Top Tips for Improving Warehouse Safety

The pace at which industrial and commercial facilities move is astounding. With the demand on companies from consumers only increasing, these operations are only going to get busier. As much as industries try to keep up, it’s important to remember that the safety of your workforce is paramount. There to help your day-to-day tasks keep on ticking, looking after your employees should be among your top priorities. Here are our top tips on how you can improve your warehouse safety now and in the future.

Put procedures in place

Having appropriate procedures in place can help to not only keep your employees safe, but also ensure they’re all on the same page where best practices are concerned. You’ll need to undertake risk assessments before you put these plans together. This will look at the equipment you use, how safe it is, where the hazards are and what you can do to mitigate risks.

You’ll also find that some equipment has safe operating procedures. Whether these are pre-programmable or it’s something that needs manually completing, it’s worth looking into if your equipment has the option.

Train your workforce

Training is everything when it comes to warehouse safety. Providing your staff with adequate safety training will ensure they know the risks and costs of working in a dangerous workplace. In an ideal world, training should take place as soon as employees have been hired, that way they’re clued up on everything they need to know.

If you’re bringing in training later on or you think your existing workforce need a refresher, it’s important to organise additional training sessions as soon as possible. You’ll also want to keep records of training that’s happened and have a set of safety standards clearly displayed in the different location around your business, especially in the warehouse.

Use devices or products that ensure safety

As a business, you’ll want to look into introducing devices or products that ensure the safety of your employees and your company. To keep everyone safe, protecting people from things such as forklifts and other dangerous pieces of equipment, why not consider installing barriers in certain locations? These are easily developed by using parts such as manual motor starters that allow people to operate them from afar, keeping them out of harm’s way and as safe as possible. Not only can this reduce the risks to your employees, but being to operate them in this way reduces the risk of damage to the motor or other components, and can increase safety from electrical fires.

Whether you have existing health and safety procedures in place or need to introduce some, by adopting some of our top tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a much safer environment.

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