6 Remote Work Ideas to Earn Extra Money

As more companies embrace remote work, there are more opportunities than ever to find a home-based side gig. If you have extra room in your schedule or are looking for flexible work that you can do around your other responsibilities, a part-time remote job may be the answer. 

You can also pick up remote work as a freelancer, and offer your services to clients and customers all over the world. The possibilities really are endless!

If you need any remote work ideas to get started, check out the list below.

Data Entry

Some say that data is the new oil. Companies want to make the most out of the data they collect, but with a staggering 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced every single day, the sorting and analyzing process can be time-consuming.  This has created a demand for data entry workers, and the tasks range from very basic to highly sophisticated. 

If you have a functioning computer, reliable internet, and know how to read a spreadsheet, you can do most entry-level data entry work. Most of the time, the company will ask you to review data tables and look for errors, like duplications or missing information. On the other side, you may be asked to create data tables by looking up and compiling contact information from businesses. 

Unless you are doing skilled data entry, like medical coding, you can expect most data entry jobs to pay around minimum wage. However, the work is easy and flexible.

Writing and Editing

If you have a way with words or an eagle eye for grammatical errors, then remote writing and editing may be for you. 

Since the pandemic has increased the number of online purchases, businesses have had to rely on written content to attract and inform their customers. There are remote writing opportunities for everything from 20-word product descriptions to 3,000-word in-depth user manuals. Companies are also looking for writers to keep their blogs updated and fresh.

Some of the best ways to find remote writing jobs are through freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. If you prefer to be an employee, you can type in the keyword remote in a job search database like Indeed and find companies hiring writers to work from home. 

Customer Service

Since home internet speeds are just as fast as those found in most office buildings, there is no need for businesses to establish centralized call centers to handle their customer service. Instead, these jobs can be performed remotely by distributed teams. 

A remote work model also enables companies to hire workers in multiple time zones, which is perfect for businesses that offer a 24 hour answering service to their clients. Customer service jobs usually fall into two categories. 

You can find work as a customer service agent for a specific company. In this role, you would help their clients with questions about that company’s service or product.  You could also sign up with a customer service staffing agency that will place you in a temporary or permanent position. 

If you want to succeed in remote customer service, you should have a quiet separate space to work from. 

Graphic Design

If you’re artistically inclined and have a good sense of marketing, you could find work as a remote graphic designer. You learn the basics of graphic design through a free online course.

When you’re just starting out, you probably don’t want to invest in expensive design software. Instead, you can use a free tool like Canva to produce professional-quality images. 

Social Media Moderator

Most businesses have at least one social media profile, and the vast majority are on at least two. Social media gives companies the opportunity to interact with their customer base. To make a good impression, businesses should provide helpful and prompt replies to customer inquiries and make sure that their profile is free from spam or inappropriate comments. 

As a moderator, you will respond to questions, share helpful links, and make sure that your client’s online presence reflects their values and branding. If you really like this gig, there’s plenty of room to grow. With more experience and training, you can become a social media manager. They create high-level content strategies that help companies meet their sales targets. 

Virtual Assistant

If all of the above sounds interesting to you, you might do well as a remote virtual assistant. VAs usually work with small businesses. As VA, you would do many tasks throughout the day, from responding to emails to making social media posts. 

Successful VAs know their way around common project management tools and can juggle multiple deadlines and tasks. Like the other positions mentioned, VAs can work as independent contractors or as employees of an agency.

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