Things to know before you convert Microsoft Access to a Web Application

When should you Upgrade a Microsoft Access Application?

Switching to a web application indicates that your requirements have increased from individual use to broader selection by a business or organization. Besides the benefits of using Microsoft Access Online, here are some basic difficulties faced by users:

  • Storage restrictions of 2GB – this problem arises as to the size of the data and files increases after which the software takes too much load.
  • Restriction to the number of simultaneous users – the system apparently can manage up to 255 simultaneous users, but problems occur even with 10 users connected at the same time.
  • Scalability – issues to share a single file throughout the network and handling access forms version and the same windows patching become very difficult to handle.
  • Security – it is easy to crack an Access password or to manipulate a database file.
  • Less Microsoft support options – Microsoft is making it more difficult to carry out transition off Access as they end SharePoint and Office365 support.

Several benefits can be obtained from shifting to a web application, some of them are listed below:

  • Constant availability by using several elements to host and manage your application, decreasing the possibility of a single point of failure.
  • Once an access application is upgraded to a web application, businesses profit from abilities as it provides a higher number of users beyond 255 users to use it at the same time.
  • Web applications also give a sorted and directed user experience than just using forms.
  • Based on specific approaches, the web application gives a more secure method to handle data and access.
  • Control of the entire data is given to the users as enterprises get to decide how and where the data is saved and assign ownership.

Converting MS Access to PowerApps

PowerApps is Microsoft’s solution to build a web application that can assist businesses in transferring the local Microsoft Access database to the cloud. Microsoft continues to make changes to the product as per user reviews and demands as it had a lack of demand initially.


  • Coding is not required which gives it an easier approach for a non-technical professional to work on.
  • The web application has support for several platforms. Works on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac/iOS, and Android. Also, you can increase efficiency with the help of vdi desktop as a service.
  • Designing Apps from default templates. This can assist in accelerating the process of report analysis and creations.
  • Ability to extract data from sources like Dropbox, Salesforce, SharePoint Google Drive, etc.


  • Longer load time compared to local android apps.
  • Runs only with an internet connection. Not able to work in an offline condition.
  • No dedicated support but allows email and phone supports.
  • There is no straight method to connect local PowerApps to your current data resource and needs a technical resource to accommodate the migration either to a SQL database or to SharePoint.

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