Are Air Jordan made in China?

Air Jordans has surpassed all  social and economic spectrum owing to its popularity. There is an overwhelming fuzz about of owing a pair of Jordans since it’s release till now, remains unabated.  

The famous brand Air Jordan is named after the famous athlete Michael Jordan, who helped securing Chicago Bulls NBA championship six times and the silhouette of Micheal Jordon inspired “jump man” logo for the brand.

Air Jordon were first created for the basketball player Michael Jordon in 1984. Air Jordan are produced by Nike, an American Multinational corporation but Air Jordan are manufactured in China. Because of the availability of rebranded or unbranded copies of the shoes at cheap prices rose the confusion surrounding the question “are jordans made in china”?

See, there are many fake copies of original products manufactured and available all over the world. If you want to buy original Air Jordans buy from Nike store and know how much jordans cost.

The actual authentic mass production of Air Jordan is done in China, as there are two main plants based in China. This is the answer to are jordans made in china.

Since, it introduction, the brand has become one of the most preferred product in the shoe making industry. Nike has launched a series of Air Jordon versions with every pair engineered with great details keeping in mind the comfortablility, high quality and attractiveness in design. It falls under the category of luxurious brand. No other company has benefited as much as Nike.

Nike is the world’s largest producer and supplier of athletic shoes, athletic wear and sports equipments. Market share of Nike in the sports footwear industry stood at 22.9% four years back.

The astonishing rise in demand is attributed mainly to rise in fitness enthusiasts and health consciousness among the population. It is this share of population that popularizes athletic footwear as a style looking for robust and comfortable foot wears while carrying out fitness exercises.

Growth in consumer’s willingness to purchase such product, efficient supply chain and increased purchasing power has driven the world athletic footwear market. It is important to note that the brand is most sought after despite the fact that it falls under the category of Luxury products.

This make you question, how much are Air Jordans? Or how much do Air Jordans cost?

Air Jordan enjoys avid fandom among all the type of costumers.  Although it is expensive than most brands, It has transcended its status of just being a brand. It has replaced brands like Reebok, Converse, Adidas, etc.

It is beyond the shadow of doubt that these are best selling sneaker in the world.

Some of the most expensive pair of Air Jordan includes.

  • Air Jordon 12 (Flu Game) – 104,000 USD
  • Air Jordon 12OVO – 100,000 USD
  • Air Jordan 2 OG – 31,000 USD
  • Air Jordan 1 (black and Gold) – 25,000 USD
  • Air Jordan 11 (blackout) – 21,780 USD
  • Air Jordan 10 OVO – 20,000 USD
  • Air Jordan XVII – 11,267 USD
  • Air Jordan – 10,000 USD

This is an answer to how much do air jordans cost.

how much are air jordan

After knowing how much does it cost to make jordans you would know that these are bit pricey, with some amounting thousands of dollars but still people are dying to purchase them.

Despite knowing how much are Air Jordon, then what is the fuzz about possessing a pair of Air Jordan. For some, pair of Air Jordan denotes a legacy of generations of basketball, every pair of shoes narrates a different story of accomplishment for them.

For them, it the most prized possession, some buy these to not to wear but to collect as a treasure. Frenzy is profound among non-basketball lovers too. They have other reasons to buy them, one being people spend thousands of dollars to buy branded products, some buy these costly pair of shoes as they have immense brand loyalty.

Psychology of people equipped to strike down any rational thought and convince that more expensive something is, the better is quality. Studies stated that low self-esteem play a huge role in purchase of expensive luxury goods. Luxury good helps in increasing one’s self-esteem.

It also amounts for sense of accomplishment by buying something which is otherwise out of reach for them. People purchase luxury product to show it off or to gain approval from others.

After knowing the selling price of Air Jordan, it become important to know how much does it cost to make Jordans. How much Jordans cost will give you an idea how much money Nike is making out of each pair of shoes?

We don’t know the real cost of making a pair of Air Jordon but we can make a guess as per the information available. As per the reports, the cost of production that Nike undertakes to make a pair of Air Jordan is around or can be more than 16 USD.

The price of Air Jordan listed on the online selling platform shows 250 USD to 550 USD. By this simple math, it would definitely be an understatement if one say’s that Nike is making profits. This is an extremely, overwhelmingly and extraordinary large margin on each pair of Jordans.

The luxury brand like air Jordan depicts that price of the shoes depends more on the popularity of the shoes than the actual cost involved.


So this was the compelte article on how much are air jordan and are jordans made in china. If you have any query related to how much are air jordans then you can mention it in the comments.