4 Lessons Leaders Can Learn from The Pandemic Crisis

When will we stop talking about the coronavirus pandemic?

The answer is probably not for a very long time. That’s because the pandemic has created so many talking and learning points across core areas of life that we’d be foolish not to take them on board.

Whether it’s societal change, business culture change or a shift in human perspective, it’s fair to say that virtually everyone has taken something of value from this extended lockdown period.

As for those in leadership positions, the coronavirus pandemic has sculpted a number of new propositions to consider, many of which could lead to positive change in the future. Here are four key learnings for those at the top to contemplate on

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Health and the Economy are Interlinked

With the almost complete shutdown of brick-and-mortar retail this past 15 months, small business woes and a number of palpable shifts in consumer behavior to talk about, it should come as no surprise to anyone that health and the economy are heavily intertwined.

With state governments all over the world still in the process of hatching emergency GDP recovery plans to solve the catastrophic financial damage caused by the pandemic, it’s time we looked at public health as an investment in our economy, rather than just a cost.

Focus on More Evidence-Based Decision Making

The human race has a history of showing its irrational side, and the swathe of anti-vax sentiment currently pulsating through public discussion is a prime example of it.

With non-stop social media spreading misinformation on tap 24/7 and participants placing themselves firmly in social echo chambers, the need to emphasises evidenced-based decision making has never been greater

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For global leaders, the biggest lessons in evidence-based decision making, or the lack thereof, have been seen during the pandemic, with many governments having responded poorly or slowly to the pandemic, having prioritised aesthetically appealing decisions over critically sound ones.

We need to Cooperate on a Global Scale

Part of the poor decision making made by many state bodies around the world came down to the rather individualistic approach many governments took on. Of course, every country had its own particular challenges, but there were a number of common theme solutions that many leaders ignored in favour of their own.

Taking a more global approach to future strategies could pay dividends, especially in crisis situations. From sharing health data to solving global supply chain issues, the pandemic has reiterated the importance of international cooperation.

Understand just how Powerful the Role of the Media and Public Awareness can be

In light of the misinformation issues mentioned earlier, the roles of the press and wider public mouthpieces throughout the pandemic have taken on a new level of importance.

Alongside governmental public health interventions, public awareness has been vital to help minimise the spread of the virus and curb the effectiveness of fake news and speculation.

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Scientists have used various media platforms to counter misinformation to a reasonably effective degree, and this is a lesson leaders can undoubtedly learn for any future events that carry significant public interest and factual responsibility.

The points mentioned above are just a handful of important takeaways for leaders spanning from the pandemic. Despite the obvious social, economic and cultural upheaval the events of the last 15 months have caused, hopefully a few positive lessons have come amid the turbulence. Now, as a society, it’s up to us to put them into practice.

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