Top 13 Confectionery Manufacturers in The World

Making confectionery most sounds like a serious task to most, the manufacturing companies, however, strive hard to maintain the quality and taste.

So let’s take a look at the leading confectionery producing companies popular globally

1. Mondelez International Inc.

This company is renowned for its fine chocolate products that are consumed around the world by the heavy number of chocolate admirers. Also additionally the company has stopped with its production of Hershey which was once in great demand and a huge conglomerate known globally for its top-rated chocolate products.

The company initially offered a staggering 23 USD billion for acquiring Hershey. But the company refused the offer. So with the upright declination of an offer by Hershey, Mondelez ranks as the top chocolate manufacturers in the world.

Also, this is an MNC which was founded in 2008. At present comprises some of the renowned food companies across the globe like Milka, Oreo, TUC, Cadbury & Toblerone.

The company has its business operations in over 80 nations worldwide making a whopping profit of USD 35 million annually. Well, renowned sweets companies are known for the chocolate it manufactures.

2. Arcor Grupo

The Grupo Arcor was found in 1951 which was particularly famous for the sweet products and tasty confectionery. The company has its massive production units in over 40 Latin nations.

And also has a wide distribution network all across the world. An Argentine cluster with being operating and continuously try to expand and grow in a transparent market, and is responsible for production, supply and export to more than 118 countries.

3. Haribo Inc.

This is a Germany based confectionery manufacturing company long established in the year 1920. This confectionery and sweet manufacturing company particularised in jelly candies and is recognized by elegant and attractive shapes and vivid sizes.

The company successfully manages to run and administer a distribution network for marketing its confectionery based products globally, at present expanding exponentially in Asia.

Also, this company quite recently has launched its manufacturing unit in the UK, Brazil and a few more countries to be exact. Haribo Inc also possesses Europe’s biggest presence with promising figures which indicates the consistent familiarity of the brand among the ones who reside in London, Great Britain. Said to be one of the largest chocolate companies at present.

4. Perfetti Van Melle

Perfetti Van Melle is among the many Italian confectionery companies. It has its origin in Italy. The company was established in 2001. Additionally, the company has seen a remarkable upward trend in terms of growth and development and a promising number of sales indicate that this confection company has been thriving ever since its inception.

Perfetti Van independently owns more than thirty sub-companies.

Its massive demand for the products is catered efficiently with the help of a smartly designed network system for the proper distribution of confectionery products.

It is responsible for the mass and tasty production of confectionery items like famous and most demanded products such as Fruitella, Smint, Mentos & Chupa Chups.

5. Lindt & Sprungli

The  Lindt & Sprungli is a Switzerland based company. This chocolate is into the making of superb quality chocolate products. The company was established in 1845.

Popularly is renowned for the truffles. But now known for smooth circular chocolates packed in a hard shell. Over the years, there has been a substantial fall in the overall demand for the products due to some of the other reasons.

Though the sales dropping down to a great extent, the company still manages to sustain its familiarity among the countries such as Australia, Europe, whereupon Lindt ice creams are available for consumption among the customers. Acclaimed to be the biggest chocolate company in the world.

6. Hershey Co.

The company was founded in the year 1894. It is acclaimed to be one of the greatest confectionery makers throughout the US. The Hershey Co is popular for the Kisses and Reese edition, and for the same edition, the company became even more popular among the consumers all around the world.

Although the ranking of this confectionery manufacturing company has fallen over the last couple of years, still it is listed among the most renowned brands for confectionery around the globe.

7. Meiji Co.

As could be understood from its name ‘Meiji’ comes from Japan. Meiji Co. was established in the year 1916. Majorly in the initial stage, the company did manufacture medical goods and services, apparatus.

Also, a popular maker of sweets, although later recognized as the originator of Yan Yan and Hello which was a huge success in the market. The company has different sources of income.

The sources may include income from medicine and consumable products. Being involved in such a mega-sized business for so long, the company without fail is listed among the top rankers for the organization that is best known for its superb chocolate products preferred by all its customers across the world.

8. Ferrero Group

The Ferrero Group is a company that originates from Italy. Talking about the numbers, it is the third greatest maker of confectionery globally. Moreover, as also the company dates back to its establishment in 1946. Hence making it a company that is nearing the age of 100 years.

This company was the first to introduce the world that the creamy products it manufactures could be blended with hazelnut.

This is usually to be found the product in renowned Ferrero Rocher chocolate. All credits to the tasty products like the Nutella, Kinder line, etc. The company maintains the confidentiality of all the recipes which makes it globally known and famous for the top line chocolate products globally. Among the biggest chocolate companies making the best sweet products internationally.

9. Nestlé

Nestlé is a brand that comes from Switzerland, the house to delicacies and flavor. This company likewise specializes in food & beverage products. The company has a long history as being established way back in the year 1866. Popular for the most lovable products ever introduced to the world such as Nesquik, Maggi, Nespresso and Kit Kat.

Also, this company is acclaimed to be the greatest organization across the globe valued for its income stream it makes. Additionally, very famous for taking over mega-sized companies and has successfully labeled itself as a contender to namely any business in any sector.

10. Mars Inc

This brand is of American origin and is the biggest candy company. It was founded in 1911. It has traveled a pretty long way becoming more powerful day by day with its lip-smacking and tasty sweet products.

It makes a few renowned products such as Snickers, Galaxy, Skittles, M&M and how one could forget the tasty Mars Bars. In terms of ranking, it is the sixth in the confectionery sector. Mars Inc. is a private company or American origin. Typically the top-rated organization in the confectionery sector.

11. Cadbury

This company is one of the most preferred confectionery brands across the globe. Also, this company is a contender for superior brands like Nestle. Stands as one of the leading chocolate companies known for its authentic taste and rich ingredient content. Also, it is even in high demand during festive occasions.

The company also without fail, has made efforts to make its mark of a supreme quality product over such a long existence, the quality has remained the same.

It is just the packaging that keeps getting updated and better with time. Also a leader in offering the most preferred chocolate brands among the customers present throughout the world.

12. Bake mate

Bake mate is an eminent market leader of food products and a major exporter confectioneries and savories such as chocolates and biscuits and everything else that comes in between.

As the manufacturing units are there present in multiple geographical locations it makes it a huge difference by offering good quality sweet products. Also not taking any chances over the nutrition and quality content of the manufactured confectionery products.

It stands as a strong competitor to one of the biggest brands in the confectionery sector. The range of products it manufactures can range from chocolate, waffles, sweet bread, and sweet confectioneries.

This company is into everything that falls in the category of savories & confectionery. Moreover, it’s production unit is also asserted to be one of the most massive in size production units throughout the world.

13. Dukes

Alongside the 15 best food production units and the latest inclusion of confectionery production unit which is only intended for production of chocolate and confectionery products, the company makes use of the most updated technologies and machinery.

These machinery have been imported from foreign countries along with the entire unit being designed and planned according to international companies for the efficient production of sweet products and confectioneries.

With the growing market share, it can be taken that the company will be having an ensured scope of growth and development over the coming years.

As with the smart tactic of manufacturing plants it has been establishing a few of its production units in underdeveloped areas. Dukes is striving hard to ensure prolonged brand existence with all the possible marketing and strategic measures.


The above mentioned 13 companies are the best when it comes to chocolate and confectionery products. These companies have managed to stay a topper in the list due to their consistency in quality and taste in products they manufacture.