Simple Tips to Improve Google Presence  for Contracting Businesses

You can amplify your virtual presence on Google to enhance the awareness of your contracting services by using simple marketing techniques. Google provides a plethora of tools that can help raise your conversion rate and make it easier for your customers to learn more about what your contracting business has to offer. Here are some straightforward approaches that can help get you noticed online and potentially increase your long-term business success.

Focus on Local Customers

It is far easier to attract local customers than it is to try and get customers from across the nation. Additionally, there will always be customers seeking help from contractors in your area, especially when the busy seasons begin. Local SEO is also more cost-effective because narrowed-down targeting can get your website noticed by the type of customers you are seeking.

A more targeted audience makes it easier for you to get a higher return on investment (ROI) because you will spend less money and time on vague ads to get a greater return. Instead of marketing to your entire state and broadening your campaign, try to make a specific ad campaign that appeals to your local community.

You can create a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign that directly targets a specific demographic or subset of people you believe will be more likely to become customers. This can be based on various factors you see among customers who have already used your services.

PPC campaigns are convenient because they help you get the word out about your company. They do so by placing your company at the top of the Google search results page when specific keywords are entered. You don’t pay for your ad until a customer clicks on it. Additionally, you can tweak your campaign to apply more targeted keywords to prevent clicks from non-serious buyers.

Google Reviews

When customers discover your business online, they may not know much about you. You can have Google Reviews right below your address to show customers how great your services are, and you can give your customers future discounts for leaving a positive review.

This also gives you the opportunity to use their review as a testimonial on your website to help improve trust between you and website visitors. Google Reviews help customers decide what business they should pick, and if your reviews are great, you may get chosen over your competitors.

SEO Incorporation

You will want search engine optimization (SEO) on all of your content so that your visitors can find the information they are looking for. If your customers have specific contracting needs or specialties, they will find it if you have the necessary keywords to optimize the relevant page.

This makes it convenient for website visitors, as they get the information they need without the trouble of hours of searching for the right company.

Track Conversions

When you run a marketing campaign, it is critical that you track and analyze all of the data. The analytics of your marketing campaign shows you how well you are doing. Your marketing tactics will be successful if you see deeper engagement and higher conversion rates due to your efforts to increase your online presence.

You can develop key performance indicators that help guide you on what marketing strategies work and what doesn’t. For example, instead of simply measuring website traffic, your KPIs may be emails, phone calls, chatbox inquiries, email sign-ups, contact information forms completed, and more.

Create GMB Posts and Email Newsletters

Most people that visit your website will leave without interacting with you at all. This is normal across all industries. To help capture some of these leads, you can create a GMB post or email newsletter to help keep your customers engaged. They will eventually convert if they need your services at a later date.

GMB posts will attract new customers to your page because they are looking for beneficial information and GMB posts make your services easy to find. Sometimes potential customers want to browse around and don’t make a decision, they had a bad experience with another company and want to try someone new, or they simply are forgetful and don’t remember your company. Whatever the reason, you can still be in the back of their minds through your email newsletter marketing.

Additional Tips for Improving Google Presence for Contracting Companies

In addition to incorporating roofing SEO on your website, consider creating a very in-depth blog to help educate your customers. The more insightful and reliable you appear, the more engaged your customers will be. Customers can remember you for being educated and experienced based on the knowledge you provide.

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