5 Benefits of Virtual Office for Startups and Remote Workers

Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020, businesses and companies all over the world began to explore the awesome concept of remote work. Today, remote work has become more mainstream than it was 5 years ago. Not only is it a cheaper alternative for a lot of startups and new businesses, but it has also increased the call for virtual offices. 

Virtual offices are quickly gaining popularity as a tool of choice for remote workers and running one comes with many advantages. Thanks to advancements in virtual communication technology, you are now spared the cost of maintaining a physical office space. Virtual spaces are so effective that you can continue to run one well after you’ve scaled your business.

In this article, let us discuss 5 benefits of a virtual office for startups and remote workers. Follow along now…

1. Less Office Space

This is the No. 1 draw for most remote businesses. An absolute no-brainer, the very first benefit of a virtual space is that it eliminates the need for a physical office space. When more than 90% of your entire workforce is spread out worldwide, what do you need a brick-and-mortar office for?

Virtual office spaces are super fast, cheap, and easy to set up. Unlike renting a physical office space, there is almost no paperwork involved. And with the pandemic still not out of the clear yet, virtual offices are the ideal solution for maintaining social distancing while still saving on rent. Another interesting thing about virtual offices is that they are designed almost the same as physical offices.

Most virtual offices are complete with exclusive features such as a mailing address, meeting rooms, teams, departments, and answering services.

2. Reduced Overhead Costs

It is no news that virtual offices significantly reduce overhead costs. Renting and maintaining a physical office space is not a walk in the park. Aside from the cost of renting the property, you are still going to pay for furniture, electronic hardware, peripheral devices, insurance, and utility bills such as power and heating. Even the morning coffee for your team!

Opting instead for a virtual office eliminates your need for all these mentioned above. The only cost you may incur with virtual office space especially in Arizona is the subscription fee to have access to certain premium features. Other small cost may include a subscription to a virtual mailbox in Arizona. This way, you get to save considerably, enough to channel into other endeavors.

3. Better Work-Life Balance

For the most part, the thing a lot of people will speak of as the major draw point for them with remote work is better work-life balance. YES! That goes without saying. From a recent study conducted on 25,000 workers, three-quarters of them attested that remote work benefits them better. They claim it affords them extra time to be with family and friends.

Virtual offices help along the way to proliferate the idea of a better work-life balance, injecting new lifeblood and attitude towards work. The exclusivity of a virtual office also increases an employee’s motivation to keep working. With a self-paced working style on the front burner, employees no longer have to make out time for other things they love since both can now be done concurrently.

4. Increased Flexibility

This one is related to the point above. A virtual office actually increases your flexibility to juggle a wide range of tasks without reducing your efficiency. In a typical physical office setting, there is only so much you can do within the allotted official hours. Within this timeframe, you are expected to perform to full capacity your tasks for the day that you barely have time in-between for literally anything else.

A virtual office on the other hand does not only give you the leverage of working at your pace. You also get to attend to other pressing issues or emergencies at any hour of the day while still performing to full capacity and meeting deadlines.

5. Environmental Friendliness

Guessing you never thought about this. But did you know that virtual office spaces are helping the environment? Since you commute less and significantly fewer resources like electricity, heating, and Wi-Fi are used in physical office space, it actually reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Not to mention that conventional office work involves a lot of paperwork.

With virtual offices, there is little to almost no paperwork involved. Remember also that some countries give special tax waivers and incentives to businesses and companies with environmentally-safe practices. That too is another underrated touch-point for virtual offices.

Start Transitioning to Your Virtual Office

As we’ve seen, virtual offices come power-packed with a wholesome line of benefits. It doesn’t take all of ten seconds to start picturing all you can achieve by owning one. For a small business owner, it is advisable to explore the virtual space in 2022. You will scale faster this way and may not even need to consider a physical space going forward.

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