5 Methods of Breaking into a Business Career

Business careers are rapidly increasing in popularity, so the competition to prove yourself can be tough. However, successfully entering the business sector can provide you with a career that is extensive and lucrative.

This process becomes easier when you factor in a good mix of work experience, study, and qualifications, which can make you the ideal candidate to a potential employer.

Here are five easy ways to get set up in a solid business career, without breaking a sweat.

1. Take As Much Work Experience as You Can

Work experience is the valuable gold dust that will enable you to segue into a business career.

There are many ways to get access to good quality work experience. You could apply for a summer internship for 2-3 months that will give you access to all the resources of a functioning business enterprise without the commitment to a full-time career.

You might also want to investigate ‘virtual placements’ that allow you to work remotely from home without having to go into an office through websites like RateMyPlacement, or volunteer for a local business.

2. Enroll in a Distance Learning Course

Distance Learning courses from universities like Anglia Ruskin are perfectly formulated to help you balance learning your course, while also giving you the flexibility to gain some work experience relating to the field.

Some examples of courses you could enrol in are the Business Management BSc, or the Master of Business Administration (MBA) that will help you establish all the skill you need to thrive in a business role.

3. Know Your Onions

More than any qualification that you gain, or work experience you undertake, a potential employer will want to feel assured that you know your stuff.

Undertaking extracurricular research in your area of interest outside your work experience or course will help you to become the next business hotshot by proving that you can go beyond what is expected.

Whether you engage in courses and tutorials online, or pick up handy guides from your local bookshop, work on gaining knowledge that you can put into practice.

4. Network in Your Circles

Networking is essential for those in business circles, as not only is it an arena for exchanging ideas, but it’s great for building lasting professional relationships and building brand awareness for your business.

Attend launch parties, dinners, and events with other professionals, and hand out high-quality business cards from companies like Vistaprint.  

Remember, a positive and memorable impression on those you speak to, is key. So, make casual conversation, bring in your hobbies and interests, and be yourself! Dale Carnegie once claimed in How to Win Friends and Influence People that others love talking about themselves – sometimes all you need to do to network well is listen and empathise!

And of course, follow up with anyone you network with, whether it’s an email, text or call to check in. This will really help you to nurture your relationships and keep your name and face memorable.

Do you have any tips for breaking into the business sector? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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