Targeted Ads: How to Maximize Your Content Marketing ROI

Did you know content marketing generates 3 times more leads than traditional marketing?

But, creating a marketing strategy that generates leads isn’t easy. Most businesses focus on boosting traffic rather than elevating their content marketing ROI.

So, how do you convert a person to a follower? How does a follower become a subscriber and a customer?

To make it easier for you, here are five tips to help you meet your lead generation and conversion goals.

Re-use Content

Content refresh is often underrated. Understand that it isn’t always about uploading fresh content.

So, what happens to your blog post after a year? It either ranks high forever or tanks. Refresh your content or watch your blog sit on page four.

The refresh will involve:

  • Updating stats, figures, and dates.
  • Use new quotes if the old ones have become irrelevant.
  • Correcting any errors.
  • Adding internal links to other pages.
  • Addressing new questions.
  • Finding new keyword opportunities.

Sponsored Content

Your marketing team uploads blog posts daily, yet people aren’t clicking on your landing page.

If you want guaranteed clicks, go vertical. Sponsor companies can help you reach your specific target audience. The perfect sponsor company discusses topics that align with your business.

To make you look trustworthy, pick credible brands. You can look at examples of sponsored content to inspire your campaign strategies.

When done right, sponsored content will help you reach new audiences.

Different Medium

You have refreshed your content and used sponsored ads. Have you thought about expanding your promotion channels?

Most businesses focus on distributing written content. You might be a victim, too.

If you compare, listening to a podcast takes more time than reading a blog post. This means that your prospective customer spends a lot of time with your brand. When you understand this, you will appreciate the need for many mediums in marketing.

Also, videos are great for driving traffic to your site. Invest in good quality videos, something users could want to share.

Consistent Communication

After you have generated leads, how will your audience become customers? How can you convince them to buy your product?

Sending monthly sales e-Blasts and e-Publications keeps your company top of mind. To stand out in a cluttered inbox, ensure your content is valuable to your audience. How will you convince your audience to buy your product now that you have their attention?

Content such as eBooks and promotional videos are great for reaching customers. These materials are shared through the company website, email, and social media.

Check Current Strategies

You have created a content marketing strategy, but is it working?

Conducting regular assessments will help you determine your performance. You will see what strategies work best and what to adjust to improve your marketing efforts.

A/B testing, for instance, will enable you to compare elements of a previous and current campaign. Some of the aspects that could benefit from the evaluation include:

  • Website design
  • Headlines
  • Calls to action
  • Navigation links

Learn How to Maximize Your Content Marketing ROI

Content is effective in shedding light on what your business sells. It is also a great way to offer people answers to their questions, for they perceive you as a trusted expert.

Your business could move to greater heights with an effective marketing strategy. The goal is to give enough information to get your audience’s attention.

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