Top 10 Italian Best Handbag Brands in the World

The Italian bag brands of finest quality handbags are the ones which have quite a good repo in the market with an international presence which is driven by huge Italian brands of handbags

Best 10 Italian leather companies

1. Armani

An eminent market Italian purse brand in the manufacturing and production of hand made leather bags, Armani is one of the best Italian leather brands in the world. The company has a worldwide presence and has been deemed as the producer of top of the line leather handbag.

This renowned handbag entity was established in the year 1975 through Armani, Giorgio and is headquartered in Italy, Milan. The chain of eminent Italian bag company in the year 2017 was having an annual turnover of USD 4 billion.

Moreover, the company has more than 2003 brand stores in more than 35 nations and has 7 active sub-brands in the international market. It is said that this brand is one of the top-notch handbag companies manufactured in Italy.

Annual Revenue: USD 4 billion.

2. Dolce & Gabbana

Also known as D & G, Dolce and Gabbana are one of the highly reputed and famous Italian handbag brands originating from Italy. This renowned handbag company was found in 1985 via Stefano Gabbana & Domenico Dolce.

This company has its headquarters in Italy. This international Italian leather handbag company was assumed to have a total revenue of USD 1.5 billion in the year 2k17. All in all the company and has a huge workforce of employees that is numbered about 4200 across the globe. The Italian origin leather handbag brand, D&G has numerous sub-brands which have a presence in various countries such as:-

1. New York

2. Hong Kong

3. São Paulo

4. Tokyo &

5. Shanghai

Annual Turnover: USD 1.5 billion.

3. Furla

This Italian purses brand producing company has a global presence and is believed to be the best Italian leather handbag brand in the world. While the company has secured itself in the prestigious and reputed list of best leather handbag brands of Italian origin.

This Italian leather handbag manufacturing company was started in 1926 through a family Furalnetto in Italy and has its chief business operations in Bologna/ The Italian leather handbag company dominates the market in 5 major countries such as:

1. USA

2. China

3. France

4. Japan

5. Korea

This legitimate leather handbag brand has a total count of brand stores about 458 across the globe.

And also this Italian leather goods producing company is blessed with a strong distribution channel handled by a team of logistics experts which enable the circulation of branded goods and services.

On the other hand, one cannot forget how this Italian leather company rules the market through a huge number of departmental multiple-brand POS (point of sales) stores spread across the whole wide world.

This company shot up to the sky of success in just no time. This company eventually turned out to be the top-notch leather handbag producers due to its supreme quality leather goods and services.

Annual revenue: USD 600 mn.

4. Gucci

This company is a brand so respectful that there is hardly anyone in this world who could deny the fact and presence of Gucci as Italian handbag brands. This company is known for its high-quality fashion apparel and other stuff which can be also a result of the best products offered to the customers. On the other hand, makes a number of products such as

1. handbags

2. totes

3. Shoes

4. Leather belts and whatnot.

The brand successfully managed to get to the top 10 list of leather handbag manufacturers of prestigious brands. The company has its headquarters in Italy, Florence. On the other hand, this company successfully has put up some great products and has a yearly revenue of over USD 6 billion in the year 2017.

The company has a presence across the globe with 600 brand stores. The company also is responsible for the huge demand for leather handbags. The company gained a higher brand presence due to Bigtits digital marketing initiative in the year 2016. This offered the Italian leather company social media valuation of over USD60 million and led to a hike of 30% in overall sales.

Annual Sales Revenue: Euro 9.63 billion.

5. Braccialini

This is a well known Italian brand. The company has deep experience in the manufacturing of best quality leather goods and moreover the company is also the market dominance. over the various other brands in the market. Additionally, the company was established by the founder in 1954 by Roberto and Carla.

It was begun as a small startup and just a few associates. And now the company after its huge success has become a market leader in the leather handbag sector. At the present moment, the company also has a presence in over 60 countries. The brand does have 50 brand outlets in 48 countries across the world. This market dominator has one of a kind brand outlets in more than eleven countries. The boutiques are available in countries such as

1. US

2. China

3. France

4. UAE

5. Russia.

6. Greece

So this means that the brand is also a major product in leather to over 70 nations and is affiliated by celebs, eminent and influential personalities.

Total annual revenue: USD 210 Million

6. Fendi

A remarkable leather handbag company is known for exuberant leather products and services across the world. And is a market leader in a similar kind of business sector. The company apart from manufacturing leather handbags does manufacture all other kinds of goods and services that fall in the leather sector.

The brand foundation by Adele in 1925 and now is visible on the top-notch leather product makers in Italy. This company right after its inception has always been in the top 10 list. The yearly revenue of this company is about USD 1.8 billion and has somewhat 250 brand outlets present in the international group of leather handbag manufacturers. The company is pretty well known for the bag collection which began in 1997 and at that time was trading.

Total annual revenue: USD 8 Million

7. Benetton

This is a company which is familiar to almost all youngsters and is one of the eminent market leaders and fashion companies are known for its topmost quality products in the world. Also, the company was founded by Benettpm Luciano and has all the operations controlled right from headquarters based in Italy, Ponzano Veneto.

The brand has quite a strong distribution channel which is led by the experts in logistics and transportation. Also, the company has over 6000 brand stores and is believed to be one of the greatest and most preferred brands when it comes to leather handbags. The company, however, been deemed as a massive giant in the leather industry and has a yearly turnover of USD 3 billion in 2k17. Some say that this company is the first preference among the customers especially when there is a need to buy authentic leather material and other related stuff.

Total Annual Revenue: USD 2 Billion

8. Prada

This brand never went off the list of top 10 manufacturers of leather handbags and is a great brand on the list of best leather producing companies. The Italian leather company was established nu Prada, Mario in the year 1913 as a small-sized leather shop in Italy, Milan. It is deemed as the authentic Italian breed of leather bag companies and has the best nylon tote bags as it bestseller.

This renowned organization has made its mark due to being a quality producer of leather handbags the company made a whopping sales collection of USD 4 billion in the last year and has over 700 brand outlet with over 13000 employees working under the same brand throughout the world.

Total Annual Revenue: USD 4 billion.

9. TOD’s Group

No doubt it’s the leading Italian brand that is both into manufacturing and sales of leather handbags and other leather accessories that the company makes and sells leather goods and other leather-made essentials.

The famous company which was once just a small startup began at a small place in Della Valle in the early 1920s. And the main business operations are headed from the HQ which is based at Sant’Elpidio, Italy. The company can also be deemed as an umbrella corporation that has 4 other sub-brands under its control. The revenue reports that were out later this year indicated that the brand made revenue of USD 1 billion.

Total Revenue: $1 Billion

10. Valentino SpA

This famous leather handbag brand is a must to be included is a top lister across the globe and has a great reputation in the leather products realm. It is known for the top quality leather handbags it manufactures and makes the best quality handbags that are in great demand.

The company was established in 1960, is based in Italy, Rome. The presence of this brand is strongly felt by the competitors due to its best quality leather crafted products and is owned by Qatar LLC Mayhoola Investment. The previous year’s annual revenue was USD 1 billion.

Final words

The international market for finest leather quality handbag has a fierce competition concerning great in demand for top-notch quality handbags from foreign fashion domains. Hence here is the Italian handbags brands list, I hope this helps you well. Thanks for reading.