The Importance of the Mental Health of Men and Boys

When it comes to seeking therapy, in many cases, men and boys don’t reach out for the support that they need. There are a few reasons for this, but it is also something that may need to change. Here’s a look at why males should visit with a therapist when they want to.

Why Men and Boys Don’t Seek Mental Help

There are two major reasons why men and boys may not reach out to a therapist whenever they feel like they need to address their mental health. One reason is that it is not acceptable in some circles to have feelings or to experience mental health concerns.

Another reason is that men may feel like they have to deal with their emotions and trauma by themselves. They need to act more masculine and just deal with what they are going through.

Both of these reasons can be problematic and may lead to many men and boys being unable to get the treatments that they need.

Why They Should

Everyone should feel at ease visiting with a therapist. This is a type of service that any person could see benefit from, including men and boys. If a male is experiencing a mental health condition or seems to have symptoms of depression, these concerns are unlikely to go away on their own.

Men and boys should feel free to express themselves and speak up when they aren’t feeling their best. It is not a sign of weakness, but instead a responsible choice for your mental health when you decide that you would like to seek counseling. If you have men or boys in your life that may need to work with a psychiatrist, do what you can to get them the help that they require.

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How to Find Mental Health Support

There are a few ways to find a therapist when you determine that you want to work with one.

Talk to Your Doctor

The next time you get a checkup or go for a physical, ask your doctor if they can recommend a therapist. Chances are that can refer you to someone that will be able to lend a hand.

Look in Your Area

There may be psychiatrists in your area that you can work with. You should do an internet search to find out for sure, or you can check with your insurance company to see if there are doctors in your network that are also in your neighborhood. If you don’t have insurance, there may be city or county clinics that will be able to provide you with therapy services at a reduced cost.

Online Therapy

You can also opt for online therapy. There are multiple therapy apps that you may download to your smartphone, where you will be matched with a counselor within minutes. This type of therapy is less expensive than traditional in-person therapy, and it is also effective. Moreover, you are able to interact with a counselor whenever you want, wherever you are. This makes the whole process more convenient and less intrusive.


Anytime a man or boy would like to reach out to a counselor to talk to them and get mental health care, they should feel comfortable doing so. There are multiple ways to find a therapist to work with, so if you are a male and feel like you may need help, consider your options. Being proactive about your mental health is not something that you should have to be ashamed of, especially since it can be beneficial for your overall health.

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