Top 5 Most Innovative Marketing Companies in Real Estate

Over the past decade, the real estate industry has grown ten folds. The days of placing ad signs outside of the property on the market are gone. The rise of technology has taken the levels of competition to brand new standards like the use of marketing firms that can handle and manage your marketing needs.

So if you want to keep up with the industry, the best choice is to use real estate marketing firms. Currently, there are many marketing companies, but here are the top 5 most innovative marketing companies in real estate.

Land Voice

Landvoice is an online real estate marketing firm with innovative software solutions that aims at helping real estate agents and brokers improve their businesses. Landvoice is cloud-based.

Thus it helps the agents and brokers generate leads, acquire contact details, view maps and manage all records involved in real estate. It is well renowned for its ability to provide agents and brokers with DNC registry indications, marketing reports, call alerts, local phone numbers, and lead deliveries.

These features allow the user to build a sphere of influence, create a list of listings near you and help you track your follow-ups. The app has introduced a new feature known as neighborhood search, which can help you build connections, establish trust and develop a list of potential buyers and sellers.

Also, Landvoice allows you to create your personalized website using their flagship program known as SiteSell. Agents can also use SiteBuildit, an online listing management tool, to upload listings directly from the multiple listing service to their website.

The benefits of using Landvoice include that it is user-friendly and prevents you from paying a third party for aggregation services. The main disadvantage is that it charges extra for multiple listing services site access.

Wise Agent

Wise Agent is a family-owned real estate marketing firm based in Oakland, California. It was created by two former real estate agents who wanted to create a platform to help other real estate agents perform better.

The cloud computing properties of Wise Agent help its users run their businesses more efficiently. Wise Agent is aimed at simplifying the real estate process by offering its users a variety of features that enable them to manage their listings, transactions, and contacts easily.

Some of these features include:

Contact management- the app offers you the ability to create a call list and a referral tree, send vCard, and access your contacts, planner, and task lists via the mobile web app.

  • Commission report- you can see what you make from each property you sell.
  • Transaction management helps you monitor the progress of any purchase being made.
  • Real estate tools – these tools include real estate calculators, customer support, real estate reports, and integration menus that link the app with other apps like Google, Twitter, and calendar.

Wise Agent also offers a training program for new clients, helping them understand the deeper aspects of marketing and selling in real estate. The training is focused on real-world events like how to use data analysis in marketing strategies and spot a trend in real estate.

The advantages of using wise agents include flexible subscription plans, offers you an email signature, is user friendly, and offers reliable customer support service. The app has one major shortcoming: it cannot be used on a desktop.

Bold Leads

Bold leads is an online real estate marketing platform that equips real estate agents and brokers with the necessary tools to help increase their productivity and performance. Bold leads are renowned as the market leader in innovative marketing strategies since almost all real estate marketing firms try to copy their ideas.

The Bold Leads system is an all-in-one model with the marketing tools, landing pages, customer relationship management, and transaction management all in one place. This model makes super user-friendly. Bold leads also enable a real estate agent or broker to claim a territory and have your details forwarded to any buyer or seller from your claimed area.

Bold Leads’ lead features are exclusivity per zip code, automated follow-ups, and automated Facebook advertisement campaigns. Disadvantages of bold leads include it mainly relies on Facebook for leads, and some of the leads are often weak.

Revamped Real Estate

Revamped Real Estate is an agency that seeks to utilize the power and reach of YouTube to help brokers and real estate agents gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

The main idea behind Revamped Real Estate is to understand and develop tactics that would motivate buyers and sellers without paying for ads. Revamped Real Estate utilizes its signature 2-step blue ocean strategy to boost its user’ s competitive edge.

Revamped Real Estate teaches its users how to develop videos that suit their brands and generate free referrals through this strategy.

The benefits of using YouTube include:

  • There is no competition for leads since every lead is found through your YouTube channel.
  • You can filter the leads before they even get to your inbox.
  • You have control over the number of leads you want to handle.
  • You can easily adjust h sale process to your favor.

Wise Pelican

The purpose of Wise Pelican is to make direct mail marketing of real estate postcards affordable and straightforward. The app was developed by former real estate agents who wanted to help other agents and brokers market their business in a better and improved way.

This application allows you to customize the postcard and tailor it to meet the needs of a specific audience. The list builder tools allow you to create a list based on the area, listing, or even the subdivision.

Wise Pelican offers features like:

  • Professional postcard templates – that can be modified with the browser you are using without compromising its sophistication and professionalism.
  • The Automated seller valuation templates can be used to mail postcards with unique links so that the receiver can find out the home’s value.
  • Integrated mail tracking campaign, which enables you to track the postcard and notifies you when it gets delivered. Also, if a third party is involved, they can be allocated with logins that will enable them to track their postcards.
  • The List management feature allows you to upload and select which list you want to include in a particular campaign.
  • USPS NCOA link database is integrated into the application, thus ensuring that the addresses are up to date before mailing.
  • The Pre-schedule mailings feature allows you to create and mail postcards even in your absence.
  • There is no minimum order quantity, thus allowing you to fulfill any order no matter the quantity.

The benefits of Wise Pelican are; that it is cheap, offers 24/7 customer service to its customers, has a team of well-trained individuals that offer training to new users of the application, and the lists generated can be used outside of the Wise Pelican application.

Wise Pelican can’t be used on mobile devices as it requires a desktop to order and edit postcards.


Due to the ever-changing nature of the real estate industry, it is better if you are up to date with the changes so that you can compete with the other players in the industry. The list above comprises the top most innovative real estate marketing firms, so use it to help you make an informed decision.

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