What Does a Web Design Agency Do?

Do you have a brand or a business that needs an online presence to attract customers? If so, this is where a web design agency comes into play. Many people decide to give their business idea a new website, or in some situations, redesign their whole website altogether to make it more modern. Whichever route you choose to take, the role of a web design agency is to design and develop websites for their clients.

It’s very important to have a website because, according to Top Shelf Design, a website gives the first impression a potential customer will have about a brand or business.

Therefore, it’s essential in today’s business marketplace. Web design agencies are very creative and often employ individuals who specialize in web development, graphic design, coding, content marketing, and many other areas.

Acquiring Multi-Media Assets

The working arm of a web design agency is the design team in charge of acquiring all the creative assets of the client, which can include but is not limited to logos, colors, images, icons, and videos, just to name a few.

In some cases, projects are done from scratch with new branding elements. Design agencies often appoint a project manager or a design lead to oversee the web project from start to finish. Once you communicate the specifications and requirements for your web design project to your web design agency, they will follow through with those exact details.

Website Sketching and Demo

Before any coding or functionality is given to a website, web designers will often create web sketches or drafts using programs like Adobe Photoshop, Framer, or other sketching tools in order to have a sample to show you.

This process may vary by agency, but in general, the sample is a static presentation of what the website could look like before it enters the development phase. 

In this phase of the process, feedback between the client and the design agency is crucial because this is where adjustments can be made to details such as fonts, buttons, contact forms, layout design, images, etc.

After the client is satisfied with the sample, development can begin to make the website functional, and it is given a temporary URL for demo purposes. (This is usually done by the development department; make sure your web design agency does web development and not just design).    

Wireframing and Coding

When it comes to wireframing and coding, web design agencies can take many different approaches regarding these two steps. Overall, agencies can use wireframing to structure a website’s information architecture, which establishes the placement of information on the website itself. This can be thought of as the blueprint or the skeleton of a website before any design elements are added.

The coding phase is where it’s most exciting because this makes the website come alive. Although many websites today can be designed and developed without coding, programming and markup languages may be used for complex and elaborate websites.

Before publishing your website, your web design agency will make ensure your web project is up to standards and is checked for quality. The look and feel of a website are very important, and it should grab someone’s attention to explore the site and click through the pages.

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