Truebill Review: A Game-Changer for Managing Your Finances

In today’s complex financial landscape, managing personal finances can often feel daunting. From tracking expenses to handling subscriptions and bills, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This is where Truebill comes in. 

Truebill is a popular financial management app designed to simplify and streamline your economic life. In this in-depth review, we will explore the features, benefits, and user experience of Truebill, helping you understand how it can help you regain control of your finances. But the question is Truebill free?

Whether you’re looking to save money, track expenses, or negotiate bills, Truebill offers a comprehensive solution that can simplify your financial journey. Stay tuned to learn more about this powerful tool and how it can benefit you. This is your guide to Truebill review to help you make a better decision. 

About Truebill

Rocket Money, formerly known as Truebill, is a financial management app that aims to empower individuals in effectively managing their money. The app was acquired by Rocket Companies in December 2021 and rebranded in August 2022 to become Rocket Money. With over 3 million members and over $245 million in savings, Rocket Money offers a range of features designed to help users cancel unwanted subscriptions, automate savings, and negotiate bills. 

Get Started with Rocket Money

Let us start the Truebill review by considering the app’s pros and cons.


  • It makes it easy to see all your recurring charges in one place.
  • Offers an intuitive and user-friendly budget tracker to monitor and control your spending.
  • Utilizes bank-level encryption to ensure the security of your personal information.


  • Some features require a premium subscription, starting at a minimum cost of $3 per month.
  • The bill negotiation service charges at least 30% of the annual savings, billed upfront as a lump sum.

By the end, you’ll better understand how Truebill can simplify your finances and help you take control of your financial well-being. So, now let us move ahead and understand the top features of Truebill.

Version Based Details

The free version of Rocket Money (previously Truebill) provides essential features such as financial monitoring, credit score tracking, account alerts, two budgeting categories, and bill negotiation.

It is suitable for individuals who prefer to avoid paying a monthly fee and are primarily interested in basic budgeting and expense tracking. So, if you are still looking to know if is Truebill safe, then yes, it is. For those seeking more advanced functionality and additional benefits, the Premium plan offers a range of enhanced features.

By subscribing to the Premium plan, which ranges from $3 to $12 per month, users gain access to automated cancellations, unlimited budgeting categories, smart savings capabilities, net worth tracking, overdraft and late fee refunds, expert chat support, credit reports, and real-time account synchronization. 

The Premium plan expands the capabilities of Rocket Money, providing users with a more comprehensive financial management experience. Whether you’re looking for personalized savings strategies, advanced budgeting options, or access to expert advice, the Premium plan offers added value and convenience for users who are willing to invest in a higher level of service.

Top Features of Truebill  

When it comes to the Truebill app, you must know its features to understand why using it might be a good decision.

So, here are the top features that you should know about:

➦ Financial Monitoring

Rocket Money allows you to monitor all your financial accounts in one place, providing a comprehensive overview of your income, expenses, and overall financial health.

➦ Bill Negotiation

The app helps you save money by negotiating bills on your behalf. It analyzes your recurring charges, identifies potential savings opportunities, and negotiates lower rates with service providers.

➦ Budgeting Tools

Rocket Money offers powerful budgeting tools to help you track and manage your spending. Create customized budgets, set savings goals, and track your progress effortlessly.

➦ Subscription Management

Easily manage your subscriptions and identify any unnecessary or unused subscriptions. Rocket Money helps you cancel unwanted subscriptions, saving you money on monthly fees.

➦ Credit Score Tracking

Stay on top of your credit health with Rocket Money’s credit score tracking feature. Monitor changes in your credit score and receive insights to help you improve your creditworthiness.

➦ Smart Savings

Rocket Money’s smart savings feature enables you to automate your savings and set up customized savings rules. Reach your financial goals faster by effortlessly setting aside money.

➦ Expert Support

Subscribers to the Premium plan gain access to chat with financial experts who can provide personalized advice and guidance on various financial matters, ensuring you make informed decisions.

➦ Real-time Account Sync

Rocket Money synchronizes with your financial accounts in real-time, keeping your transactions and balances up to date for accurate financial tracking.

Things To Consider Before Using Truebill

While Truebill is a fantastic app, it is essential to know a few things before you start using it. The Truebill reviews have suggested that there are aspects that, when followed, can improve your overall experience and support you a great deal.

So, here are the top 7 things that should be considered for sure:

➦ Tracking and Budgeting

The free version of Rocket Money provides excellent tracking and budgeting features. You can easily monitor your transactions and manage your budget with minimal ads and upfront information.

➦ Seven-Day Free Trial

You can try out the premium services with a seven-day free trial. This allows you to experience the enhanced features before committing to a subscription.

➦ Flexible Pricing

Rocket Money’s pricing structure can be complex, but it offers flexibility. To access premium services, you choose a monthly fee ranging from $3 to $12. Additionally, Rocket Money charges a 30% to 60% “success fee” for bill negotiation services, which you can also choose within that range.

