30 Bold and Clean Web Designs for Inspiration


Bold and clean web designs are the key to online success. Finalizing the design or layout decisions for the website can be an intimidating job. Going forward there is where betterment and improvisation comes into the picture. We don’t have any intention of you getting moved for this blog, here we have carefully selected 30 sassy and immaculate web designs that will not doubt get the design going. So here’s the list of the website design ideas one may be inspired looking at:-

Any thoughts on what does sassy and immaculate stand out to be so exceptional?

The cyber space or information superhighway is a humongous place where it is convenient for the site to fit in and disappear, until and unless you have intentionally created it to stand apart. Sassy and immaculate design successfully lure visitors attention and turn browsing into a much easier and fun to do activity. Sassy creates a declaration, on the contrary the jumbled and ordinary sites make user jump off before even the site stood a chance to share what you created with all that efforts. Hence going for simple website design is a clever move to take when running a website. Tidy layouts play a significant role in bagging the most needed things such as boosting the CTA and minimizing the diversions.

Here are the 30 clean and bold website designs

The 30 inspiring site designs

1. Everlane

Along a “returning to the simple concepts” theme or layout ( better call it perpetual grandness) is slicing out the foam with a tidy layout and quite bold font. A much simple website design to opt.

2. Catscarf

This particular website sports a large picture of a beautiful smooth appearing cat with a cat scarf(yep, you got that right, cat scarves on sale). It’s one of the great web design ideas to go for. It is visible that the  supercool chic name of the unique scarf and a precisely positioned CTA right below. What do they need to do? They do shopping. At what time does that happen? RIGHT MEOW!


Similar to cat scarf, THISISPAPER alsos sports a splendid humongous sized picture that never fails to pull eye towards the CTA. Get a copy? You should not mind if I do!

4. Falve

An intense collection of rich colored, full sized pictures with tidy, sophisticated, sans serif fonts is pleased with your presence on the homepage and pleads you to stay back.

5. Brave People

Give the Brave People page a close look, as you are welcomed with a bold and brave design and captivating layout. big, bold photography and elongated layout are round out perfectly by the doubleclick outcome on the photographs clicked of the respective team

6. Intersection

The intersection site pushes an individual on the big city streets, eyeing the sky soaring skyscraper and at the very same time you are looking at the site menu.

7. Harry’s

And here comes along another extensive variety, Harry’s cycles with the help of remarkable quality of the images with a captivating yet decent font such as sans serif. Each slide holds a very intelligent description of the accessories and razors.

8. GC Watches

GC watches provide you with an everlasting layout, that is crystal clear  while having some really bold pictures that add great value to the website.

9. Squarespace

Love interactive graphics? Squarespace is a place where you can come across some really great interactive graphics. On top of it the bold images steal the show by a storm with a top-notch animation that is difficult to ignore and is for sure an attention grabber.

10. Jun Lu

A design company that truly understands what designs are and what capability they hold. Also this design organization are well informed about their line of business. A detached, gray backdrop allows the product images to be the showstopper.

11. Jonathan Decosta

Only one word that hits the brain when we hear the name Jonathan Decosta is  greyish site. As this site clearly demonstrates what the bold black and white colors are capable of. Never get fooled by the simple black and white colors. Says the designer of the sites.

12. Escape Committee

Red is a color that is bright and fully motivating, as on the other hand the Escape committee bravely includes it as their base color. Hence making it as bright as possible.

13. Wondersauce

Opposites are what the Wondersauce is attracted by. The Wondersauce as a digital development organization which takes into consideration a white, clean font on an organic woodgrain context.

14. Nixon

Nixon separates the site with two-sided proportion, one side each for one gender. The color of the male photos are generally grey in color while for the woman is in front of simple, a menu with three option guides the users where now they need to head.

15. IWC Schaffhausen

The IWC Schaffhausen provides the visitors a very unique window in the nature from a computer screen to allow the subscriber or new visitors to engraving  and staggering collection, it is an entirely and completely tidy layout for a watch designer.

16. Doug Aitken: The Source

A quick introduction sparkles pictures across the screen with pulsating music, mild and energizing music. Right after the intro is done, the video interview continue with every creative person in their project. It is a very bold choice to make as we recently had a discussion that the video content can be really tricky.

17. Spotify

Scroll through the hook and take an oath, and you will no doubt come up with a design masterpiece, Huge and detailed pictures that dominate the webpage which in itself is complete with elongated scrolling a crystal clear CTA button.

18. Britney Spears

It’s Britney, did you get that. But jokes apart the design team completely takes it down with a design and creatively forceful high quality image and just one name it has got to boast “Britney Spears” . As she is a personality that needs to introduction at all, no not even at the slightest.

19. Google Glass

The Google Glass coils over mind-blowing images of full page relevant to various people who has put on the Google Glass in  sophisticated yet dauntless layout choice.

20. Shaun White

The Shaun White is a snowboarders website welcomes you with an extraordinary set of action shot of him and that too in the snowy white clouds. You can imagine how cool it would be. If you know something about snowboarding and it is something that thrills you and is of your interest than the pictures depicted on the website is no doubt bag the attention.

21. Jack Daniels

As soon as you get through the age verification, the branding that is color coded only with white and black is held firmly throughout the main page of the website. This warmly welcomes you with a set of vibrant colors featuring in various different whiskey types.

22. Crop the Block

The website crop the block flaunts their cinematographer reliability with an excellent option of mind blogging short video clips that elegantly twinned typography.

23. Symbolset

An automatically color switching website that is coupled with white type animation that is hard to come across.

24. Whiteboard

The whiteboard bundles a pack with the one paged layout, contrasts that are bald and have unique mouse effects.

25. Liberio

Liberio proclaims easens the layout with a flat yet attractive design. The site provides with the graphics that invite on a muted gold context. The cordial and joyful graphics of the population, delegate of three possible group of users of random products, blink and smile back at the visitor which is an excellent touch.

26. Dropbox

In a handful of scenarios less is more. Dropbox is one of a kind site and tidy inlet on the main page coupled with a white background and sky blue illustration that is nothing less than an eye capturing experience.


This may have crossed your mind that a common thing  amidst of the website design ideas. High quality pictures. optimistically we have got tons of motivation and have a rough idea of how one can encourage the next design of the site. Please let us know what are your thoughts with respect to the design choices mentioned above. According to the best sites that we have mentioned above are having a simple yet ideal web design inspiration which serves perfectly for inspiration.