What Types Of Backlinks Does Your Business Need?

Backlinks take an essential place among resource ranking factors. But in the process of creating a link profile, you should be careful and regularly remove links with a low trust score. Search engine algorithms are updated annually, as are the ranking factors.

SEO backlinks are still significant for indexing Google and other search engines. However, the ranking rules have changed somewhat in 2022. We have analyzed which types of backlinks are better to use now to promote your site.

Regular analysis of the link profile is one of the keys to successfully optimizing the site. Therefore, to begin with, you need to analyze the existing relevant backlinks. 

During the analysis, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Growth dynamics. Growth of link mass should occur without haste. Abrupt bursts can be negatively regarded by search engines and have a bad impact on the resource ranking.
  • Reputation donors. The best option is when the resources you plan to place links do not contain unnatural backlinks and banned materials.
  • The number of links per domain. It is better to place a couple of links to authoritative resources with high scores than dozens of links on small sites.  
  • Variety of links. To mention a resource is to use anchors and other types of links. 
  • The density of words in the anchors. Search engines will consider many similar occurrences as spam. 

To facilitate the analysis, it is appropriate to use special services such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs, or SemRush. Click here to learn more about link-building analysis tools and ways to build link mass. 

All backlinks are divided into two large groups: anchor and non-anchor links. Anchor links contain a phrase indicating the page’s topic or a key query. Anchors can be diluted or undiluted. Diluted contains the key and additional words, while undiluted contains only one key. 

To get the most benefit from anchor links, it is better to fit seamlessly into the text. However, it is essential not to overdo it because many anchor links harm the link profile and further SEO promotion. 

Non-anchor or direct links look like a normal URL page. They are useful for internal linking and to increase external link mass.

In addition, there are several other types of links:

  • Sponsored. An attribute shows the search engine that the link was placed for money. 
  • USG (User-Generated Content). This attribute is used in the case of placement of links in the content created by users. 
  • Dofollow. Links open for indexing, distributing the authority between the donor and acceptor.
  • Nofollow. A command to the robot indicates that it is unnecessary to click on the link and transfer link weight to this page. 

A quality link profile should contain all of the above types of links. Numerous studies and analyses from SEO experts have confirmed this. They argue that in 2022, it is essential to diverse backlink profile to improve page rankings and speed up the indexing of your entire site. 

Link-building should be natural and honest. It would help if you did not turn to black methods to promote your site in search engines. Search engine robots rather quickly find such resources and penalize them. In such cases, further site promotion will be complicated, and achieving high results is unlikely to succeed. 

It is better to use the following methods to build up link mass in 2022:  

  • Buying backlinks. Links should come from resources with similar themes and maximum organically integrated content. It is better to buy them from resources with a good reputation and high attendance. Otherwise, the purchase will turn into a waste of money.
  • You are increasing the volume of incoming links. To do this, links are placed in directories, groups on social networks, blogs, where you can publish a reference to the source and use crowd-marketing.

Note that the quality of backlinks plays a key role in promotion. The number and type of backlinks play a secondary role. Above, we have already written that all types of backlinks should be used to get the desired result. Therefore, all optimizers try to buy good links. 

One of the most important backlinks is the authority of the donor. In addition, the anchor list must be clean, and the age, behavioral signals, and several other factors a priori cause confidence in search engines. 

Another indicator that automatically follows from the first is the site’s attendance on which you place backlinks. As a rule, all reputable sites have good traffic and rank high in SERPs.

Many SEO professionals do not create a link mass manually. They use services like linksmanagement.com. It’s fast, reliable and safe for the site. Most importantly, it is effective. Try using such a service to create many useful backlinks for your website.  


Backlinks to a site are still an essential factor in ranking sites. Therefore, when building a link profile, it is essential to be cautious, use different backlinks, and not use black SEO techniques.

Buying backlinks remains an indispensable tool to promote a resource, despite the possible difficulties. The main thing is to be cautious not to turn backlinks into spam.

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