➦ Cancellation Concierge

Subscribing to the premium plan unlocks features like the Cancellation Concierge. This service helps you cancel unwanted subscriptions, saving you money on monthly fees.

➦ Upfront Success Fee

It’s important to note that Rocket Money’s success fee is charged upfront. If the app successfully negotiates savings or credits on your bills, you’ll pay a percentage of the total annual savings upfront. This fee structure has received some criticism from users surprised by the transaction amount.

➦ TrueProtect Feature

When using Rocket Money’s bill negotiation feature, you can activate TrueProtect. This feature grants consent for Rocket Money to negotiate on your behalf without your approval. It’s advisable to start slowly by enabling this feature for one or two service providers.

➦ Competitor Comparison

Rocket Money’s main competitor is Trim. One notable difference is Trim’s success fee, which is lower at 15% of the total first year of savings.

Steps To Follow To Use Truebill

Once you know that the Truebill app is perfect for you, the next question is how to use it. Well, to help you out with your query, here are the quick steps curated for you:

➦ Download the Rocket Money app from the App Store or Google Play. You can use this application on both iOS and Android devices.

➦ Launch the app and create a Rocket account. 

➦ Now you must enter your full name, and email address, and create a secure password.

➦ Take a moment to share more information about yourself and your financial goals. This helps Rocket Money tailor its services to your specific needs.

➦ You’ll need to link at least one checking account to the app to proceed. This allows Rocket Money to gather information about your financial transactions.

➦ Rocket Money connects your accounts using Plaid, a secure financial data transfer service. Rest assured that your information is protected during this process.

➦ Now it’s time to select the subscription plan that suits you. You can pay $0 monthly for the free version or select a monthly fee between $3 and $12 for access to premium features. Remember that opting for $0 prevents access to premium plan features.

➦ Once you have completed the setup process, you can use Rocket Money to simplify your finances. Explore the app’s various features, including tracking recurring bills, managing subscriptions, and utilizing budgeting tools.

Truebill Three-Dimensional Review

When it comes to Truebill reviews, there are three main domains that you should be looking into. Each of these is the critical aspect of the application that makes it unique and helps it to stand apart from the rest in the market.

So, here are the three parts explored for you:

➦ Truebill’s Budget & Financial Tracking Review

This is one of the primary features, and so Truebill review for this aspect is crucial. Rocket Money offers a comprehensive budget and financial tracking system that can help you understand your spending habits and manage your money effectively. With the free app version, you can track your transactions and expenses, categorize your spending, and get insights into your financial health.

The budgeting feature of Rocket Money is particularly impressive. It allows you to set up budget categories and allocate specific amounts for each category. The app provides real-time updates on your spending and alerts you when you’re approaching your budget limits. This helps you stay on top of your finances and avoid overspending.

Rocket Money’s financial tracking feature provides a holistic view of your accounts, including checking, savings, and credit cards. You can see your account balances and transaction history and even track your net worth. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your financial situation in one place.

Rocket Money’s budget and financial tracking capabilities are top-notch, providing users with the tools they need to stay organized and make informed financial decisions.

➦ Truebill Premium Review

Rocket Money’s Premium subscription offers additional features and benefits to enhance your financial management experience. By subscribing to the Premium plan, you unlock access to various advanced tools and services.

One notable feature of the Premium plan is the automated cancellations service. Rocket Money’s Cancellation Concierge helps you identify and cancel unwanted subscriptions, saving you money on recurring charges. This service alone can justify the Premium subscription cost for many users.

Another valuable feature of the Premium plan is the ability to create unlimited budgeting categories. This allows for more detailed and customizable budgeting, giving you better control over your spending.

Truebill app Premium feature also provides real-time account sync, ensuring that your financial information is always up to date. This is particularly useful for closely monitoring their accounts and transactions.

Additionally, Premium subscribers can access expert support through the in-app chat feature. You can get personalized assistance and guidance on various financial matters, helping you make better financial decisions.

Overall, Rocket Money’s Premium subscription offers a range of advanced features and benefits that can enhance your financial management experience and provide added value.

➦ Rocket Money Bill Negotiation Review

One of Rocket Money’s standout features is its bill negotiation service. With Truebill app bill negotiation service, you can potentially save money on your monthly bills, such as cable, internet, and cell phone bills.

The process is simple: Rocket Money analyzes your bills, identifies potential savings opportunities, and negotiates with service providers on your behalf. If successful, you can enjoy lower monthly bills and potentially significant savings.

It’s important to note that Rocket Money charges a success fee for their bill negotiation services. The fee ranges from 30% to 60% of the annual savings and is charged upfront. If Rocket Money saves you money on your bills, you must pay the success fee as a lump sum upfront.

While the bill negotiation service can be beneficial for those looking to lower their monthly expenses, it’s essential to consider the upfront cost of the success fee. Some users have reported being surprised by the transaction size from Rocket Money for bill negotiation services.

