Top 10 Japanese Car Brands in the World

The automobile sector in Japan has always been a market leader right from the early days. It has been constantly been observed that the country has been persistent in bringing innovative technologies together to come up with the best of all features and making a car that is hard to refuse. With that being said the country brags of having the most innovative and one of a kind car brands in Japan.

As the whole car production sector of Japan and the international automotive industry has been shaking by the ground shattering innovations by the numerous car brands. Some of them may include Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, etc.

Also, all the mentioned car brands are in a continuous effort to produce the best of automobiles for customer satisfaction and been created or designed as per their needs. Here are the best Japanese car brands

Leading Japanese Car Brands in the World for 2021

1. Toyota

The experts claim that Toyota is one of the quickest selling cars across the globe, and is wholly owned by Toyota Group of Companies. Toyota sold 11 million automobiles across the globe in the year 2017 and hence marking a great sale in both numbers and revenue. This number was comparatively higher than Suzuki and Honda together.

Persistently across various quarters of the years, the company has been a topper in different cars for sale categories across the globe, owing to its trust and reliability amongst the customers. The best selling models of the company are Aqua, Sienta & Prius as the quickest selling car brands. In the past few years, Toyota has seen a remarkable transition in both sales and production of electric and hybrid automobiles hence making it one of the key players in the hybrid car market, among the best Japanese car companies.

2. Honda

One of the top Japanese car brands. In the year 2017 Honda was able to sell 5 million cars, hence making the car brand a second position in the checklist of topmost Japanese car companies throughout the world.

The company’s quickest selling models are Honda City, Honda Vezel and Honda Fit hence making a great contribution to the company’s overall performance in the international market last year. Also, the brand is listed among the best 1- automobile organizations throughout the world with a yearly revenue turnover of more than USD 60 billion in the year 2017.

3. Nissan

The Japanese car brands ranking as the international car brand “Nissan” witnessed a great number as per the expectation of all the previous years hitting an international sales unit of a record-breaking 6 million automobiles.

Therefore contributing over an additional 4 percent hike each year. Altima and Sentra were one of the highest-selling automobile car models for a company at an international level. Also, Nissan is an international fully automated production company which is accountable for selling more than 58 car models under the brand’s umbrella companies such as Datsun, Nissan & Infiniti.

4. Suzuki

Yet another car brand which is from Japan which has successfully grabbed a massive sales in unbelievable figures and has done quite well in comparison with the previous year’s sales. The organization has been pretty good in sales of all the cars across the globe of 4 million car units. Alongside the Suzuki’s Wagon R as being quite a famous selection for hundreds and thousands of car enthusiasts.

Also, the company has more than 46,000 employees and also has 37 production units in more than 48 nations. And is only able to do so with a strong network of 135 distributors in over 190 countries. Also, this car brand is one of the world’s greatest motorcycle production organizations in terms of sales numbers.

5. Lexus

One of the most luxurious car brands known to one and all. The company is based in Japan under the car company Toyota. This company is a sub-brand of the Japanese car brand of Toyota. The company has a global presence in over 78 nations and territories at a global level and has turned out to be one of the greatest selling production companies based in China. The car is known for its exuberant look and functionality.

Also, the company has been positioned among the 10 biggest Japanese international brands in terms of market evaluation. The company is headquartered in Japan, Nagoya. This car brand has been able to sell off over 5 million automobiles across the globe in2017. So with just a small slice in the overall demand of 4 percent in comparison to last year’s sales. Although the company still got itself to be on the topper’s list of greatest car Japanese manufacturing companies throughout the world.

6. Daihatsu

The Japanese car manufacturers like Daihatsu had reported an annual hike of 10 percent in overall sales of the car brand in 2017. Also, the Daihatsu is a car manufacturing brand of Japan origin which is acclaimed to be one of the highest sales volumes throughout the world. The most famous car models such as Daihatsu Tanto, Daihatsu Mira & Daihatsu Hijet are one of the best selling car models which fall under the brand umbrella which is administered to get a greater volume of sales throughout the year.

Daihatsu Motor Corporation is said and believed to be the most senior-most car manufacturing company making use of the internal combustion engine production technologies which was formerly known as the widest range of compact key variants and off-road automobiles.

7. Mazda

The company is very much popular throughout the world for its top of the line car models. The car brand is a Japanese MNC producer. Moreover, the company is based in Japan, Fuchu. Also, the company has obtained an international number of over 2 million car units in the year 2017. Also dissimilar to all the other Japanese car manufacturing organizations, the company incurred heavy losses throughout the year and had a sales number comparatively lower as compared to their sales numbers and competitors’ sales numbers. The car models which are very famous ar

1. Mazda CX 3

2. Mazda3 &

3. MX5 Miata

Are the hottest selling car models for the car brand.

8. Subaru

The most famous and pretty well-known car brand for the most demanded and high performing car production companies. This car brand is the automotive production sector of a Japanese transportation cluster of companies Subaru Corp. which was earlier known as FHI (Fuji Heavy Industries). The best selling car models such as Crosstek and Outback bagged a great number in sales of the year 2017 in the United States of America, hence pushing Subaru as one of the leading selling Japanese car brands throughout the world.

However, the company is an entity that takes full leverage of great sales in numbers in just a couple of years. Hence the Subaru the company as a car brand led the way by being a leader of a few famous car models in the Japanese automotive market space.

9. Mitsubishi

There is hardly anyone in this world who can deny not being familiar with this company. As also the company is not just a mass manufacturer of cars but has business operations indulgence in almost all consumer durables and electronic appliances. But coming back to the point, this car brand is a market-dominating leader and falls under the control of MMC (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation).

This Japanese origin company has an MNC automobile production based in Japan, Tokyo, Minato. Despite the fact that the company was just a little bit less in sales of car sales in contrast with the previous year, however, still has sustained as the 8th biggest and best selling Japanese origin company as car brands throughout the world.

10. Isuzu

This car brand was the latest entrant in the fierce competition in the best car brands in Japan of 2018. This new car brand has shown some remarkable numbers from which it could be assumed that this Japanese car brand is soon going to be a tough competition to the other top rankers in the list. Also, this car brand is a Japan base commercial automobile and diesel-powered engine production company.

The company has its business operations headed from Tokyo, Japan. The prime activities of the company’s business operations may include manufacturing, selling and marketing-distribution of Isuzu motor vehicles and diesel-powered engines. Also miraculously there has been a remarkable and steady boost in total sales of car models of the car production companies. The company has still managed to get on top of the list of leading car manufacturers of Japan-based brands of car in 2k17.


The automobile sector in Japan has forever been one of the world’s greatest producers for passenger automotive cars, lightweight automobiles, and heavy-duty automobiles. As the above mentioned Japanese car companies are said to be the most popular car brands and market dominators of the said sector.

As the ever-increasing sum of investments and current research and development in automobile tech, efficiency in fuel, engineering sales performance, environment-friendly layout, and various other innovations. Such companies comprise of the best automotive features and are suspected to sustain the industry leader in the local market. On the other hand always on a hike competence to the international market for possible future growth and development of the automotive sector in Japan.