

c. Wenzhou

Wenzhou is the house to somewhat 3000 shoemaking companies. They are offering local demand for China’s shoes.

Sichuan provinces Chengdu is to the China west direction and is not that populous. They don’t particularize in any footwear types but make sure they have enough to offer to the people of the globe and it successfully brings about USD 10 billion in sales every year.

2. What’s the best place to seek the finest Shoe producers in China?

To be honest there are numerous kinds of techniques to seek the ideal shoe producers in a massive country like China and the online and wholesale directories of footwear and shoe distributors and producers.

The first name to be enlisted in Canton carnival. This is more of a get together of some potential footwear makers in the fashion expo. It offers a great variety of bulk buyers and an exhaustive range of shoe collection

These may include shoes such as

  • Ladies shoes
  • Gents shoes
  • Leather shoes
  • Old School sneakers
  • Smart leather professional shoe
  • Hiking shoes
  • Trekking shoes
  • Running shoes
  • Gym and workout shoes
  • Occasional classic shoes

3. List of best shoemakers in China

a. Saiqi Sports

This shoe manufacturing company has been in the field for more than two and a half decades. The company was founded in 1992.

The company has a professional approach towards products offered as the expert team of developers to provide the best in class goods and services in all types of sportswear, sports accessories, and sports shoes.

As the company has multiple manufacturing units present across all over the country, the company can make up to 12 million shoe pairs and over 4 million sportswear shoes annually.

The company has in a row won the “Famous China Brand” and is a government accredited company. This company has undertaken the production contract from the house of Sketchers, Walt Disney, Fila and many more.

The company exports its supreme quality products to South East Asia, Asia, the US, and Europe. A great shoe manufacturer in china.

b. China Shoe Factory

This company is a subsidiary brand of Range Cover. The organization is into the making of personalized shoes in China with a rich blend of patterns and designs.

They focus more on designing a product that makes exuberant sneakers and shoes for women and men, hiking and running shoes. Also, with the underlying MOQ of over 200 different pairs of shoes and an executive library layout on the pattern which can do a whole lot more than one can expect.

Besides the fact that the company has an expert team of quality control litigation and 6 months of quality surety. The products are also easily available on Alibaba and communication with dealers with assured trade assistance. Said to be the among greatest shoe factories in china.

c. OLICOM Shoes

The supreme quality shoe manufacturing in china is and has been in great demand right from the day company opened its gates for customer wearable shoes. The company has a rich success story and a history of more than 2 decades.

Olio is a giant success in the shoe manufacturing industry. Olio just does not make classic shoes but also is into manufacturing of shoes such as

  • injection shoes
  • hiking shoes
  • woven shoes
  • Sports shoes
  • Casual shoes

Also, the other kind of footwear that the company is manufacturing are

  • boots
  • slippers
  • sandals
  • skateboard shoes
  • roller shoes &
  • flip flops

The Olio shoe manufacturing company has a yearly revenue of over USD 18 billion the previous year.

The company’s products are available to be purchased by the customer on platforms such as Global sources, Trade key, and Alibaba. These companies are the eminent market distributor of shoes amid the known Business to Business (B2B) platforms.

d. Yue Yuen Footwear

Yue Yuen is believed to be one of the greatest companies in terms of size and company growth numbers.

Alongside the company stands ideally as the biggest distributor and maker of brand settlement footwear and shoes in China itself. Yue Yuen is known as an eminent and trusted identity when it comes to authentic footwear and shoes in China. A famous company which is even more or the further possibility of the company known for

  • Puma
  • Under Armor
  • Nike
  • Timberland
  • Adidas
  • Reebok

The company is involved in the production of best quality exuberant sandals and shoes along with branded accessories.

The company on the other hand is and as always have been trying to make efforts to get into the retail as well as wholesale sectors which I based in the brand stores and also deal with third party shoes on a bulk sale basis.

e. AMC Shoes

The AMC brand of shoes is not just into selling and marketing of footwear but also in the production of best quality products and concentrates mostly on development, sale of kids, women’s shoes.

The company has over 2 decades of experience in development and designing and dealing with all kinds of footwear for all sorts of age groups. The company provides ODM and OEM personalization of shoes.

So, it does not matter if you have just begun your footwear business hence you can get in touch with the company for personalized products for yourself.

The exuberant client of the company are as follows

  • Michael Kors
  • Aldo
  • Zara
  • Guess

So, with this highly detailed information, one can surely understand why this company is out of line (supreme grade) varying from other contenders in the market at present.

f. XUJUN Shoes

The Xijun wearable particularizes in supreme quality fashion shoes. Also, the various other brands that the company has a grand control due to it being manufactured from whole grain leather of cow scrap men shoes, casual shoes, suede shoes, flat shoes, boots, and loafers, etc.,

The company moreover is based in Dongguan town of China and is pretty well known for handmade shoes across the nation.

Also, the extraordinary capacity of the local shoemakers cannot be overlooked as they produce 85 thousand pairs in just one week. Among much-reputed shoe factories in china.

Material selection and Quality control are the sectors the Xunjun stressed too much on so to offer their customers extremely comfy shoes which are also stylish on the other hand.

The company also is having an indulgence in offering the OEM and ODM services to help them with one of a kind (unique) products as per their wish.

g. Hangzhou Jason Trading

The trading company of Hangout Jason is quite a compulsive footwear brand which particularly focuses most on offering the best quality footwear products such as

  • sandals
  • boots
  • flat shoes &
  • slippers

Also, the major sectors where the company has huge control over the market is

  • Western Europe
  • Middle east
  • South Africa &
  • United States of America

The positive brand perception of the company has helped the company in getting a good response and reviews from the customers which let the organization bag international market recognition.

And that is the very reason why the company can see a lot of positive changes in overall sales every consecutive year.

h. Xiamen Biyate Trading

The Xiamen had its foundation stone laid in 2006 in the vicinity of Fujian, Xiamen and hence the name.

Also, the Xiamen Trading Biyate is a footwear making company in China, Alos the company has three products which are the key reason for the customer preference and along with the products at the present moment which includes

  • LED Shoes
  • Sports shoes
  • Rain boots
  • Umbrella shoes
  • slippers
  • stock shoes
  • sandals
  • Canvas shoes &
  • clogs

The company has a presence online on Alibaba which has agreed for consent for the trade assurance. Also, the lowest minimum order quantity can be quite high for most shoe types. Also, there are a great number of shoe manufacturers across the country as one will have to wait up for some time and a minimum quantity of one thousand to ten thousand pairs per single order.

i. Chang Feng Shoes

Initially, the Cheng Feng footwear is a company that is based in China, Guangdong. The company has a brilliant conception of the production of heightened shoes.

As with the manufacturing capacity of 5 lac shoe pairs per year and also the company has been accountable for the shoe products exports to countries such as East Asian nations, Africa, America and a great number of western countries.

The quality and comfort of such heightened shoes is something that has brought a good amount of repo in the shoe manufacturing sector. Also, a brand new and fresh concept of shoes has been coming into existence and is definitely worth the wait for footwear markets globally.


It is suggested for any individual who is interested in the shoe industry to take a close look at what stands as the eminent shoes making rules and regulations of the nation an individual is interested to do business with.