Rocket Money’s bill negotiation service can be a valuable tool for saving money on your bills. However, it’s important to carefully evaluate the cost and benefits before opting for this service.

An in-depth Truebill review will ensure that you are using the app in the best possible manner and are getting the outcome you are looking for. 

Is Truebill Safe To Use?

Truebill takes the security and privacy of its users’ financial information seriously. The app uses bank-level security measures to protect your data and employs encryption protocols to ensure the confidentiality of your personal and financial details. Truebill also has strict privacy policies in place to safeguard your information.

While no app or platform can guarantee complete security, Truebill has established itself as a reputable financial management service. It has been around since 2015 and has gained a significant user base, indicating a level of trust among its customers.

Is Truebill FDIC-insured?

Rocket Money’s smart savings accounts are FDIC-insured through NBKC and Synapse bank partners, providing peace of mind with coverage of up to $250,000 per owner. With Smart Savings, achieving your short-term financial goals becomes effortless. By setting up automatic withdrawals from your checking account, you can save for that upcoming vacation or any other purpose. 

What sets Rocket Money apart is its unique feature of sub-savings accounts, allowing you to allocate funds specifically for different goals. Unlike traditional banks, Rocket Money empowers you to take control of your savings and make progress toward your financial aspirations.

When using Rocket Money, it’s always recommended to review and understand the terms and conditions associated with the Smart Savings account and any other features offered by the app.

What Is Truebill Cancellation Concierge?

Truebill Cancellation Concierge is a premium feature offered by Truebill that helps you cancel unwanted subscriptions. With this service, you can save time and effort by letting Truebill handle the process of canceling subscriptions on your behalf.

Instead of going through the hassle of contacting each subscription service individually, Truebill’s Cancellation Concierge takes care of the cancellation process for you. This feature is designed to simplify your financial management and ensure that you don’t continue paying for subscriptions you no longer need or want.

What Is The Pay Advance Feature Of Truebill?

The Pay Advance feature of Truebill is a service that allows eligible users to access a portion of their upcoming paycheck before their official payday. It provides users with a short-term advance on their earnings to help cover unexpected expenses or bridge financial gaps between paychecks.

To use the Pay Advance feature, you must meet certain eligibility criteria, including having a regular income source and meeting specific financial requirements. The amount you can access through Pay Advance depends on your income and other factors determined by Truebill.

It’s important to note that Pay Advance is unavailable to all users and may have associated fees or interest charges. Truebill provides transparent information about any applicable fees and terms associated with the Pay Advance feature, ensuring that users know the costs involved before accessing their funds.

What Services Does Truebill Work With?

Truebill works with many services to help you manage your finances more effectively.

Some of the outstanding services that Truebill supports include:

➦ Bank Accounts

Truebill connects with various banks and financial institutions, allowing you to link your accounts and track your transactions in one place.

➦ Credit Cards

You can link your credit card accounts to Truebill, enabling you to monitor your spending, track balances, and receive alerts for due dates and potentially fraudulent activity.

➦ Subscriptions

Truebill specializes in subscription management, helping you identify and cancel unwanted or unused subscriptions. It detects recurring charges and provides an easy way to review and manage your subscription expenses.

➦ Bills and Utilities

Truebill assists with bill tracking and organization. It helps you stay on top of your upcoming bills, sends you reminders, and provides insights into your spending patterns.

➦ Savings and Investments

Truebill offers features to track your savings goals and investment accounts, giving you a holistic view of your financial portfolio and helping you work towards your long-term financial objectives.

➦ Mobile Phone and Internet Providers

Truebill app can help you manage your mobile phone and internet bills. It can assist in finding better deals, negotiating lower rates, and resolving billing issues with these service providers.

➦ Insurance

Truebill works with insurance providers to help you analyze your coverage, compare rates, and potentially save money on your insurance premiums.

➦ Personal Loans

Truebill can help you monitor and manage your personal loan accounts, keeping you organized and tracking your repayment progress.

By integrating these services, Truebill provides a comprehensive platform for optimizing your financial health and making informed decisions about your money.


In conclusion, the Truebill app is a game-changer in managing your finances. With its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and commitment to security, Truebill offers a reliable solution to simplify your financial life.

One of the standout features of Truebill is its FDIC-insured bank accounts. This means that your funds are protected up to the standard FDIC insurance coverage limit, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring the safety of your money.

Truebill’s comprehensive suite of tools, including budget tracking, subscription management, bill negotiation, and more, empowers you to take control of your finances and save money effortlessly. The complete Truebill review suggests that it is the app of today, ready to help you build a better tomorrow.

Join the millions of satisfied users who have benefited from Truebill’s services and start your journey toward financial success today. With Truebill, you’ll have the confidence and support to achieve your financial goals and make smarter decisions with your money.

Leap and discover the power of Truebill. Your financial well-being awaits!

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