The Importance of Empowering Other Women in the Workplace

Whether you work in an industry that’s male-dominated or, in contrast, is run by women, it’s more important than ever to empower your fellow sisters in the workplace from supporting the body positivity movement to helping them hone in on an untapped skill!

At work, women face many disparities and obstacles that their male counterparts do not, which is why it’s important to band together to create an environment where women are propelled and able to thrive.

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When women band together and support each other in the workplace, there are so many benefits. From a young age, women are taught to compete with each other instead of learning how to leverage each other’s strengths to get ahead.

Here are some ways that you can band together with women at work to create a positive and optimistic environment!

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Team Up with Other Women

Are you taking the lead on an interesting project at your company? If so, invite other women to participate on your team. Studies show that women are great problem solvers and take unique approaches that benefit everyone.

Recruiting women to be on your team can also help advance women at your company by allowing their co-workers to work in a space where they feel supported and optimistic.

If you have the power to delegate, task women in your group with taking on leadership positions that require them to present in front of the company. This has the potential to take someone from working behind the scenes to the forefront.

Speak Up

If you have an idea during a meeting, don’t be afraid to speak up and share your idea. It could be easy to be intimidated by male-dominated rooms, as well as difficult to assert yourself in places where men are always talking over each other.

If you notice that one of your other co-workers has a great idea, ask them a question or push them to share their idea in front of the company. You can easily support a quiet coworker who is nervous about showing their idea by setting up the stage and saying,

“I heard Sarah had a great idea about how to tackle this project in a refreshing way.” Not only will this give your coworker more confidence to share her idea, but it will get the other members of your company’s attention.

Create or Join a Women’s Network

Do you work in a male-dominated company or industry where there aren’t many women around? Do some research and find a women’s leadership network that can help empower you with information on how to propel your career, as well as how to support your other coworkers.

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Meeting with these networks will help you feel empowered, confident, and strong, no matter where you’re working. You will also learn how to stand out at your company and leverage your skill-set.


Share Your Salary

This may be a controversial topic—and a tip your mother definitely didn’t tell you—but sharing information on how much money you make with your coworkers could help eliminate the pay gap. Many women are paid less than men and are often low-balled by companies.

By sharing your salary, whether you share the exact dollar amount or a range, you can help eliminate some of those barriers that women experience when it comes to asking for fair and equal pay. If you prefer to keep your financials confidential, we totally understand!

Dress for Success

Whether you realize it or not, you’re a walking inspiration every single day. Whether it’s the way you carry yourself in a meeting, giving a presentation, or wearing bold full-figured fashion, women at your company are looking to you! By dressing for success, you’ll not only feel more confident in the workplace, but you’ll also inspire the women around you to dress boldly.

When you look good, you feel good. That also goes for dressing up in the workplace. If you and your fellow girl bosses are all wearing plus-size professional clothing, chances are you’ll feel more inclined to command attention and picture creative ideas.

Share Compliments Often

If one of your co-workers wears trendy blouses that you really like or if you love an idea she shared during her presentation the other day, make sure you compliment her on it.

Compliments drastically improve our mood and confidence. Being kind will also position you as being an ally and a friend, which is important in the workplace. By complimenting your co-workers, you’re not only boosting their confidence in the workplace but lifting your own mood too!

Plan a Lunch Date Out

Whether you are good friends with your co-workers or you all barely know each other, suggest that you and a few other girls go out for coffee or lunch. Getting your co-workers outside of the office can really lower barriers and establish trust.

Your coworkers are more inclined to open up to you about issues they’re facing in the workplace, which can help you navigate similar issues and stick up for your fellow co-workers.

Having an understanding of the obstacles women at your company face can not only make you a better ally but make you a better coworker. If you never have conversations outside of the office, sometimes you don’t get to have unfiltered conversations that could truly show you these obstacles and opportunities.

Don’t Gossip

Gossiping in the workplace not only keeps people from trusting you but creates a divide between women. Women should be coming together to help uplift each other. We hope these tips have you feeling excited to go to work and assemble your sister squad! We like to say that when you uplift another woman, you elevate yourself.

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