What careers are available with a digital marketing degree?

Digital marketing is the latest innovation in the world of advertising and marketing. It’s become one of the most important aspects of selling products and services, making the clamor for a digital marketing degree more intense than ever before. However, before you start applying for digital marketing qualifications, it’s important to discover if the jobs that it offers are appropriate for your skills. Follow us on a journey to discover which jobs are best for you to target.

Advertising/promotions manager

This is a job that will require either a high-level qualification or a lot of experience within the industry. If you’re not experienced working on a wide range of digital marketing projects then you will at the very least need an online master’s in marketing before you even consider applying for one of these posts.

This will essentially put you in charge of a project. So, it means that you will need to be well versed in pretty much every aspect of the digital marketing world. Your ability to understand what connects people with brands will have to be extremely well honed. If you’re out of touch with the modern customer, then this job is not for you.

You will carry the can at every step of the project and will be responsible for leading the direction for the campaign. If you’re a forward-thinking person who is able to bring people together, then this is a role that could be made for you. You’ll also need great people skills, the ability to combine a number of different parts of a project and a good nose for what resonates with people. If you have all these skills, combined with your high-level qualification, then an advertising manager could be the job for you.

Content manager

Digital marketing isn’t just about putting out an ad campaign that is seen on videos and ad banners. It’s also linked to creating relevant content. Offering content that will connect with people is a hugely important part of digital marketing. A content manager won’t create the content that is put out there to connect with potential customers. Their job is to develop a content plan which is provided to copywriters who will craft the content. This means that you don’t necessarily need the ability to write significant word counts in a short space of time to do this job.

What you do need is a range of ideas that will connect with the relevant audience for the project you are working on. If you’re able to put together a solid content plan as well as distributing it to the right writers at the right time, then a content manager would be a fantastic job for you. It will allow you to control the narrative behind the project without having to craft every piece yourself.


Copywriters will essentially write about anything. It can be articles about soccer, finance, cryptocurrency or pretty much any topic that you can think of. You’ll be working under a content manager if you take on this job. This means that you don’t have to think of the ideas for the content plan, but you will have to craft the articles as they come in.

This might be a little bit lower down on the list of things you want to do. However, if you’re able to find a solid niche for yourself then it can be quite lucrative. It’s important not to pigeonhole yourself though, as being versatile is vital to making sure that work continues to come your way. There are a lot of different options out there for copywriters. The more prestigious the company that you are writing for, the higher the pay that you will receive. So, if you’re able to get into a popular niche and work your way up to a company with an excellent reputation, you will be able to make a good living from it.

Graphic designer

This is something that’s in huge demand at the moment. All the best performing advertising and marketing content has unique images associated with it. This means that graphics designers are currently in demand. If you are skilled with image editing software, then you will certainly be able to craft yourself a career in the digital marketing world.

Graphic design can encompass a number of different areas. It can be anything from creating YouTube thumbnails to working on the branding and logos for a company to creating products that will be sold at online stores. There are lots of different facets to the graphic design world, which means that it’s definitely a job that can provide stable work for a talented artist.

This is also something that you can focus on when studying for a digital marketing degree. If you have part of your degree dedicated to the graphic design portion of the market, then it means you are likely to be in demand when you graduate. This is especially true if you’re able to create a high-quality portfolio over the course of your studies.

Is digital marketing a worthwhile career?

While there is never a guarantee with any career, at this moment in time, it looks as though digital marketing is here to stay. The internet and social media have become one of the most important ways to sell a brand to people. You only have to look at the social media manager for Wendy’s, who has helped to turn the brand into one of the most popular in the US in terms of public opinion. Even people who don’t eat at fast food restaurants have heard of Wendy’s due to the antics of their Twitter manager.

If this is something that you’re interested in, then it’s certainly a solid career to consider. It’s only likely to continue to grow as brands and companies understand the importance of a solid digital footprint. If you step on the ladder now, then it is likely to reap dividends in the future.

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