10 Epic Small Business Shop ideas That You Must Try in 2024

With the pandemic surge, 2021 has been a very troublesome year. The economies failed and left people to survive without jobs. A few people left their 9 to 5 jobs and started their businesses. Not today, but somewhere or sometime in your life, you might have given a thought. Well, this article will give you small Store ideas.

If you are from a small city, you can still do great. The small cities are bustling with so many opportunities that will take off! You need to find the same. You can invest in small businesses that make good money. By the end of the article, you will have shop ideas to earn more. 

The article gives you 10 different small shop ideas that you should give a try.

10 Small Business Shop Ideas

1. Apparel Store

People today want to have a stylish wardrobe. They want to have the latest design on them. The demand for a good clothing line will never go out of demand. It will always be a profitable business.

Phil Knight initially started Nike while he was working as an accountant. He imported his first shoes from a sneaker company in Japan, and today, it is a leading brand. Phil might have never thought that among his small store ideas, this could be so successful.

You just need to take courage to start your own business. Owning an apparel line and providing chic, trendy styles is one of the popular ideas for the store. Try it today!

2. Book Writing And Publishing Store

Publishing or writing a book brings knowledge and also teaches basic finance management. You can always publish a book with very less investment on board. It is one of the small businesses that make good money.

Nevertheless, don’t lose heart. Starting a business without experience can be problematic, but you can cover it in the long run. Many students in universities take writing books as a part-time job. You can always help them publish books.

Lately, e-books have been doing great. You can publish your books and earn a good amount. The other trendy app is the Wattpad. People write stories, and readers pay to know the entire story. The ideas for the store can always be adventurous and new.

3. Coffee Shop and Catering

You might think this idea is like merging two perspectives. True, it is! If you have enough space, you can start your coffee shop. If you are in geography, where it is hot most of the time, you can add juices and shakes to your shop.

If you already have a coffee shop and want to draw in more cash, combine it with a catering service. There has to be someone getting born, getting married, or celebrating their special moments throughout the year. 

A happy human always invites another human into their happiness. You, as a catering service, can always take such orders and have extra cash going in. In the wedding season, you will earn a lot! The periodic birthdays will fill your pockets until then.

Combining two similar shop ideas can create small businesses that make good money.

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4. Pet Grooming Business Store

Believe me or not! Pet grooming is a $90 billion industry in the United States. From the data, you might have understood that there is at least one small boarding or grooming shop in every town. The statistics tell that in 1988, there were 56% households with pets, and in 2016, the graphs went as high as 66%. Almost 80 million people in the United States own a pet. 

A recommendation to you is to start your pet grooming or boarding business. It is listed in the small store ideas that will never cease.

Even if you own a pet, you might not consider taking your pet two towns away. Buying them food, clothes or toys is also important. Getting them proper medicines or grooming them is tedious and regular work. If you plan properly, you can make most of these small business store ideas.

5. Putting Up A Vape Shop

Look around; you will always see someone smoking. There are occasional and regular smokers. Have you ever considered turning people’s habits into our business? Well, now is the time to think.

With very low investment, you can open a single or a chain of vape shops. It could be one of your small businesses that make good money niche. Do proper research, and you can start your business. Don’t fall back due to lack of motivation. Quartz reported that Yelp has 10,591 vape shops. If you do an easy calculation and consider each shop earns $100, the entire market is making 41,059,100 dollars business. You can start your chain service at different stops. 

There is nothing better than these small business store ideas that require small investments with huge profits.

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6. Bakery And Confectionery

“Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” if you’re a foodie, bakery and confectionery are among the best shop ideas. 

If you are a homemaker and have relevant taste in food, this is the right business for you. Serving your neighbors on their special occasions through a cake is a good income idea. You can set up your small store, or you can partner up with food delivery apps. You can take the order, and the food partner will pick it from you. In lack of space, you can make partnerships with any food app. 

Sending smiles through food is a great small business store idea. You can add up your bakery shop with confectionery and experiment with the sweetness of flavor. If you have the taste, you can do it.

7. Opening Up A thrift Store

There is no town on this planet where kids don’t grow up and move to schools. All the households have things that they don’t use, while the others crave for it. You can help people of both notions with your thrift shop. You can collect unwanted items from people and give them to those who want them. Recycling is a helpful process.

Every neighborhood has that extra furniture, clothes, baby cradles, etc., that they want to get rid of but can’t. Your thrift store as a small business store idea can be helpful and purposeful. 

You can also collect discarded books from the neighborhood and open a public library. Who doesn’t like to read all the comics? 

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8. Tutoring Services

Almost every child in the neighborhood wants assistance in their homework. While the parents are away, there is no one to guide them, and such brilliant kids can lose track. With your tutor service, you can sharpen young minds.  

You might have a favorite subject where you excelled in school. Now, this is the time when you can brush up on your knowledge to start tutoring kids. Buy the board and marker to start your business. 

I’m sure—Geeks and bookworms will love these shop ideas.

9. Car Washing Store

If you are too mechanic, I mean if you love cars. It is the small businesses that make good money-type business for you! If you are paying for your car insurance, make sure your car is worth the love it deserves. Keep them clean and shiny. If your town doesn’t have a few car washing stores, you can also open up a car washing service store. 

What you need to keep in mind is the location! The location is what matters. So, bring in the workers and the detergents that make the cars shiny and polished. And, get started now!

This business will never flop because people won’t stop buying vehicles, and their vehicles will get dirty periodically. This idea will keep your cash coming.

10. Gym And Exercise Store

Have you ever thought of opening a gym and then dropped the idea? Well, you need to re-think it. When the Olympics are at their peak, people are changing their outlook towards games. Everybody wants to be sportsmen or proud parents of Olympic winners.

But, what does winning require? It’s intensive training. If you are in a place where the studio can work well in a natural environment, you can start your fitness boutique now. It is the hot trend of 2021. Nobody is looking for those boring-lined treadmills and weight lifting equipment.

If you have space, you can hire a yoga instructor. People chasing flexibility will be inclined to your fitness boutique.


You will find a lot of small store ideas or shop ideas on Google. In this article, with every new business idea for the store, a varied idea is presented. Choosing among them is hard. First things first, you have to do proper research of the location, the people’s choice and then you have to start your business. 

You cannot, crazily, chase small businesses idea that makes good money. Do proper research and time investment until you enjoy the returns. Hope this article invokes in you the business idea you had been chasing for. If you find any small interesting store ideas, you know where to write!

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