Top Eight Ways to Improve Sales with Food Packaging Design

When you have food products for sale, it is important to make sure that your products stand out from the competition. One way to get customers’ attention is with your food packaging design.

It gives you the opportunity to make your products stand out from the rest and show customers what they need to know about your food products. Take a look at the top eight ways to improve sales with food packaging designs.

1. Make it Informative

When you are deciding how to design your food packaging, make sure that you consider how it can best inform your customers. If there is too much information, the customer won’t see it. You need to come up with three key points and place them on the package.

Consider what customers want and how your product fits in with their needs. Inform them without crowding the package with too much information, and keep it simple so that it is easy to read in a few seconds.

2. Make Your Brand Name Stand Out

You need to make sure that our brand name is the most obvious thing on the package. You need your customers to see your brand name and learn to recognize it because people are more likely to purchase brands that they are familiar with. Make sure that it is clear what the product is as well. Customers want to see packaging that is clear and shows them who you are and what you are selling.

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3. Let the Packaging Show the Product

If it is possible, you should let the product show through the packaging. You might have a corner on the bottom or another space where the customer can see what they are buying. If this isn’t possible, have a picture of it on the outside packaging.

It is important to make sure that your packaging design makes the product inside obvious to the customer. You don’t want any possible confusion. Sometimes customers grab items quickly, so make sure that you don’t have packaging that could be misunderstood.

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4. Make a Connection with Customers on the Back

On the back of the package, you can use smaller writing. You can tell a short story about the product in a way that elicits an emotional connection with the customer.

Include anything that explains how your products are different from the competition as well as any personal stories about your company. Keep it simple, and connect with the customer in a meaningful way.

5. Make Your Product Stand Out

When you are choosing how you will design your package, come up with an idea that makes your product stand out. When a customer glances at a shelf in the store, they will look at the products that catch their eyes.

These can be products they are familiar with or those that stand out from the rest. You want your products to do both. Make your package design unique and simple so that customers see it and recognize it going forward.

6. Include Bonus Information

If you include bonus information on the packaging, you can attract customers. You can include directions for cooking the food, or you might include a recipe. Give your customers new ideas to get them excited about the product.

If yours has the recipe and others don’t, they will choose your product. Sometimes companies place this on the side of the packaging, and other times they put it in smaller print on the front or the back. You can determine where to put it so that your customer notices it and wants to buy it.

7. Cross Sell Your Other Products

As long as it doesn’t make the packaging too confusing or busy, try to mention complementary products that you offer. If you are packaging a food item and you have others that are similar or in different variations, be sure to include that.

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Once customers get your items home, they are likely to read the labels. This is your opportunity to let your products inform customers about what else you have to offer. You can even include your website so that they can look at everything you have to offer.

8. Keep it Simple

No matter how much information you put on your food packaging, be sure to keep it simple. If you write long sentences or the box appears to be a wall of text, your customers aren’t likely to read any of it. You should make sure that the item name and your brand name are in larger print.

Then, have two or three sentences that highlight the best features of the food. Include a recipe and reference to other products you sell on the other side. Keep everything organized and simple so that each set of information jumps out and is easy for customers to see.

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